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Change Team- & Drivernames & Strength of Teams

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by mrnofaces, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Hi! :)

    I new here, so sorry if the Answer is realy easy.

    I play a lot of Formula 1 Games on Console, F1 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011 & 2013.

    But F1 2016 would be the first at PC, and I want to use Mods. So I can create my own Grid.

    I want Sauber be bought by Alfa Romeo in the second Season (2017) Manor bought by Audi, and I want a few other Drivers in the Grid.
    I also try to change the Strength of the Teams. So that is McLaren a little bit more in the Situation to fight for a Podium, and Ferrari is on one Level with RBR.

    I see that is possible in aaravas 2015 Videos. But, my Question is, what for Mods he use or how he can Change the Driver and Teamnames. And how he can change the Strength of the Teams.

    I know we talk here about F1 2016, so I hope that same thing is possible in the F1 2016 Game.

    So if you told me what Mods and Things aarava use in F1 2015, I know what I have to search for F1 2016. :)

    Sorry for my bad english, im from Germany. :D
  2. I suggest you wait with this question until the game is released - while it is plausible to assume that the file structure is going to be similar to what it used to be in recent years, we can not tell for sure; also, over the past years Codemasters have significantly restricted modding possibilities, so it's fairly difficult to tell whether it will be possible to modify the game in advance.

    However, I'm fairly sure that the brilliant masterminds of F1 modding here on RaceDepartment will come up with a lot of mods eventually ;)
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  3. Hehe thank you :)

    Yea I hope it too, cause in my Mind I planed so many Cockpitswitches, new Drivers, 2 whole new Teams. :D
  4. So based on the beta does anyone know if the cars can be re-skinned properly?
  5. CW.


    To change driver / team names:
    1. Download Ryder Language Editor from ->https://sourceforge.net/projects/petars-programs/ and extract it
    2. Open Ego Language Editor.exe and go file->open and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2016\localisation
    3. Find the language you want to edit _ger for german, _eng for english and open it
    4. Then to change Saubers name to Alpha Romeo go to edit-> find and type lng_team_sau_title and replace Sauber F1 team with Alpha Romeo
    5. To Change Drivers name e.g Button to Vandoorne go to edit->find and type lng_drivers_mclaren and replace the J.Button to S.Vandoorne (or whatever driver you want). Then find lng_jenson_button and change it to Stoffel Vandoorne. Finally change lng_button to Vandoorne.
    6. Save the updated language file and overwrite the previous one but make sure you back it up.
    To change Car performance:
    The file format appears to be the same in 2016 as 2015 so follow this guide on the 2015 thread http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/f1-2015-modding-questions-thread.105067/page-14#post-2127448, what I did on 2015 was copy and paste the contents of the Mercedes into Mclarens handling file and slightly improve the mclarens tire grip

    Hope this helps
  6. CW.


    The car liveries and helmets are different this year. They are saved in a mipmaps format and I don't know how to edit it. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mipmap)
  7. Thank you! VERY nice! :) :)

    Sooo this helps me very very much! :)
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  8. Thanks CW,

    Yeah I remember seeing scaled art in F1 2012 I think it was the team garages and for the cars, for the ones you were racing against.

    Holding out hope still.
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  9. Hi CW.

    one Question, my English is not so well, so I act little bit stupid, but the Guide from the F1 2015 that you send me, is a little bit difficult to understand for me.

    I mean, the Programms that I need I understand. But the Things like

    (EEA) Select "Archive-Export All" to extract the contents (to a separate temp folder) = (temp folder)\f1_2015_vehicle_package\teams\ferrari\handling\ferrari!!!temp000.vtf

    Convert the .vtf to editable .xml = Drag & drop the ferrari!!!temp000.vtf file onto EBC (Ego BXML Converter) executable or shortcut.

    Are a little bit hard to understand, so I dont find a tempfolder in my Datas.

    Maybe some one can explain me that a little bit easier. :D
  10. Is it correct that not only do you have to change the name where you cited above, but you would have to change EVERY instance in the language file? So If I were to change Jenson Button to Richard Nixon (for my President's Cup of F1), I have to look for every instance of "Nixon" or "Richard" or "Dick" and change those, too, correct? I see there are LNG_Values with entries such as "Button's wheel has detached...."
  11. So I tried now, it work all to the Point that I have to:

    1. Replace the original .vtf file with the edited .xml file but maintaining the .vtf file's original name: ie. ferrari!!!temp000.C.xml renamed to ferrari!!!temp000.vtf
    2. (EEA) Select "Archive-Import All" to import the edited .vtf file.
    3. (EEA) Select "File-Save" to save the updated .erp file.
    4. You can re-export the edited .erp file to test if the modded files were imported correctly, etc.

    Sooooo, I import the edited File and I look if the new File was correctly, but all Datas are not correctly, they are the old ones.

    So, what can I do?

    /EDIT: Soooo finaly I got it all by my self. :) I wantet first edit all with the Windows Editor, so that was the Problem with the new vtf Data.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
  12. CW.


    No, you don't have to change every instance of it, only the one's that I mentioned in that post. The entries such as "Thats pole for Jenson Button" or "Button's wheel has detached" are for the subtitles, I've never tried changing them so It might change the subtitles if you do (That would be pretty nice for realism ngl)
    Also I love the idea of a Presidents Cup of F1 :D
  13. CW.


    Glad it worked for you :)