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Club racing event protocol?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Troy Bjerke, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I don't want to violate any club racing "ruLZ" so... what do I do?

    I want to have a Tuesday Night - Semi Pro Race @ 6pm CST (18:00 hours or -6 GMT)
    - GT Rules = qualifying grid order, standing start, no pit stop required!
    - 10 minute practice - 10 minute qualify - 10 minute Race

    The events would be consistent... but use a variety cars, tracks & mods every week.
    Is this OK? If not just delete the thread...


    Race ON - Formula Masters (link info)
    Laguna Seca (link info)

    Race ON - Radical sr3 252 (link info)
    Brno (link info)

    GTR EVO - Mustang SE Cup (link info)
    Laguna Seca (track link)

  2. OK, definitely - Semi Pro...
    - posted after a PRO crash session!
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    We dont race semi-pro @RD :)
  4. Thanks for the reply...

    As a result of your answer...

    Please delete the entire thread & save me the embarrassment.

    I'll go back and race AI on PRO until I get fast enough to race the PRO class online.
  5. Troy the best way to improof is to race online most ppl will truly help you with setups and driving lines, with racing offline against the ai you only learn the errors the bad ai does
    trust me you will much faster improof in club races as against the ai, i know at the beginning its not allways fun but realy the best way to go
  6. ^^
    What he said :D
  7. ^^
    I agree with him agreeing.
  8. ^^
    I agree with Jamie agreeing with Ryan agreeing with Michael. :D Trust me, you don't need to be "fast enough" to race online with RD. Any skill level is welcome.
  9. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    I agree.
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    +5, online racing gives you the steepest learning curve for sure. And we dont need to save your from embarrassment as the question it self is pretty good. I am sure others are wondering the same.

    Though my first answer wasnt really complete though, we do allow driving aids in special situations when a mod asks for it (e.g. Enduracers mod for rFactor).

    But in RACE its not really needed. Easy with the right foot and you don't need any help.
  11. +6! hey this is fun! LOL

    join mor eof the Friday night "Club races" troy! we'll help you get started no probs no worries! Hell they still let me race htere after a year of twisting myself up constatntly!.............look for Sat/fri US event tags. this week we are in league race but week after is open and hopefully Yves will have us in GT SPORT machines! Gimme MORE BIG BORE!

    BRam hasn't banned me yet either! um or should I say " the STIG from Holland?"

    so you should be safe for now Troy!
  12. +7! (Just had to do it :) )

    Troy, just jump in with both feet at the club races. My lifetime experience with sim racing is less than a year. When I joined RD, I entered my first club race on Friday night. Everyone was helpful and accomodating and it made my first outing enjoyable. Now I'm hooked! You couldn't find a better group of people than here at RD. Join us on TS and ask lots of questions and you'll be on your way!
    Look forward to seeing you on track!
  13. Mmmm, what you mean for "pro" and racing events are not for "semi-pro"? I use the "pro" setting in Race 07 but I can't define myself a "pro" driver.
  14. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    It's not an indication of driver skill or pay level, it just means that the server is set to "pro" and the only driving aid allowed is the automatic clutch.
  15. Thanks for the replies guys... I have certainly felt welcome! :rolleyes:

    I've been racing games for years, but I am not "fast" in PRO class here (not even safe)!
    - Live for Speed is really my favorite SIM - but aliens & lame tracks & slow-mo dev's SUCK!

    I was just hoping to find a SEMI-PRO class where I could compete more & not crash out.
    - I did jump in w/ the PRO's & after 3 weekends - I only survived 2 races in PRO class online!

    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement! :redface:

    I wish we had better time zone compatibility to run online more often - so I proposed this:
  16. Not meant to hijack, but it sounds like a track/car night as opposed to a race night suits your purpose better. Just turning practice laps with others on teamspeak and working on lines and setups. No marshals needed.
  17. I'm with you, Troy. I don't understand the macho fascination with the so-called "Pro" settings. That is unless you consider Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna "Novices". They all raced F1 cars in the early 90's with traction control, ABS, and "stability help" (adjustable ride height) - the "so-called" Novice setting.

    I race at semi-pro, myself. It's funny, as most "pros" I encounter say that you can actually go faster at the "pro" setting, but they refuse to race anyone who doesn't use pro settings themselves - NOTICE, I SAID "MOST". They ask if a particularly good lap time was done with "pro" setting or not. Why?
    Using "pro" setting lets out alot of people who do not have a wheel and use a hand controller or even KB. "pro" is just too difficult without a wheel.

    Using "pro" is a good way to weed out alot of the "not-so-good" people. Not all of them, as the crashers and bashers still appear on servers set to "pro". But some people just do not have the time to develop the over-the-top skill necessary to race at "pro". Some, or alot, just want to have fun racing real people, as the bots are, well, robot-ish. There's alot more adrenaline running when racing real people than bots.

    Race at whatever level you feel comfortable with, and don't let anyone tell you that "pro" is the only way to race. It may be for them, but they are not you.
  18. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Pro refered only to the settings. When real racing series use TC (enduracers mod for rfactor for example) we run it like that as well but the majority of the events we organize are on Pro settings (no tc, abs, etc)

    I fully agree that everybody should drive as they like, and it's certainly not the only way to drive. But for clubs and leagues its easier to run it on pro so we dont have to repeat the same discussion everytime :)
  19. Senna and Prost? hhhmmmmm maybe because it was not "illegal' to engineer the driving aids during their tenure in F1. and frankly, those cars were absolute beasts to drive totally free from "electronic help" Driving a touring car, MINI or even a GT sport class car in this game is really not that difficult providing you do have a wheel. BUt I have a teammate who uses a wheel for steering and KEYBOARD for al lother functions and he is MONSTER QUICK............

    Conclusion, it's a skill sport like any other. Some have more skill than others............

  20. And some have $1000+ wheel and pedal combos. I have a MOMO, myself. It is nowhere near as "realistic" as a real life car. I cannot drive with the MOMO with shoes on as the pedals do not have the same feel as real life pedals; I would not drive my real life car without shoes. The MOMO brake is not progressively more difficult to push the harder you step on it, therefore, no real feel to the brakes.

    There is no feel of inertia, so it is harder to tell exactly where your level of grip is. You do not have any peripheral vision (those of us who play on one screen and not three), so it is harder to tell what is going on around you.

    The FFB of a MOMO is not as good as, say, a G25, so KB or a joystick or a hand controller will be much worse, yet people still play with those. And, again, some just do not have the time to invest in playing hour after hour after hour to hone their skills. Work, family, the house and yard, etc. all must come first.

    I am not saying those who enjoy the challenge of "pro" are wrong. More power to them. Play the game the way you want, you paid for your copy. It's yours to decide how to use it. What I don't agree with are those who say "pro" is the only way to play, and if you don't use "pro", you're somehow not as good as those who do.