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Custom skins, this is an idea for S3S

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Felice Pugliese, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Let me clarify one thing immediately, the work of Sector3 on skin is flawless, the problem is that the skin in reality are a bit dull, and frankly there is not much choice if you want to keep only the official skin. So this is my idea for you:
    if a player buys all the skins of a related model you could have access to or buy some sort of layout which compose their own custom skins, so it would also be an incentive to buy more skin models. And the other player who bought all the skins of a model can then download the updates for other users. I am a graphic designer and sincerely realize my skin for the sim is one thing that gives me a lot of fun and immersion. This is my idea very "raw" could be a way in the future?
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  2. This probably will not happen due to the livery licencing.
  3. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    we have our wishes on the subject, just nothing solid yet. Personally I would like to have custom liveries in in some way, so lets see what the future brings
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  4. In fairness, if you buy the car you should get the liveries too. Maybe you could charge for different versions of the car. Like one version is standard, another has coloured headlamps, different alloys and a different spoiler. Then another version has a different bodykit and slightly different sound. 3 or 4 or whatever different versions of the same car but each version with their own individual skins.
    Just another take on it S3, I think I'd rather pay for that and get the liveries free.
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  5. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I liked the way they did the Formula Raceroom skin contest.
  6. If there are a licensing issues which prevent from using own PSD-made liveries, perhaps a 3D livery editor like in console games could be an option. With predefined licensed brands/logos we could use, and some flexibility with geometrical vectorized elements for making an own individual design.
    Nevertheless i would prefer the PSD solution. ;)
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  7. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    FYI, normally there are no licensing constraints on user created content.The challenges are more of a technical/game perspective if anything. Not something you whip out overnight.
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  8. Interesting info, Jay. I thought it was mentioned some month ago (2nd Q&A video) that the biggest issue for not having Custom skin support is because of "difficulties" with licensed content/brands/partners.:confused:

    Edit: Found it -> go to 1:28

    But i would appreciate if these things, mentioned in the Q&A, have changed now. I think, everyone would like to have CustomSkin support for R3E someday. :)
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2014
  9. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    Yes and no, license difficulties we can overcome, and depending on what/where/circumstances/series/partners etc etc. F.E. Skinning DTM cars is something that at this moment of time is not allowed.

    Just watched the video, and diego says pretty much the same. Sadly enough its not always as black and white as people may think.
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  10. I think a major problem here is the fact that S3S is getting money from selling skins. If they opened the game for custom skins I doubt that too many people would still buy the official skins when there are tons of community made skins available. So if the business model doesn't change in this department I really can't see custom skinning being a possibility whatsoever in RRRE.

    OK, maybe if custom skins were still under control of S3S. So if you made a skin you would need to give it to S3S and they decide if it will be put inside RRRE after doing some QC and a legal check. But in this case QC and the legal check would have to be paid by somebody. And I think I know who that is. ;) But this way S3S could at least make sure that none of the custom skins interferes with their own actual skins or future plans. Just an idea...that is still missing a lot of details. A complete process and special tools would need to be developed. Not an easy task...


    Is there any way I can get the original Alpina skin for the Alpina B6 GT3? I know it exists but I don't have it in my shop. Was this a part of some competition I missed? :O_o:
  11. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    FYI, I rather have us open up the game for custom liveries if anything. Not only because i like the feature and it would be ace for league and online racing, but also it would save us a lot of work in the long run :D

    Your idea won't work because by being involved in that way would make us condone having these liveries, which from a legal point of view we could be held responsible for. Remember mega upload ;) I rather avoid a swat team in the studio!
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2014
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  12. Ah sorry, didn't think about that. OK, I had a bad idea...just put it in the bin and forget it... ;)

    But as much as I would love it, I still have some concerns about opening the game for custom skinning. As I already said I can't see custom skinning working with S3S having a commercial interest in selling single skins. OK, S3S could completely dump the concept of having to pay for skins, but if you consider doing so you better duck and cover because the shitstorm of people who have already bought lots of skins before won't be easy to evade... :D

