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Misc Complete GP2 Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Skopje14, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Complete GP2 Mod

    Hello guys, I'm very proud to present you my latest and biggest mod (and the only one that I share).

    This is a video of my mod when I finished to change the handling

    (I will upload here other videos with AI and screenshots later...)


    Version 1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download/776l99q44idpmo7/GP2+Mod.rar


    1. What does this mod actually do?
    2. How to install it?
    3. Updates and patches
    4. Now the nuts and bolts
    5. Answers of frequently asked questions
    6. Disclaimers
    7. Settings recommended
    8. Mods that I advice to add

    1. What does this mod actually do?
    • First of all it gives all GP2 skins of GP2 2012 season, with drivers and teams. Language files in French and English!
    • Car handling were completely redone! You can now drive a GP2 car with 6 gears, acceleration and brake of a GP2, less grip and aero. (It's a more realistic handling than the original game, and for GP2)
    • Calendar from GP2 2012 Season: 22 Races, 2 Races on each tracks with correct race distances.
    • Singapore by day
    • A completely redone AI: AI brakes almost like you, and has a GP2 speed corner (I worked on each corner of the calendar)
    • I worked a bit on AI on the wet weather but it needs still some improvements (in next updates)
    • Each car has the same performance, only drivers make the difference.
    • More aggressive AI that makes some mistakes (like a "True to life AI for GP2" )
    • Each pictures (loading and menu pictures) have been replaced for GP2
    • Deletion of DRS and KERS
    • I let Debugging options Menu
    • Safety Car Fix: Safety Car that comes more often.
    • Improved tyres wear level
    • Realistic Damages

    2. How to install it?

    • Don't forget to make a backup (copy/paste the game in an other folder)
    • Be sure that you have NO mod on your game first
    • In order to install this mod, follow the instructions:
    • Extract the content of the "GP2 Mod 1.0.rar"
    • Open the folder created
    • Go in your game folder: usually it's C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2012
    • Copy from the folder "GP2 Mod 1.0"
    • Paste in your game folder
    • Merge folders and overwrite all files

    3. Updates and patches

    After this huge mod, I will only do some patches and additionals.
    In next patches:

    • I will adjust also my database files and my language for GP2 2014 season with skins of konat's mod.
    • I will adjust also AI on Wet Weather
    • I will change loading pictures by screenshots
    • I will change video files (hotlaps and trailer) by videos on game
    • I will work on Audio files for the V8 sound

    4. Now the nuts and the bolts

    • HUGE thanks to Ryder for his Ryder CTF Editor, Ryder PSSG Editor, Ryder Database Editor and Ryder Language Editor. HUGE thanks to him also for his Debugging options menu!
    • HUGE thanks to v1tek for his GP2 2012 season mod: skins, helmets, driver's photos and texture sets are from him!
    • HUGE thanks to Melphiz for his No DRS mod . All "trigger_pit.xml" are from him.
    • HUGE thanks to Kristian Nenov for his explanation how AI works. This explanation helped me a lot to make AI track by track.
    • HUGE thanks to snthennumbers and his True to life AI. It was an inspiration for me (and 3 files in folder "ai" are directly from his mod)
    • HUGE thanks to my friend from an other forum, jptf1, who gave me the trick to get Singapore by day.
    • HUGE thanks to venom16000 for his FFB mod
    • HUGE thanks to Derpish and his Istanbul Park and Nurburgring mod : in fact in order to make my 2 Sprint Races left (Hungaroring and Hockenheim) I had to add 2 tracks on the game, I installed so istanbul and Nurburgring and I replaced the files by Hungaroring and Hockenheim files.
    • I apologize to not have asked permissions but some of them are not here anymore, and I hope, according to my huge work apart from these, you and Racedepartment would forgive me.

