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Create track for Racer

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Marc93, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Hi, some of you may know that there is a project from University of Hertfordshire under Cruden Racer. Firstly, I would like to say that I have no experience with 3DS, BTB and Racer. I have gone through the thread from past graduate and tutorials in Racer NL.

    I have been using 3DS Max 2014 and BTB for this project. But I keep getting errors no matter which software I use when I open it in TrackEd. I cant get the newest TrackEd in Racer RC10 to work, I even try pasting the missing dll, it shows missing license. Than it struck me, is TrackEd compatible with WINDOWS 8.1? And is there any other place to get a full tutorial from 3DS Max to Racer? All I find on youtube is rFactor. Not much support on Racer other from here.

    I hope I can get some help from. Thanks.

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  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    i use the Tracked.exe from the rc9, it works for me verry good...
    for your problem with max or btb i can't help because i don't use them...i do every thing in zmod1 and 2...

  3. Alex,
    Is zmod easy to learn and use?
  4. I think the best way is to use BTB and tracked ;)
  5. ZMod is reasonably easy to use. I don't like BTB and you might be better off using racer 09 RC5 as it is the last one with few bugs.
  6. I still keep getting this qlog error.

    OS-Version: 6.2.9200 () 0x300-0x1

    0x005A716C c:\source\trunk\dev\src\libs\d3\dgeob.cpp (line 1236): DGeob::RethinkNormals()
    0x005B8EAE c:\source\trunk\dev\src\libs\d3\dgeode_op.cpp (line 278): DGeodeRethinkNormals()
    0x00423290 [tracked]: (filename not available): SetFilter
    0x00424F03 [tracked]: (filename not available): BatchAddLighting
    0x0042D4D5 [tracked]: (filename not available): event
    0x006001C3 c:\source\trunk\dev\src\libs\license\qapp.cpp (line 943): QApp::Run1()
    0x00600298 c:\source\trunk\dev\src\libs\license\qapp.cpp (line 981): QApp::Run()
    0x0042ECD5 [tracked]: (filename not available): Run
    0x00426E25 [tracked]: (filename not available): main
    0x00426F03 [tracked]: (filename not available): WinMain
    0x00652192 f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\crt0.c (line 263): __tmainCRTStartup()
    0x7722919F [KERNEL32]: (filename not available): BaseThreadInitThunk
    0x77520BBB [ntdll]: (filename not available): RtlInitializeExceptionChain
    0x77520B91 [ntdll]: (filename not available): RtlInitializeExceptionChain
  7. Bump. Can anyone help me with the above error. I cant get it solve.
  8. Didn't I red somewhere that the newest tracked is 64 bit?
  9. Yes it is. This error happens randomly. For now is working fine. But i still cant find the reason why.
  10. Hi there & Welcome to Racer Forum !
    The Best Answer is from skybh !

    It's a bit complicated but after some months you should be able to create tracks in 1 day as I can now do.
    The thing is to create your own assets & export to X files & then later with 3DSimEd, extract & filter your 3D objects for quick use in Racer.

    Be patient...There is a lot of learning & testing, before being able to create anything in Racer...
    Hope that trick which I'm the only one to use ? is one of the best solution I found out over the years.

    You can even extract from real world the terrain & route data & import it as CSV files...
    You can also use City Engine, which I've been using for some of the most amazing city maps for Racer, some of those have all the detail in buildings, as you would find it in GTA 5.

    Name is Atlantis City...

    More on my sites :

    Next-Gen Racing Studio
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2015
  11. I know about the learning process. But I just dont understand about the error. It happens sometimes. Using BTB now, TrackEd is a very picky software on steps. Saw your work, great tracks. Thanks.
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  12. Thanks, my pleasure !

    It's true Tracked had always some issues with not that much updates, so I would try from other versions as well.

    I'm also using 3DS Max 2009 with the Racer plugin for exporting along with Maya & the process is like this :

    When all is prepared (3D / Textures filtered) with other apps (BTB, 3DSimEd, Zmodeler, Forza Studio, etc.), I do a last check / tweak in Maya. Then I export to dae/fbx & check in 3DS Max with the Racer Export plugin, then I check everything in Modeler or Tracked & finally, after activating the debug variables in Racer (Qlog etc.), I check everything ingame.

    Sorry if I don't go into details, I'm sure you will eventually get what you searching for.

    Maybe you should try playing with the compatibility modes & admin check boxes in Windows. That fixed some stuttering ingame. For the rest, test out other versions, there's also the famous Blender Export Plugin which apparently works as it should.

    For the errors, the 1st one seems a serious one, Normals should be always checked, so that you don't frustrate yourself to regenerate/compile everything another time.

    Anyways, we here to help so don't hesitate.

    Last thing from my mind, you could use Virtual systems & play it from there, I use VMware for now. Haven't checked games inside of it.