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Completely destroyed physics

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Imagio, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Physics is complete gimmick f1 2012, you can't even spin car when you are in 1st gear, turn wheel in one or the other direction and push throttle to max...
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  2. You must be using traction control, I can do it quite easily with it off
  3. No imagio is right!!! Physics are the worst i ever seen, is realy bad, i can't feel the car, car behaves like it's on rails, you can't spin it or turn it, I DON'T USE ANY AIDS, and the steering wheel settings are joke... It feels like a bad f1 2010.It is a thousand times worse than 2011. I like f1 2011 physics. Also corrupt savegame issue and crash to desktop still exists....
  4. Yeah, i like the 2011 phisycs too. ;) In the same time it can be harder imho. Couse i know many people like us i hope will be a mod with 2011 phisycs for 2011...
  5. Stop moaning just don't play it. Oh and I don't think this forum is the right place to show this. You had a demo for a week so obviously you had time to decide either to buy or not.
  6. Why, mate? This is just a discution, if you dont like it, dont read. I dont see anything wrong somebody to write his oppinion...
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  7. Can't belive they runed this game in such a manner, I mean, the 2011 was not perfect considering the handling and physics, but it was actually pretty good and fun to drive. This year title is by far worst than even 2010,car is behaving like in some arcacade racing game back from the 90-s. Please don't buy this hame if realism is high on ypur priority scale!
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  8. So you think THIS game is arcade and unrealistic? So for you 2011 was more realistic? Interesting. You're from Mars? On Mars, the cars may behave more like in F1 2011 but I doubt it.

    F1 2012 is the most realistic F1 game released to date, if you can't drive it - it's your personal problem. I can't believe somebody thinks this is arcade. In what world do you live? Do you even watch F1? Or you just know ooh.. Formula 1... that was one sport for driving....

    You had your chance to decide whether to buy it or not on the demo, if you didn't like the demo, why did you buy it? Why are you playing it? Go back, play your F1 2011 and don't moan for no reason. What is it realistic? Please, inform me. What's the unrealistic thing in the physics in F1 2012. OK, brake = correct spin. That was in F1 2010 too, and you can correct it with the wheel without using brakes so it's not much of a problem. What other unrealistic things you can point out?
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  9. I don't think it makes it even to the top10. You like it? Good for you, but each has the right to love or hate it and right to talk about it.
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  10. Who are you, some angry developer who doesent know how to produce a decent sequel? You ask me to write what is unrealistic with this year's title? Did you even read this thread from the begining? Car is behaving like it is on rails. How you can't spin the car with all that horsepower behind you no matter what you do? Even on rain it's much more easier to drive than 2011, even 2010. You asked me why i bought the game if I didn't like the demo, well my mistake was that I did't play the demo because I belived that naturally 2012 will be better than 2011, just like 2011 is better than 2010. But that is not the case with this year's title, it's actually far inferior. I really like realism in racing games and I know that I cant expect rFactor like expirience from game which is produced fo the masses, and with that in mind I can say that 2011 was really fun to drive, but I can't say that for 2012
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  11. I found physics and FFB pretty good. It is almost like VFR 2012 mod, but graphics is better :) F1 2011 had crap "point and shoot" handling (looked like tires had infinite amount of lateral grip), and thankfully CM fixed it. Still traction is a bit too much, I can use almost full throttle out of Retifilio in 1st gear+KERS, that should be reduced somehow.
  12. So funny, and so wrong...
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  13. Braking and steering need to be fixed !
    I have a feeling I'm sliding like a soap even with all assists off and can't cut corners as in F1 2011 or is it advanced physics called centrifugal force implemented by CM ?:D
  14. A demo that, when some complained, was deemed "not representative of the final game"? Not that I personally believed it for a moment, but that was the official story.

    Some people takes criticism towards the things they like as personal attacks. It is not, and diversity of opinions is useful and even necessary.

    If only the good side is told, it is not information, is propaganda. People enter this type of forums looking for information. Imagine somebody like me browses by, trying to decide whether to buy F12012 or not. Imagine he only finds opinions such as Nenov's "the most realistic F1 game released to date" so he gets really convinced and cashes in. Imagine his face when he finds the most realistic game to date allows you to floor the gas on a rainy track on 1st gear. I would feel scammed.

    I kind of prefer a forum where somebody like me can enter and read all kind of sides of the story. Maybe I will disregard the hardcore sim freak that complains about the incorrect change in lap times according to fuel consumption, or maybe I am one of those, so I know the game is not for me. Maybe I will disregard the guy that plays with a pad and thinks that this game has almost as good handling as NFS, or maybe I love NFS's handling with a pad and I run to buy it. (The examples are exaggerated on purpose).

    If you only want to read posts matching your opinion, you are welcome to open a notepad, fill in lines and call it "internet.txt". You will find 100% agreement in there (unless you have some multiple personality disorder, then you are out of luck).

    Let us share information, CM can take care of the propaganda.
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  15. On the braking side. I moved to racing in the shoes :) Otherwise I just cant brake enough.
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  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Actually what the OP stated :) Its unrealistic that you cannot spin the car when you are in first gear. Already in the demo i found it a bit weird that you can go full throttle out of the first chicane while real life F1 pilots have to be very gentle with their right foot in order to keep; the car somewhat straight.

    Does it make this car arcade? Not really as there are enough sim elements. Best to date as you say when it comes to F1 simulation? Not at all. The Formula One car in Game Stock Car feels so much more nervous and precise. Is it fun? Yes absolutely so nothing to worry about with F1 2012.

    Btw, people with a negative opinion about F1 2012 are just as welcome as people that are hardcore fans of the game. This is an internet forum and as long as our ToS is respected you can post whatever your opinion is.
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  17. I found this in the demo, within the first hour. Yes its sad that the brakes can save you just like in 2010. But i look at the intire game and not just little things like that. This games is arcade/sim, what do you expect from it?

    These petty little arguements are annoying, and they are that annoying that it would be like someone saying "oh the McLaren mirrors are set to high, i can't see the curbs in cockpit view because the mirrors block my view". WTF, practise then.

    Its human nature, we don't like something we remove it. We don't adapt ourselves to it in less we are told we have to, i don't mind people having there oppinions but i think they shouldn't try to rival a group of people into turning a simple this needs looking into, into a we hate this and the game is broken discussion because you never get any where apart from on people ignore list and CM could look at it and be mean and think ha suffer cause we are not going to fix it for you. And if they had that motive i wouldn't be annoyed at them, they spent all this time putting a game together and rather than someone posting a simple problem and can it be looked into they post a full scale war and go about defending that article as if the world depending on it.

    But lets say someone released a mod that changes the way the cars behave, no one would go crazzy at them because they know that that person would say "if you don't like it, don't play it" and not care about what you have to say, or they could turn around and say "fine , in that case i will be keeping my changes to myself and you can go to hell". When its a modder doing it, people talk and post in a different way. Respect that the person is doing it for free and for the community, yes, but he/she could change things so you don't like them and then what. You either accept CM's version or the modders version.
  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Actually Bruno Senna strongly disagrees with you. He must have played F1 2010 so many times that he tried the bug in real life in Valencia and....... saved the car :)

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  19. For the fun of it, good one. But I think we all know that save is one in a thousand. Otherwise Massa would not be famous for... what he is famous.