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Conversion Tips for AMS

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by BeefyPeeg, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Does anyone know where I could find info on converting GSCE or rfactor tracks to AMS?
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  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Most of the tracks from SCE will directly work in AMS sometimes you just need to add 2 lines in .scn file in oder for them to work but thats it. As for converting rFactor tracks to AMS just use that tool rfactortools, it might not work for every rFactor tracks and again you might need to add 2 kines in the .scn file after the conversion in order for the track to work. If you have any question you can drop me a PM and i'll try to answer them the best i can.
  3. What 2 lines would that be? I'd surely want to have a lot of tracks from SCE in AMS. Thanks :)
  4. I was wondering if it would be that simple. I tried installing Barber last night and got booted out when loading the track. What are the two lines that need to be added?
  5. i would like know it too. tryed 3 versions of nordschleife, but all three got me error when loading start.
  6. Ok chaps, this is what i did to get Patricks Spa working...and it was like mentioned above a simple case of altering 2 - 3 lines of code...

    Go into the scn file in the folders in this case

    Spafall.scn + Spa.scn

    You see the search paths that the scn file is dictating the game looks in? Reizacommon?? Well the first two lines in patricks Spa .scn files should say something like,


    These files are now no longer in the AMS reizacommon folder...what with the update of sky textures the old SCE skies are no longer in the Reizacommon folder...so i basically chose two files to sub in place of these and chose the following,


    Hey presto it now loads...im sure it is something as simple as this for the other tracks you are loading - or not!!

    Hope this helps :)
  7. Having said that there does appear to be a big black box with the sun in the centre right where the sun should be. The problem is really obv if you turn the time scale up as the sun/big black box drops in the sky.
  8. But, if you do it that way then you dont get the new features in AMS, dynamic track condition etc right?
  9. Not entirely sure, I'm now officially learning as I go, just like the rest of us! Sorry mate
  10. No, you don't get these new features as they are not implemented in GSC Ex tracks.
  11. What I did for a quick fix to get rid of the black box was to copy the commonmaps.mas file from GSC and put it in the folder of the track :) no more black box, ok for a quick fix.
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  12. Good w
    Good work sir!!
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  13. Thanks for the pointers everyone. I've been able to convert just about every track I really wanted to drive by simply editing the file paths in the SCN files. I've run into a bit of a snag, however, with the Nordschleife--the one, I just so happened to want to drive the most.

    I've updated the SCN file by adding the "SearchPath=ReizaCommon\bak" line (as I've done successfully with many others), but receive an error stating "error loading texture dsky for material SKY" when attempting to load the track. Can anyone (smarter than I) help please?
  14. Yeah I've had that an a few others trying to convert rallycross tracks over so I'd like to know as well please
  15. i was successfull with update nord. I have 2 working versions if you would like.
  16. rename COMMONMAP.mas to COMMONMAPSGSC.mas in your .scn file and coppy GSC commonmaps.mas drop in your track folder and rename to COMMONMAPSGSC
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  17. Just tried this, and now am getting "error loading global material Sky."
  18. tell me what nords you want
  19. I'd like the VLN, 24h, and tourist versions please.
  20. try this, then copy your GSC commonmas put it in you ring 2007 folder and rename to COMMONMAPSGSC