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Cant decide which wheel to get :(

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by AprilSwift, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. I have already 1 very reliable wheel G25 but since i love this game so much F12011 :) i am thinking about buying

    Thrust Master T500RS Ferrari Formula One Wheel


    another Ferrari 458 Italia wheel made by Thrustmaster which will be available before xmas.

    Which one should i get?
  2. Are you locked in on TM products?

    Fanatec has really good wheels, and they announced an F1 wheel as well if that's what you are looking for.
  3. If you want a good wheel buy a Logitech G27 and put a F1 steering wheel from Zeljko Roso on it. You can see mine in action - look at the led's - in the video (F1 2010) below. Costs you in total around € 1.000, but for that money you're close to the real thing.

  4. WOW, you can get a £1000 wheel to feel like a £25,000 F1 wheel
  5. 1000€ apparently still doens't buy you the skills you need to turn off the racing line :p
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  6. I hate you...you have the coolest setup and your wearing the same jumper I own!
    Everytime I see it its gonna remind me that while im racing with mym wheel bolted to my coffee table you'r pratically in an RBR ripping it up.
    Great setup, so jealous.
  7. Omg is that like the real F1 steering wheel made by Logitech? Logitech made an F1 Ferrari wheel based on the real thing.

    Was it hard to put your wheel on the G27?

    Which wheel is better yours or this one in the video below?

    This is the wheel i want it's new and i dont have to mess with anything :)


    ust found out this wheel doesn't have led light :(
  8. I've just wanted to give information. I'm not posting here for discussing which wheel is de best. I think the best wheel is the weel you like best. Even if is made of plastic and has no ledlights.
  9. I got a G25 is that possible to add the F1 wheel with Led light to it? And if so how do i go about doing it? Does anyone have a how to convert G25 wheel to F1 wheel using Rosso wheel with led lights?

    I cant afford to spend $1000 on a full F1 thrust master wheel considering my G25 is still going strong due to the fact that i do not use FFB at all.
  10. The Roso wheel comes with an adaptor (only 6 screws to mount) for G25 and G27. Convertion takes only 2 minutes. But you will still have to pay € 630,00 for the wheel (€ 100,00 for shipment not inculded).

    This is the guy's website: http://www.zroso.com/index/
  11. Are they scammers?

    I just watched on their website how to install the wheel - they dont even talk in the video - they just played looping F1 sound over and over looked like dodgy scammers.

    I dont trust them this video looked like scammers video - no talking on how to install what so ever. He didn't even show how to put the wiring back in and his hands are always in the way.

    They even disabled their comments !!!

    Futher more i just read on how to pay "The only payment option is with bank transfer". <--- that's another sign of a scammer.

    I'll give this a miss and go for Thrustmaster F1 wheel instead.

    Looked dodgy.

    More dodgy video of them saying it was tested by F1 drivers with no sound!!! Argggg

    Thanks everyone made up my mind on the right wheel.

    If they are indeed infact genuine then I am sorry they need to get professional and post videos with real sounds not fake ones. Considering the amount of money they are charging they will need to have some already built ready to ship - not going to wait 30 days for them to build one.
  12. this probably isn't the sorta thing you have in mind but im considering getting a thrustmaster f430 to play f1 2011. just thought id make a suggestion if you want something relatively cheap and still a good wheel.
  13. The F1 wheel is what i really like but that website scares me. Just wished i could get it from a more secure shop with secure payment system like Paypal.
  14. well... if your willing to spend the money your probably better off going for the T500. at least you know your getting a good, reliable service.
  15. i second that ... it's the safest route I know i am going to get warranty and I know the wheels are coming with full backup on website.

    I will have to get it on ebay just to be sure :)
  16. @ Aprilswift

    First of all: There is no connection between me and Zeljko Roso, his webite or his steering wheel activities. I only bought his F1 steering wheel last year. Zelkjo Roso steering wheels are handmade by just one man, Roso himself. He's selling about 20 wheels a mounth, because that's the max. he can make by himself afther working time and in his free weekends.

    You don't condemn somebody by just looking to his posted video's, my friend. The least you can do is reply with some excuses. I'm thinking about reporting your statements to the man himself. He won't be happy, you are destroying his credibility.
  17. I agree with april his videos do look dodgy when he disables comments.

    Rennebog you can report me too.
  18. He also dubbed all 3 videos that supposedly had something to do with his wheel....

    Selling a wheel for that price and he wont even utter a sound with his voice in any of his video?

    If i was selling a product and i had world famous F1 drivers using the product heck i would put their voice in full volume backing my product... but no not this guy he dubbed all the videos with looping F1 sounds and then disables the video comments.
  19. @ Renneboog you can report them/us all you want. if he is willing to post unprofessional videos and make false claims about his product (im guessing by the quality of his videos that all f1 drivers probably haven't even heard of him or his wheel) then he should expect to have these accusations. if the man wants to make money then he should get his act together.
  20. I was thinking about it... It's his problem, not mine. :)