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DDos Attack ...

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Jeffrey Rietveld, Sep 15, 2013.

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  1. Apparently there's some DDoser here at FSR managing to ruin people their races. I got disconnected with 4 laps to and as you can see in the log file, the DDos took place exactly when I got connection lost.

    Screen of security log file of my internet: http://www.imgdumper.nl/uploads7/523611e1977d6/523611e16ef71-ddos.jpg

    I'm not the only one with this problem. Martin had it yesterday in the WS race, Bono also twice (Canada/Silverstone) and Rob at the Nurburgring. However they don't have the logs so we'll never know if those were also DDos attacks.

    Anyway, clearly someone here at FSR is mad about how slow he/she is or how bad his/her team performs. Seriously, if this is the way you want to win/have fun whoever you are, I would advice you to search for mental help.
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  2. I even don't know what means DDos :) Pls could you explain to me..
  3. BTW on Valencia I also was popped-up to the desktop and stolled the engine when I back to the game, never happened to me before in rF. So 100% there is something, but have no idea what is it.
  4. Scott Woodwiss was disconnected twise per weekend, must have been attacked too :))))
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  5. Squire I hope you're not up to the dirty work....... :laugh:
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  6. I find it hilarious that some one actually does this...
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  7. Well, in Valencia I had my first black screen, what lasted like 5s, thankfully that was on straight, lucky me
    Today on lap 9, going to 130r, I got black screen again aaand I was seeing my desktop, braked instantly with only slight hit to wall, so luckily no hard damage again, skilled me.

    I don't know if it's related to something (FSR Manager maybe?), but these kinds of things have never happened to me.
  8. I find it quite disturbing that this is happening, however i doubt this is done by fellow league members. I honestly cant image that anyone in this league is doing this and go beyond low. Infact there is only one person that is crooked enough in his mind that i find capable enough to take this route , the one who got banned from FSR
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  9. If I have understood correctly, the problem is that the computer (or internet) is overloaded and collapses, right?

    The question I have, by the comments I see, Is it a failure of manager or someone with access cause it?
  10. The manager is perfectly fine.
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  12. Just for interest's sake, for those who are curious, here is a good graphical representation of what a DDoS does - so many requests are sent to the servers/computers that it cannot handle all of them successfully without packets being dropped:

  13. could explain my loss of connection last race too usually my race is fine then 4 or 5 laps from the end i got connection lost
  14. 99% of your disconections are just random internet fails, it happens to everybody eventually, Rietveld's case is different.
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  15. 1. This is not even remotely funny
    2. People would never even try this to you, cus you fail to upload correct files and can't even finish a race.

    Oh and I quote ''Why compete if you know you're not capable of winning?'' and '' I will be FSR World Champion 2014'' Well I've got news for you, dream on.

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  16. tbh i just quoted you and went trololol cause of some ddosers or whateva is happening now but why so mad bro?
  17. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

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  18. so many mad people here
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