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Considering uninstalling...is it just me?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Nibiru Cataclysm, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. I've had rF2 for nearly a year...and in that time I've played a lot of other sims as well.

    But...I just find I'm playing rF2 less and less. I can never get it to look 'less than plastic'...I spend hours with the Sweetfx's. I spent hours tweaking. I turn things on..I turn things off...I throw salt over my shoulder....

    ...then I stick on rF1 with the virtua LM Le Mans track and I think....'rF2 looks like crap compared to this'.

    I get all the 'rF2 is all about the feel, the real road, the FFB'. But that's like marrying a fat old hag with missing teeth and a beard because she's a nice personality.

    I see screenshots on the net of people playing rF2 and it looks like we're playing a different game...

    Am I the only person out there that's about to hit <delete> and move on because it....just doesn't *do it* for you? I am thinking I must be missing out on something if I do this, but after a year of trying to fall in love with this I still find myself going back to GTR2 or now AMS which for me is a million light years ahead of where rF2 will *ever* be.
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  2. William Wester

    William Wester

    No one can answer that question "for you", we all have our preferences. rF2 gets more time than any of my other sims as it's a good fit for what I look for in a sim (R3E and AMS also get much of my time).
  3. Maybe I just have a 'good' system instead of an 'uber' system, but I just can't get it to look even acceptable :(
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  4. rfactor 1 ftw!
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  5. Well I love RF2 for offline racing (don't think I'm good enough or confident enough to enter any RF2 Club races yet) and I have an average PC. I5 4670K over clocked to 4.4 ghz, a GTX770 4gig card and 16gb of memory and I use Nvidia settings 16 x anistropic, 16 x Q anti aliasing at 1080p resolution and I like the look of it and I get a steady 60-100 fps with all settings in game to max except shadows which are at medium.
    I think it looks great. I just took these screen shots 5 minutes ago.
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  6. Ari Antero

    Ari Antero

    Post your PC details here and I am sure guys help you out to get descent game experince. ;)
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  7. See those screenshots look like nothing I'm getting :(
  8. The colors in my rF2 look "realistic" not like one of the other very popular simcades who's colors are over done. It reminds me of the many years going into customer homes to repair their color TV's and some customers actually wanted the colors adjusted to a higher saturation even though it was not realistic according to my eyes or my color generator. A very important note is that colors won't be correct if the monitor and video card isn't setup correctly!
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  9. Post some of your screenshots and your PC specs and let us see.
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  10. Andy can you do me a favour and repost your screenshots at full resolution along with your settings? I've wiped the install and I'm going to install from scratch and do some more tweaking after Liverpool hammer ManU :p
  11. These pics are automatically resized by RD.
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  12. One thing I noticed just before I hit the delete key after pulling my hair out is that the geniuses changed the default texture sharpening = 5 in the most recent build when should be 0.

    Edit - Colors still suck and AMS graphics and performance eats rF2's lunch.
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  13. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    I wonder why people insist on making rf2 blurry like other sims, I prefer the sharpness of real life.
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  14. Ok I'm getting some improvement...one thing that strikes me is the real time reflections which are unnecessary and eat fps...how can I turn these off / down?

    I have them 'off' and the car bodies are still showing real reflections...
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2016
  15. Maybe you've tweaked to much. :speechless: You might have broken some AA behavoir or the shader cache. If you use override settings in nvidia or with a plugin, shaders are not build like they should.
    If you change graphic settings (in game) new shader files are created based on your ingame settings. Those might not happen correctly if you use override settings or with plugins.

    You can find those shader files your "UseData/log/shaders" folder. You can delete all files in this folder. and rF2 will create new shader files based on your graphic settings. (track loading time will be a bit longer first time)

    But your config file and player;json file might be broken too. In the Config.ini you'll find some system specs, Those might be broken with override settings or tweak.dll files.

    But you can revert back to default. But first get ride of override settings and plugins .dll files you've installed.
    BTW: If there was a magic setting for rF2. It would be enabled or an option to turn on/off in the menu.
    and every eye candy effect will come with a proformance cost. If you put all settings to max and still have plenty of FPS. You can start tweaking for more eye candy.

    It's probably specularity you see. (sun casting).
    - Environment reflections (reflections on the car) I would keep them "on" or at "low" to get some eye candy from opponent cars.
    - Road reflections (reflections on the road), you can turn them off. IMO they don't add much eye candy, only in the rain.
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  16. Ok I've done a complete uninstall, registry clean etc the works....things looking better.

    Good to know about the shader cache - thanks for that tip.

    But are you saying there's no way to turn off reflections on the car?
  17. A complete unistall wasn't necesary. Because all changes are in the UserData folder.

    Yes you can. :thumbsup: Off, Low or High
    Environment reflections are the reflections you'll see on cars and building windows. If you turn these off you'll still see specularity. It's the sun casting on the car. Specularity is not the same as reflections and not FPS heavy at all.
    Reflections on: you see trees, building, road relfecting on the car.

    Road reflections: noticable on a wet road. ==> you can turn these off, low or high

    a road also has specularty (every object does). Not fps heavy and you can't turn it off.
    It's the basics of a shader.

    specularity <==> reflections : not the same things. :)
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  18. Thanks for this, although I'm well aware of the difference :)

    What I am talking about are full body reflections of the environment and other vehicles. Even turning the option to off makes no difference.

    However for some reason a re-install has done the trick. I'm actually now getting about 3-4 hundred fps in single car practice and about 120 in a full race with everything on max or high (including bizarrely enough - reflections).

    Must say now that I've got it running sweet I'm underwhelmed...it doesn't come close to AMS or even rF1 or GTR2.
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  19. Wow....I've made a few more minor changes and game is now running like a dream...almost everything on max and smooth as silk.

    For some reason now I'm really able to enjoy it and I've spent a lot of laps at Sebring with a big smile on my face :)

    Thanks guys for your help and suggestions.
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  20. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    One does not play rF2 for graphics ;)
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