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Custom Database files

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by koeloe, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Database files with custom difficulty levels closer together and with tyre scaling and pit stop strategy for 25, 50, 67, 75 and 100% races.

    AI performance comparison in one shot qualifying at Montreal:

    Legend database files:

    Legend - 1:13.964
    Pro - 1:14.798
    Inter - 1:15.945 (old pro)
    Ama - 1:17.120

    Pro database files:

    Legend - 1:15.818 (old pro)
    Pro - 1:17.149
    Inter - 1:17.943
    Ama - 1:18.653

    Have fun


    Custom Database files
  2. Thanks for this, looks interesting. Do the tyre scaling and pit stop strategy changes work in career or is it just in quick race?
  3. It works in career.

    For a track like Montreal you will always have 4 stops like for 100% race except 25% it is only 3. 4 seemed a bit too much for only 18 laps.:D
  4. Is it possible that the tyre scaling just works for the AI? I've just finished a 50% race in Monza with your 50% database and i still easily did 19 Laps on Options
  5. Maybe I'm just harder on my tyres:geek: . So on a 100% race do you easily get 19 laps on option or 38 laps? I'm curious as I don't do 100% races but it feel right for me.
  6. thanks. good mod.:cool:
  7. Yes i do have a very smooth driving style :D. But the AI pitted in lap 8 and 9 while i could easily stay out until lap 19 before i really got some truoble with the tyres

    I will try it on a track with higher wear than Monza. Maybe i am the next JB? :D
  8. With my driving style I probable have to stop 8 times on Montreal in a 100% race.:confused:
    I usually take the strategy they give me, maybe pit a lap earlier or later to keep it interesting.
  9. I would be interested in your results if you are kind enough to share.
  10. It seems like the tyre scaling is a bit unbalanced. Just finished a 50% race in Singapore in P1 with 3 Stops, most of the AI drivers did 4 stops and Rosberg finished in 9th with a historical 6 stop strategy :confused:
  11. real times for pit stops?
  12. :unsure: Not sure what you mean. The amount of pitstops are the same but they take the same time....:coffee:
  13. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium Member

    I think he means the time how long a pitstop takes. There are always too long, so 5 seconds not 3 or something.
  14. awesome mod. even on intermediate the cpu seems a little better then default
  15. really nice mod. i have one question.

    could you tell me which tables and values you edited in the database.bin file. i also tried to manage tyre wear scaling for 25% races but my changes didn't work in career mode (i didn't try, but i think, it would work only in quick races as seen in many other posts).

    it would be very nice if you could tell me which values you edited, because i made some changes in the database.bin on my own (e.g. difficulty) and then i would just adjust my file with the changes you made in your database.bin.

    thanks in advance.
  16. This doesn't seem to work in career. Just did a comparison of the times on the same difficulty in quick race suzuka to career suzuka and there was a 1 second difference in qualifying times.
  17. For difficulty I changed the values under 'track_difficulties' and for the tyre wear I changed the max_distance under 'tyres'

    If you want to copy some values into your own database the easiest is to open both files each in its own editor, highlight everything you want and copy and paste the values over (ctrl c and ctrl v).;)
  18. It does work in career. It might be that weather was slightly diffirent in career (track temp) as it always uses dynamic weather. I've been doing a whole season on these values to find one that best suites me.
  19. Thanks for the mod nontheless, I guess I'll just stick with quick races and tally the points up manually to make it a career mode :)
  20. Might just be my version, I have so many mods in there and tinkered with so many patches it's probably fried my values haha. Same thing happening in Australia about 1 second difference, The times are the same as the old pro values in career mode, but they have changed and gotten a little quicker in quick race mode.