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Misc True to Life AI 2013 Season 1.4

A comprehensive 2013 Season & AI mod drastically increasing the competition between Player & AI

  1. Read more about this resource...
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  2. I think this should sum it up pretty well...(taken from the first posting of this mod before it was moved to the new Downloads section)


    Please provide feedback!
    Please check the overview page as you'll find a plethora of information there which will probably answer any questions you have.
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  3. bro thx but where you have the 2013 mod?
  4. Click on "Read more about this resource" there's a link to Mr. Pibb's 2013 mod

    EDIT: version 2.0 and higher is not compatible with Mr. Pibb's 2013 mod.
  5. Youtube destroyed my video...uploading another copy right now
  6. Video is up and gleaming properly now :)
  7. If I install this, can I still play online or do I get connection failures?
  8. Probably connection issues. I'm not sure as I don't play online.
  9. This mod is great! Producing some excellent wheel to wheel racing.
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  10. I have a question: i have installed the database from Demys mod and modified for myself, but i want test your mod. MUST i use your database, or will it also work if i only copy your "ai" - files and decals-folder ?
  11. thanks for the question. As the full post says, the database is only to be used if you have Mr Pibb 's 2013 mod installed.

    So yes, the mod will work fine if you copy only the ai files
  12. Thanks Demy :D
    I didn't want to infringe on the title of your mod, so I called mine true to life. You could always just put a link to my mod in the description of your mod hahaha
  13. Capture.JPG

    I changed the description for ya ;)
  14. Capture.JPG

    How have you simulated the races?

    This would be the "Fail Trigger" values in the ai_choreographer file...I believe slightly increasing the test_probability and slightly decreasing the wear_escalation_point values would result in more frequent failures.

    I'll test this a bit
  15. Thank you for answer, and thank's for this mod. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  16. i cant download :( "Is denied access to the website"
  17. Anyone else having issues downloading?

    Picho the download page looks like this:

    Attached Files:

  18. No problems at my end, thanks for the mod testing it now.