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Career Progress.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Littleblueneon, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. I just restarted My Career after the Patch and had a absolut blast, It really got me interested in the game again. So I thought it might be fun to see how every one is doing in the career and track your progress

    Season: 1 Team: Lotus Best Qualifying: 1st Best Finnish: 5th

    SAKHIR: Qualified: 24th Finished: 19th
    MELBOURNE: Qualified: 6th Finished: 17th
    KUALA LUMPUR: Qualified: 16th Finished: DNF
    SHANGHAI: Qualified: 16th Finished: 19th
    CARALUNYA: Qualified: 17th Finished: 20th
    MONTE CARLO: Qualified: 19th Finished: DNF
    ISTANBUL: Qualified: 13th Finished: 5th
    MONTREAL: Qualified: 1st Finished: 11th
    VANENCIA: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    SILVERSTONE: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    HOCKENHEIM: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    BUDAPEST: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    SPA: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    MONZA: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    MARINA BAY: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    SUZUKA: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    YEONGAM: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    SAO PAULO: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
    YAS MARINA: Qualified: NA Finished: NA
  2. James Chant

    James Chant

  3. Figures, I thought there would be a thread about this but when I searched I came up with nothing.
  4. well so far Season 1 really has not been going very well for me
  5. me either I deliberately crashed my vr on kuala shanghai and catalunya :(
  6. I do that for Monaco (despise that track) :D and sometimes Marina Bay but that depend's on mood lol.
  7. Shanghai I was up to 11th place at the first 10 laps. I then got too hard on the gas and spun around and could not getting going untill all the cars passed me. I then fought my way up to 16th when it started raining, on Options I went to fast in a corner and spun around again, once again going back to 24th. It was not nearly as frustrating as Kuala Lumpur was but it was up there.
  8. I gave up trying to race shanghai a long time ago, s2 kills me always off the pace :(
  9. lolz james... that thread is dead already.. haha..
  10. It depends ... if you are racing with minimal or no aids against Legends AI opponents using the Lotus? I would say your results are normal. It is difficult to compare your results with the results of others since there are many variables. People use so many different combinations of driver aids, different AI skill opponents, different mods and different controllers.

    My first crack at a career was using minimal aids (medium traction control was the only aid turned on), against Legends AI using the HRT and the best I did in three races was 17th in Bahrain. But this was using the default unmodified game. Since then I installed a couple of mods and re-started my career.

    Using my G-25 wheel/pedal set and the "RDD True AI" + "slow corner fix" mods, I am driving in the Toro Rosso racing 100% length races. I still have medium traction control turned on and I race against the Legends AI opponents and I practice/qualified with fuel and tire sim turned "on", but I race with the fuel sim turned "off" since it is too much of a handicap in 100% length races. I am going by memory, but here are my results for my first seven races:

    SAKHIR: Qualified: 11th Finished: 3rd
    MELBOURNE: Qualified: 12th Finished: 6th
    KUALA LUMPUR: Qualified: 10th Finished: 6th
    SHANGHAI: Qualified: 7th Finished: 21st (see note #1)
    CATALUNYA: Qualified: 12th Finished: 17th
    MONTE CARLO: Qualified: 10th Finished: 15th
    ISTANBUL: Qualified: 9th Finished: 1st (see note #2)

    Note #1 - I lead the second half of this race and victory looked like it would be mine. With 10 laps left in the race it began to rain lightly. But I did not want to stop for wets/intermediates because I felt I would give up the lead. So I took a risk and failed big time. On my 2nd to last lap I began to hydro plane and could not keep the car on the track at speed. I went from first place to last place in the last two laps. Oh the agony of defeat. LOL

    Note #2 - I did it. I scored my first win in a 100% length race against Legends AI opponents. But it was a win thanks to some rain and superior tactics. The pre-race weather report was calling for heavy rain. I made it to Q3 and used prime tires instead of options with the plan of "if the race starts dry (which it did), I will stay on the prime tires as long as I can". For the first 28 laps of the race the track was dry and I was running in 7th place (with 6th place not that far in front of me). There was no way I was going to win this race if the track stayed dry, but then the rain came and my engineer told me to switch to intermediate tires. But the forecast called for heavy rain so I went straight to full wets in order to pit only once while I think many of my AI opponents pitted twice. However it happened, it happened. A little luck with the timing of the rain and superior tactics gave me my first win.
  11. Season 2, Sauber:

    Bahrain - Pole & P1
    Australia - Pole & P1
    Malaysia - Pole & P3
    China - P4 & P1
  12. Since when can you turn fuel/tyre sim off in career?
  13. In the difficulty settings in your trailer before you launch, that's how ! lol :D
  14. Not there for me!!!!

    career question...

    At hockenheim virgin have just offer me D1 @ 6.5m

    Do I wait for a bit to look at other offers or just accept it?
  15. You have to do it before you enter the event. Once you are in your pit stall you can't change.

    Example: I qualify with fuel sim turned on, but race with it off. So once qualifying is over, I must exit to the paddock and re-enter the race in order to change the fuel setting.
  16. James Chant

    James Chant

  17. I am now only .5 seconds behind my team mate in the practice round, and it's in Turkey a track I didn't know but I like it. This is the first time I feel confident I can beat my team mate. I play on expert,AI on legend, no assists, and cockpit view.The learning curve was getting a little old but I think I'm progressing through it now.
  18. Well Turkey was a disaster. My race car turned into an under steering GT 5 car.My confidence was shattered. I qualified 24th and in the race Glock was 1 second faster which grew to 3 seconds and near the my of my crash was 30 seconds ahead.
    I don't understand ,if the track gets rubbered in throughout the weekend they why is there less grip in the race than there was in practice or qualifying.
    I'm off to Montreal next, a track that I know but haven't done in years. So far I have been out qualified every time, and Lapped every race that I haven't crashed in.
    I know I'm in a learning curve, but man is it ever annoying and frustrating and I'm beginning to get stressed out, and that makes the "game not fun to play!
  19. Maybe you find the handling different because in practice you didn't test the setup with the amount of fuel required for the race.

    You also should work out the setup in practice until you feel quite confident, you can reduce under steer increasing front wing, softening front spring, increasing front camber, (basically getting more grip in the front than in the rear) etc, etc

    Anyway is just an idea, I'm not an expert and could be totally wrong.

    good luck in Montreal ;)
  20. xelotfs makes good point's, you should keep an eye on your setup over the weekend due to grip level changes, I have 3 setup's for the sessions, at the start mid and fast. I then fall back on the mid range for the race !