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Conspiracy Theories

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hampus Andersson, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Pretty interesting stuff in my opinion. I watched a Jesse Ventura clip on youtube where they watched these paintings they had in the airport.
    These paintings were without a doubt the weirdest paintings i´ve ever seen. Not only that but it was the location of the paintings that really interested me. I could not understand why you would have such paintings in an airport.

    So i look into it and it seems there are more to the Airport then meets the eyes.

    Have a look for yourself, it´s pretty long but i think you´ll find this fairly interesting.
    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_denver02.htm#Part One: The Airport

    Some of the pictures are pretty hard to see in the document but all it takes is a quick search on Google images to find crystal clear, big images of these massive murals as well as some of the symbols found in the airport.


    The fact that the Airport even exists is also fairly strange.
  2. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    That "children smash swords into un-cuttable pieces" is a nice painting in my opinion :) Most of the others also is about the world peace and globalisation which suits an airport theme :)

    Also Obama approves :D

    However, there is a definitely Mason touch there and that's natural as they control the world...
  3. I´m sure he does...

    These are fitting paintings for an airport you think?
    Nazi german holding a sword and an AK in his hands while you see ruins of a city, possibly a church, children sleeping on bricks, Women stands and holds her dead baby in her hands.

    Poem from a 14 year old kid that died in the Auschwitz concentration camp. That suits an airport you think?


    2 dead small children and a dead women in cascets,


    Child cries, Pinguin is extinct, the bird that is almost en-glassed is on the verge of being exinct.
    Dead leopard, burning forrests, city in the background covered in flames.

    Yea it´s a great theme for an airport...
  4. Not to mention the free mason symbol you can see in the middle of the "Great Hall"


    Under the Free mason symbol you can read: "New World Airport Comission"


    Not to mention the quote above:
    As far as i know we are still in 2012 but maybe they know more then i do ;)

    Also notice the words "Grand Lodge" to the right of the symbol.

  5. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    What's the problem? It's impossible to be bored when your flight is delayed :D

    Ok that died women picture is a little violent for there, but still nice messages (or maybe some hidden evil masonic illuminatic messages i don't know...)

    As you said, this is so strange that these things are still there!
  6. There were 4 murals from the beginning, 2 of them have been removed. More specifically #2 and #4.

    Nice messages...sure....
  7. Conspiracies don´t come from nothing. And no matter what the paintings mean, you still have mason symbols embedded in granite.
    It´s obvious "Illuminati" just can´t keep it secret but are obsessive with releasing small symbols or other stuff.

    You can also find several "eyes" in the paintings. I´m suppose to believe he just drew eyes for the fun of it.
    I doubt it. He´s scared because he know he probably will get killed if he said that he did not paint those murals without any form of direction.

    The dollar bill is the most obvious one. The eye above the pyramid is what? Illuminated...

    You will also find the numbers 1776 on the bill when translated. US Government says it´s because of the Declaration of independence.
    What is more interesting is that the year 1776 Illuminati was founded on May 1st.

    Another thing that is fairly interesting is the words New World Order.

    Those words was first spoken in public by George H.W. Bush in 1990, 11th September, that is exactly 11 years on the day when 9/11 happened.

    Coincidence? Perhaps...perhaps not..

    The two towers or the NIST report is pretty funny as well.

    They claim the towers fell at free fall. If anyone here is familiar with basic physics or more specifically Newton´s third law you would know that it´s physically impossible for buildings to collapse at that speed or even near that speed without having everything below the falling part removed.

    Pancake theory is nice as well except there were no pancakes left in the wreckage, in fact almost nothing was left of the towers because it turned to dust that was sent up into the air and covered several blocks.
    concrete dust... a fine powder.

    Flight 93 vaporized when it hit the ground. The impact was so strong that even titanium-parts simply vaporized into thin air.

    Looks pretty damn small for having a big airliner smashing right into the ground at 500+ mph.

    Pentagon is also highly interesting. The fact that we got 4 still shots that show absolutely nothing despite the Pentagon being one if not the most surveillenced(?) building in the world.

    I also would like to know what part of an airplane manages to break through 3 layers of Pentagon-buildings and create a hole like this.

    Oh and the famous wheel that apparently came from one of the airliners that hit the building.
    So if i understand it correctly, this wheel, which was inside the airplane when it hit the building managed to break through the airplane, then several floors of the building to finally land on a street.


    They forgot one thing though, and that was to remove the X they sprayed under it so they would know where to plant the "evidence".

    It should also be noted that the wings of an airliner is very very thin and is designed to be light.
    This brings us back to basic physics again. It´s impossible for the wing tips and rear wing tip to simply cut through concrete and steel no matter what speed you hit it with, concrete and steel wins EVERY time.

    Also, Larry Silverstein.....

    Anyone know where he was that day? According to himself he was supposed to be at work that day as he always is.