    But of course I'm totally with you regarding the advantages of custom liveries. I deeply miss the fun I had with skinning my own cars in Race 07. Be it for leagues or just for fun. I was hoping for an even better custom skin functionality for RRRE and was quite disappointed when I saw that you charge for skins - not so much because of the price, but I immediately saw the consequences for custom skins. So, no shitstorm to be expected from my direction... :)

    And yes, I know it's a bit off topic, but anybody know something about the Alpina skin? ;)
  13. [Quote = "Arthur Spooner, posta: 1832665, membro: 205315"] Ah scusate, non pensava a tale proposito. OK, ho avuto una cattiva idea ... appena messo nel cestino e dimenticare ...;)

    Ma, per quanto mi piacerebbe che, ho ancora alcune preoccupazioni circa l'apertura del gioco per skinning personalizzato. Come ho già detto non riesco a vedere skinning personalizzato lavorare con S3S avere un interesse commerciale a vendere singoli pelli. OK, S3S potrebbe discarica completamente il concetto di dover pagare per le pelli, ma se si considera così facendo meglio di anatra e la copertura, perché la tempesta di merda di persone che hanno già acquistato un sacco di pelli di prima non sarà facile per evadere ... : D

    Ma naturalmente io sono totalmente con voi per quanto riguarda i vantaggi di livree personalizzate. Mi manca profondamente il divertimento che ho avuto con la scuoiatura le mie vetture in gara-07. Sia per leghe o solo per divertimento. Speravo in una funzionalità ancora migliore personalizzata della pelle per RRRE e sono rimasto molto deluso quando ho visto che si carica per pelli - non tanto per il prezzo, ma ho subito visto le conseguenze per skin personalizzate. Quindi, nessuna tempesta di merda che ci si aspetta dalla mia direzione ...:)

    E sì, lo so che è un po 'off topic, ma qualcuno so qualcosa sulla pelle Alpina? ;)[/ QUOTE]
    In fact, my idea states that if you apply a custom skin to a specific model of car, you have to have all the skin of the car purchased, and then unlock a sort of slot / layout where to apply a custom skin, created by yourself or downloaded .
  14. Que?
  15. sorry I messed up in the post

    That my idea states if you apply a custom skin to a specific model of car, you have to have all the skin of the Purchased car, and then unlock a sort of slot / layout where to apply a custom skin, created by yourself or downloaded .
  16. Ah, now i undestand. :) Looks like you translated my post and forgot to remove it. I didn't even see your short answer underneath. ;)

    Nice idea, but I see a problem: Custom skinning only for pople who have bought all skins for a certain car, no matter if they like them or not (some cars have a lot of skins!)? S3S better go duck an cover in this case too, I think... :laugh:

    And what if S3S adds a new skin to a car? Will you lose your custom skin slot until you also buy the new skin? If not, why should somebody else who has bought the same skins like you, but after the new one came out, not have the custom skin slot?

    Somebody will always feel "betrayed".

    The problem I see here is that they started with skins you have to pay for. Getting away from this concept without making one or another group of customers angry is not an easy task. Especially in the simracing community. This community is like us germans - always whining, no matter what you give them. :D
  17. How bout using Steam Workshop to allow people to upload/share and download liveries? :)
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  18. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    Sure, possibly....not sure what else to add to this discussion other then, no matter what there is no such thing as a "simple" solution on this one.
  19. Oh I didn't mean to imply that it was simple and easy to use steam workshop, just putting the idea out there. While you'd save some time and resources on not having to code the entire system for sharing liveries, you'd still need to learn how to work with (and against) it and code to make your game work with it. It's a great system for sharing user made content though, so if you ever go the route of allowing custom liveries then I hope you choose that way.
  20. PaulH


    In my humble opinion it would make perfect sense to allow custom skins/livery's, there are some cars I haven't bought because there are not enough livery's available for that car, I don't want to race with 20 cars all with the same livery, but with 20 different skins the race would look great.
    If I saw there were loads of skins available for that class of car I would buy the cars without thinking.
    Assetto Corsa, RF2, even iRacing allows this, we all like to race with the latest Ferrari, Mercedes, Mclaren etc. skins, it adds so much to the Sim.
    So come on S3S give us something......;)