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rF2: Graphic bugs: Things to check first.

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Gijs van Elderen, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. If you have graphic bugs. Check these things first:

    If you ever had changed something in the nvidia control panel, turned HDR off, changed graphic cards, in the past. Your graphic bugs might be still present.

    - Set your nvidia control panel for rFactor 2 to default !!! It messes with the Config.ini and cache !!!
    - Clean up your "UserData/log/CBash" and "UserData/log/shader" folder
    - Remove the player.json and config.ini (cut/past to desktop to keep a back-up)
    - launche rF2 it will create a new clean config.ini and player.json.
    - set your graphic settings again: only use settings available in rF2.

    Tip: save your controller settings first. So you can load your personal controller profile again.

    Quote from Tuttle (ISI Dev)

    Starting from a clean installation, with a clean player/config file, the best way to proceed with graphics settings is to JUST use ingame settings, pushing on high AA levels and anisotropic filtering x8 or x16 (and of course good track/car quality settings)...and that without overriding anything via inspector and/or CCP.

    (Also HDR must be ON if you want a proper modern lighting.)

    This way you can load the game and check how it looks. If you see trees are looking properly (no alpha jaggies) and texture are sharp enough to see details into it (aniso texture filtering), you can decide to be happy (and stop tweaking)...or start experimenting extra settings, outside the game.

    But this is the time where you can mess with profiles and configs, so you have to check every single step, and every single click you are doing with CCPs and inspectors, to see how things are working. May happen a CCP/Inspector change is going to mess the config.ini and cache... and you can't just roll back from those settings, without cleaning up that file (aka generating a brand new one). Same for the Players.JSON and Transparency AA, or xpaa, using False to make wrong trees looking better and then making correct trees looking wrong.

    Still, the easy way to make the game looking at best, is to go easy peasy, with standard ingame settings. This is where you are working inside our choices, instead playing with a very big mix of variables we can't control.
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  2. If you don't have transparency problems or other "bugs" you don't need to do this of course.

    Don't fix what isn't broken. :p
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2015
  3. Would be a great sticky if this can be extended into a generic guide on setting up graphics for rFactor 2. This is a nice start!

    Another tip: leave HDR on! :) :)
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  4. Is there any other way to fix transparent trees in some 3rd party tracks other than changing true-to-false on TransparencyAA in the player.json?
  5. Other than editing the track so they use the proper format? No.
  6. If you have transpartent trees on Poznan and Croft:

    Lower your AA level.

    AA level 4:

    AA level 8:
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
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  7. The video settings from the launcher only go up as high as 4 on AA on mine.

    Thanks.. I lowered the AA from 4 to 3 and the trees are fine now.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
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  8. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

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  9. jimortality


    It's all very well posting screenies but they always look good.
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  10. You'd rather have people posting "artist's impressions" instead? ;)
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  11. jimortality


    No, my point is, screenies do look decent anyway, probably better posting some video footage.
  12. Quality gets lost by the Youtube compression.

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  13. jimortality


    To be honest, I don't know why I got involved in this thread I've no issues with RF2.........well a few but just pretend I didn't post in here :):):)
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  14. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Screenshots give a good impression of how it looks and rF 2 looks good for sure.
  15. Thank you @Gijs van Elderen !

    Couple of days back I installed rf2 again after few months. I've been struggling a lot to get my fps fluid and stable with triples and my eyes are already bleeding because of the looks. I have to turn the switch inside my head into "but it drives really well-position" and try to reset every setting outside rf2. I hope I can get it running. Thanks once again.
  16. Wow, 100+ cars! Cool! Can't wait for the AM3 update! :thumbsup:
  17. Atlanta has a huge hit for performance. I did a lot of tests yesterday and found that at Silverstone my average fps is +20 frames higher on same kind of conditions! And I thought Silverstone was heavy.. :)
  18. How do we set pre-rendered frames to 1 without using Inspector?
  19. rF2 uses pre-rendered frames to 1 by default.
  20. Learn something new everyday. Thanks!