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Career: Tyre Wear Practice Program Impossible?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Chris, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Anyone else found the tyre wear program in practice to be extremely difficult and pretty much impossible because of the required lap time? I'm with Manor and I am doing 1:33's and I cannot get the low 1:32 that the program is requiring.

    Meanwhile my teammate Wehrlein is lapping comfortably in the .29's! Are the AI just insanely strong at Melbourne or something? Because this is crazy.

    And no, I'm not a slow driver. I'm not a super-duper alien, but I'm cocky enough to know that I'm not slow LOL!

    I'm running Legend AI btw.
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  2. Piotr


    How do you know that? Maybe there is a lot o sweat and bad language in German inside that helmet?:p
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  3. I'm doing career with Haas, Legend AI and 6 races into career I'm losing 0.5-1 second to delta time in tyre management test and qualifying pace test and later on to my teammate in Qualifying in every race weekend except Monaco where I managed to beat test delta times and teammate by 0.2-0.3 but in race for some reason their pace is like 1 second slower compared to their qualifying pace and I'm at same speed with them and if I lower the difficulty I probably could beat those tyre management and qualifying test delta times and be at same speed in Qualifying but in races I would start getting unrealistically high places.
  4. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Times I was just managing, just too bad I had to push so hard I can't keep it out of the wall for enough laps
  5. Even in the torro rosso it is sometimes impossible to keep the tyres in the moderate section to get the lap time done. To get perfect R&D out of that is near impossible..

    EDIT: Okay let me second this.. Often in real F1 practices I see the drivers make long runs on Medium/hardest compound that weekend.. So I tried to do that aswell and guess what, it made it alot easier for some reason.

    Expert AI are surprisingly slow, i ended 11th that session. Didn't make a run after the R&D again. Screenshots were taken right before the start/finish line.
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  6. kedy89


    Had no problems to go purple with Renault on Expert. Switched to Legend for R3 as I found it too easy on Expert (points finish was a piece of cake). Pretty much the same problem as you now. Did Shanghai with the hardest compound, barely managed to keep it green and get at least 30/50 R&D.

    AI difficulty settings don't seem that well balanced, difference from expert to legend was immense imo.
  7. Exactly, I finished 2nd in my first race in the Torro Rosso, okay I had some luck with a safety car and made up alot of time and due to the AI speeding during SC some had a drive through. Expert just doesnt seem so expert.. Do you think I should go to Legend? I play with a controller on PC so my ability to get good times is limited tbh
  8. kedy89


    You could try another one on expert as well to see how it goes, but I'd definitely give legend a go. Much more fun imo to be fighting for the same positions as they do in reallife. If it turns out to be too hard you can always switch back.
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  9. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Keeping the tyres in the purple was no issue for me on legend, it was the required laptime that I found impossible.
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  10. I agree with that, but its way to big differance between expert and legend in the game. Expert is way to easy, I got like 2nd in Q1 in Haas att bahrain and on legend I got 17th. I know I can improve my driving alot in this game when get used to it and all but for right now the differance between expert and legand is kind off frustrating. Its like 2-3sec differance between expert and legand... So I know that when I get used to the game legand should not be problem for me, just in a period but still find 2-3(even closer to 4sec sometimes) sec a lap to be too big differance...
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  11. Lazarou


    I always have this problem with codies F1 games, I like to have realistic results but I always feel I am in between AI settings and now with these R&D requirements it makes it even harder to select which AI to go for, at least you can change it race to race.

    It is always a balance for me between the desire to do well and beat the 'Game' and yet be realistic. Maybe they should look at a percentage type AI setting but after 6 years I don't think that is going to happen!
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  12. Yeah, definitely turned up the difficulty now.. Managed to outqualify both mercedes' red bulls and ferraris coming out on top.. Finishing the race in 1st aswell ( Hamilton like feel I got from that one ), hopefully Shanghai will be more competitive.
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  13. kedy89


    Hm, I'm about 1s off of the required time as well if I drive in a way to keep it purple. I can get the time by pushing harder, but that gets me the red wear. Guess I'm not of much help right now :laugh::whistling:
  14. I can't do this on Legend AI to... I can beat the time with hard tire wear...Green is impossible, I can only dream purple
  15. I would suggest going onto a harder set of tyres than the game recommends, this helped me a lot.
  16. I've tried that, but in the Renault I can't keep up with the projected pace and save the tires. Maybe it's the car, I think it will be easier in a better car :thumbsdown:
  17. Got to keep trying. This depends on so much factors (like setup, wheelset, difficulty, driving style). I found out that eg. at Australia I had to practically eat the curves and curbs as hard as possible to get the purple up while, now at Bahrain and with a different set up, There seems to be only like one curb I can drive over, while all the others practically destroy the tire. It s still a lot of trial and error for me tbh. But its doable (at least with saving the session ingame and stuff). Try changing the way u drive, try changing the gears u use for a curve, try changing to drive fast curves as smooth as possible: agressive wheel
  18. Is it possible to use Expert for the Practice/Quali and use Legend for Quali/race?
  19. Yes you can, you have to change the race settings while the game is loading up a session.
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  20. OK, I just completed this test on Legend, purple for all 3 tire compounds, on Monza...You need to stay on the racing line to reduce tire wear, and don't go full throttle in fast corners, that eats the tires for breakfast.