    As lucky as he is he unfortunately got told by his wife he needed help or be with her that morning so he did not go to work that day. Aren´t you one lucky guy ;)

    His daughter and son also work at the WTC´s... I suppose you think they died in 9/11?
    think again, none of them showed up for work that day..

    Why, we don´t know but it sure is interesting.

    Also, 1 month before 9/11 Larry signs an insurance that allows him to cash in billions if the towers would be attacked by terrorists.

    In 2004 he had cashed in (i hope you are sitting down) 4.5 billion dollars from the attacks.
    And not only that, he now had the perfect place to build a new building since there wasn´t much left of 9/11.

    It all worked out well for Silverstein. First he can see into the future, he then escapes death and then becomes even richer then before and he has a nice place to build something new at.

    did i mention he´s Jewish?
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  8. This one is pretty interesting as well. Notice every single person is looking at the "flower"

    Except two people....and what do they have in common? Asian descent and probably from the same culture.
    I find it hard to believe that he actually thought about that or what he thought about when he decided to do that.

    It´s all very strange and you can find several strange objects in these paintings.

    The layout of the runways is also simply by chance or "woops had no idea about that"...

  9. Notice the hand sticking up in the tree with an eye. Classic Illuminati stuff which again enhances the doubts that he simply came up with this stuff by himself..


    Oh and notice the penis next to the people. Why on earth would you draw such a thing in an airport?
  10. This one pretty much confirms that Masons were active 100+ years after it was founded.


    Either all of these symbols are a sick joke by the elite or Illuminati actually does exist and they more or less "rule the world"
  11. Found something half-interesting as well a few miles from the Denver Airport.

    As you can see in the black circle, it´s waste land, absolutely nothing there.

    Yet you find this,
  12. I am surprised that no one has mentioned that the airport is built over an underground military base yet.
  13. This might be interesting as well... It´s not even the rock sign which shows the back hand.

  14. It´s mentioned in the first post in the document followed by an interview with a guy that has been in it.

    Should also mention that the US Government has built hundreds, maybe thousands of bunkers, mostly old missile bases and they are all built with the intention of a catastrophe.

    That is no joke as the guys building them said it on camera. Jesse Ventura was even in two of them and they already had military in the bunkers that were armed.
    Basically they are for the rich people as it costs money to get a spot.

    The chief got the question of what would happen if the public wanted to get in and he said they will do whatever is necessary.
    "The soldiers are trained to defend this bunker"
    Meaning they will kill their own people in the event of a disaster.

    One of the chiefs in a bunker said they were built for an Economic Collapse...

    If solar winds strong enough hits the earth and knocks out power grids for months the economic collapse will happen and we the people will essentially be back to cave man style while the rich and famous sits in super luxurious bunkers in the meantime.
  15. You have way too much time on your hands :) Shouldnt you be racing or something instead?? :)
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  16. I have to many questions that fills up my head. I feel i´m a sheep if i just ignore the obvious things that clearly has more to it then what the official stories say.
    It´s time we start asking real questions and demand answers.

    there are so many things that is to F up for me to ignore.

    Has anyone heard of "Operation Northwoods"? No conspiracy but it´s a de-classified document from the US Government..

    Notice that is was the Kennedy administration that rejected this false flag operation.
    What was so great about Kennedy?

    He wanted to get the hell out of Vietnam. And what was so tragic about Kennedy? He was assassinated.
    And what was so mysterious about his death?

    A bullet managed to break the laws of physics and do something no other bullet in the history of mankind has ever been able to do.

    Then we have the classical lies for going to war. Iraq for example.
    Invading Afghanistan because of 9/11, something Usama Bin Laden stated he never had anything to do with.

    And what is highly interesting about his statement?

    Illuminati perhaps. One year later the US Government says he changed his mind and confessed in a video that you can´t hear smack on.

    Does that sound like a terrorist? Saying he did not do a thing then one year later changes his mind?
  17. And now that Usama is "dead" why are the US still in Afghanistan? Because there are other lucrative things to make money on there.

    This one is hilarious because a similar event happened last year.

    Obama comes out with the news that they have killed Usama Bin Laden. Elections are going on as we speak.
  18. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    You're hooked, no doubt about it and no one is going to stop you!

    I'm out of the off topic area for a while, maybe I'll read a good historical novel.
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  19. Well i´m not a sheep. Maybe you should do some reading yourself. Like basic physics...
    read the NIST report. It took them 7 years to figure out that the buildings "supposedly" came down because of fire.

    They could have just listened to a mysterious witness that popped up in a video shortly after the first tower and fallen.
    He said straight out "The buildings came down due to fire". Nothing more nothing less, no hesitation or nothing just a clear answer.

    Others said they heard explosions after explosions on almost every floor, you can even hear several of them in videos but you ignore that stuff because it would ruin your thoughts about how the world really looks.

    With your age you should know that during your time of living there have been so many weird events going on yet you completely buy the official story even though many of the stories have massive holes in them.