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Development: Toyota AE86 Levin & Trueno WTCC, N1 Club & N2 Club Spec

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. Work is progressing quickly on the AE86 :wink:

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  2. Looks great!
    You need to rest, you just finished the Clio Cup and have already started a few projects...:D
  3. Yeah, after the Clios you deserve a break... :p

    This is looking great as usual. I can't get over how much fresh content you're bringing to this game...
  4. That looks realy awsome!!
  5. I started this car two days ago when I couldn't sleep and now have it on track and ready for basic physics tweaks. At this point, I want to slot this into the WTCC87 class which may mean using a different engine for it to keep up with the Alfa and BMW. If I do use another engine I'll use maybe a later model TRD series engine to keep things as close as possible. I might still release it with a second true N2 series engine also in it's own class (not sure yet). Either way I hope to release in the next week or so... barring some major issue. Will be trying to get the FVRV8 2010 out first!
  6. Clio are not yet finished :p
  7. Looking great Günthar! I love the idea of adding it into the WTCC87 class. To be honest, if it wasn't for the slim selection of cars in this class, I think it would be the best class off cars in the game.
  8. So, are we ok with running another Toyota engine that will let this car run with the WTCC87's if need be?
  9. I suppose so, Gunthar. Unless you gave it a cornering advantage compared to the other cars... but other than that I don't think anyone has a problem with the engine being "updated". I'm also for the idea of the car having its own separate class with the historical engine.
  10. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Yeah a cornering advantage would be pretty cool, down the straights the Alfa's and BMW's can pull away but it pulls in on the corners - and it would be fastest in a track like Monaco or Pau, cool idea Rhys!
  11. it will be quite a bit lighter too, so some testing is required first... if it is say 80kg odd less it'll pull hard with a small powered engine than the the others... will see what I can get it to do.... testing now...
  12. with the current build it is 3+ seconds slower at Mangy Cours 06 than the BMW E30
  13. If it can't get up to speed with the historical specs, then I guess an updated engine is the only way to go...
  14. Great, after the Clio's this is going ot be a nice car to drive :D . This car have been a king in drifting.
  15. Well with a better default setup and still running the RL N2 spec engine the AE86 is almost on par (+.350 sec) at Brands Hatch 2007, but lags 2.5 seconds at Mangy-Cours 2006. But this could be that the SimBin AI have better setups provided and the AE86 running AI are still using a default setup... the lighter but less powerful AE86 might still be a match for the gruntier but heavier SimBin cars... I'll keep at it a tad more and see how we go...
  16. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Gunthar if you want i can help you compare the Toyota to the BMW WTCC 87 car, i think letting the AI compare them is not the best way to go as the AI sucks i believe that a human tester would be a better way to go. i'm with Stefan on the side that the WTCC 87 needs more cars, ever thought of the doing the other cars that were in the class at that time ? here's a link of what i could find http://homepage.mac.com/frank_de_jong/Pages/1987%20Cars.html

  17. 'nuff said! :)
  18. Thank you, cant wait!
  19. Hmmm... like Yves said, I think a human driving would be a better way to compare the cars. Driving hotlaps with the cars would be a better medium for comparison... If you need any help, I'm here...
  20. yes I understand that AI is not like RL drivers. But in a 60 seconds I can get 20 AI drivers to drive 5 laps and get a timing spread to give me a quick feel of roughly how close the cars perform. I used this in the first stages with V8's, DTM 2007, Clios etc... Once the cars are in the ball park, and can sit down and nail out the finer points without waiting hours or days of live testing. Stephan and I work live as did Niklas on the F1 2007 in the first stages. But this requires other to be able to drive in my timezone (GMT +12). Once I get thing much closer to where I want them I can send out to a wider test bed (as per the F1's and Clio's) and have them raced on track online real time... But there is a massive workload that can't wait months to get done to only provide the basics... I drive a lot of these cars to the point of going blind during building the mods haha, then it takes forever to fall in love again once released... I have let an Alpha build out to two testers and await a little feedback and then will setup a private forum here to move into the true closed beta testing process... hoping in the next few days going the way I have to date... Rhys, Yves and co will be at the top of the invite list never fear!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.