    5. Answers of frequently asked questions:

    Feel free to ask me if something is wrong! :thumbsup:

    6. Disclaimers:

    • I made this mod for "Quick Race" mode: I think if you want to make your career it's better to change your name in language file. So, this mod might not have the good result in career mode: wrong calendar, bugs ...
    • Edit: This mode is only for Quick Race Mode. Young Driver test crashes the game because Abu Dhabi doesn"t exist anymore (because Abu Dhabi is not in the 2012 calendar, and was replaced by Valencia for Sprint Race in Valencia.
    • Making the first race with "long week-end, short qualifying" is better for GP2
    • I couldn't make the start-grid for sprint races: I let you improvise how you'll do. (Personally I would do a "short week-end one-lap qualifying" by changing virtual performance in database just for qualifying in order to get the same hierarchy)
    • I'm not responsible of any files lost or broken
    • If you want to add mods, be sure it doesn't overwrite mine if you don't want to get bad surprises.

    7. Settings recommended

    I made this mod with a wheel, I don't know the result with a pad.
    With a wheel I highly recommend you to drive without any aid or only automatic gearbox if you want.
    I advice you to do only aero and gearbox settings (and not too much) to get realistic handling.
    I will give also (but later) my Wheel settings

    8. Mods that I advice to add:

    this section will be completed later

    Please, give me some feedback ;)


    Ps: Don't pay too much attention to my bad English, I'm only a French teenager :laugh:

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  2. Uhm, no this is not how RD works. You have to upload a file to RD's resource section which will actually create a topic itself then, so you can post all information into the overview section.
    Creating a thread and linking to mediafire was something that used to be done before RD's resource system was implemented, if I remember correctly.

    2nd: Did you also remove the audio for DRS and KERS (most people forgot about that, aagancia once came up with that in their 2007 mod)?
  3. Sorry but I had one problem with RD's resource section: my is 1Go big. Only 300Mo is allowed on RD. But if you have a solution I would like to know how to use RD's resource section with a 1Go mod.

    2nd: I didn't hear any audio for DRS and KERS, but I didn't pay attention to that. I will check, thank you for this! :thumbsup:
  4. RD's solution is to split the mod into several resources (yep, it really is).
    Well, usually your engineer talks to you as you did not use DRS nor KERS and also tells you if DRS is activated/enabled/disabled (as it's not triggered by the .xml files) and also if KERS/DRS has a mechanical issue and failed.
  5. how can I do like him: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/true-to-life-ai-2013-season.67176/ , with "via external link"
    It took 5 hours to upload my mod, I don't really want to re-upload it :redface:

    for audio files, I advice to disable engineer voice, because there is not only DRS and KERS audios, there is also all audio that mention a F1 driver that I have to delete. After that there is almost no audios ...
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2015
  6. It's one of the mods that were released before RD's new system. (oh afaik Melphiz left RD few years ago due to exactly these restrictions and what it means to reupload hundreds of MBs again (and if patched, again))
  7. I'm sorry to say that but this sucks a bit ...
    I will re-upload it later (maybe this night or tomorrow) for the moment I keep this one opened.

    Edit: I tried to upload the entire file, it gave an error. If I make several ressources I have to make several threads...
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2015
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  8. I get a Crash to desktop on a clean install of 2012 upon trying to enter the Young Driver Test
  9. I never tried the Young Driver test, as I said, I worked only for "Quick Races" Mode.
    But I can try to find out why did it crash. :thumbsup:

    Edit: It's normal, because Young Driver test was made for Abu Dhabi track. I replaced Abu Dhabi files by Valencia in order to make the sprint race for Valencia. that's why this mod is only for "Quick Races" Mode. And even if you could enter the YDT, GP2 cars has not enough speed in straight line to pass the test!
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2015
  10. And you have no DRS, and you have no KERS - so YDT would fail anyway.
  11. Yes :roflmao:
    I don't know if you saw but I failed to re-upload on Racedepartment my mod

    And I'm waiting for more feedback (especially for handling) and maybe I would need some help in order to fix AI on wet weather :redface:
  12. someone in the 2013 thread (i think) got around this by just adding each part as an update
  13. But is there really a problem if I can't change it? :O_o:

    Edit: Lock this thread please
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2015