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Misc Delay retirement of damaged cars after collision

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Phoenixsing, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I am pleased to find out that by changing the value of BehaviourRetire bool from true to false in the file ai_driver_config.xml, the driver will stay in the immobilized car longer and could even be there until the race is over. Enjoy !

    <BehaviourRecovery bool="true" />
    <BehaviourRetire bool="true" />
    <BehaviourHeatVision bool="true" />


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  2. Did your engine blew-up??
    I see it's red, or were you just doing some wheelspining?
  3. Guess the engine is damaged after collision with many on purpose to test the mod. The mod will affect ai cars only.
  4. Great Find mate this will help the guys working on SC Mod and is there any timer associated with that to keep how much time they need to be on track.
  5. Guess this will keep them on the track if it is not other failures. For stuck vehicles, may be used these to keep them longer: 9999 should be long enough, lol.

    <rtRetirementResetTimer float="9999.0" />
    <rtStuckTime float="9999.0" />
    <rcRecoveryTimeOut float="9999.0" />

    It is fun to see the driver desperately and repeatedly trying to get out of a situation. You may find stuck situation for Monaco and safety car came out often. I am not sure as I have many mods besides these..
  6. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    You can also do something similar by changing this line in the ai_choreo:

    <manager ... remove_unsafe_retires="true"
    But its not much use because they will never be removed. Nice find :thumbsup:
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  7. Rcrecoverytimeout is already used in the sc mod. I edited this line and the moderate damage threshold line to let the cars go to the pits when they hhave a puncture or a lost front wing instead of retiring.

    When the drivers won't retire the sc won't come out. And when they do retire but the car stays on track the sc Will end up in a loop.
  8. I had tried this but the cars were removed promptly or became ghosts I think.
  9. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    I am not sure what this is doing exactly?

  10. I tried ^^;

    <BehaviourRecovery bool="false" />
    <BehaviourRetire bool="false" />
    <BehaviourHeatVision bool="false" />

    but game is down ㅜ.ㅜ
    I can't play F1 game
    so , I edit again , false -> true

    game is ok

    Whta's Problem ^^:; Please~~~!!
  11. Edit this only: <BehaviourRetire bool="false" />
    The rest are shown only for easy searching of this item,

  12. oh!!! thank you Phoenixsing

    game is work on very well

    machine remaining? I don't know yet

    anyway, Thank you very much Phoenixsing ^^
  13. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium


    which line would I have to change to make the AI go back to the pits if they have a puncture / lose a wing etc.? Most often the race engineer keeps telling me my team mate has a puncture and 20 seconds later he's retired. That's annoying. :)
  14. This has been found already, but it doesnt solve what people actually want. CM is being an ass to make this "false" or "true", instead of adding a timer to it. :(
  15. Catch me if you can.


    Anyone interested and do not know how to reduce the chance of wheels detaching from the car after a collision can send me a message for my way.

    ps I will try to reply soonest as I don't come here often, also there is no guarantee that the mod will work for you.
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  16. can anyone send a link for this i cant seem to edit the file.
  17. is there a link for this? :)
  18. I changed it like described above, conclusion: steam error: app already running --' I mean: dafuq ?

    EDIT: its working again ^^
  19. so how do i mod this? what program do i need? :)