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Can someone help for Monaco GP?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Onur Guven Kuzucu, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Hello guys. I have a career with Virgin and whatever I do, couldn't make a good race result. Here is my savegame. There are 2 different setups inside for Monaco. Can someone do a race and finish in top 3 with my savegame? Thanks.

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  2. Uh, Monaco its a difficult one. With a Virgin in Legend Mode its very hard to do a good qualification. Try to play only that race in easy mode. That track its beautifull (if you quali 1º)!!
  3. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    I think you should learn the track, and do it yourself. If you don't, you will have this problem in every championship season. It is a frustrating track if you dont know it well, but practice makes perfect.

    Getting someone else to do it for you is like getting someone else to do your homework for you when you are at school. When you need to know what your supposed to be doing, you will get caught out eventually.

    I encourage you to keep trying, don't give up, it will be more rewarding.

    Also, realistically, a Virgin in a podium position?

    You should have a read of this thread... http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-20...eason-lotus-max-difficulty-disappointing.html
  4. Even if easy mode I always get 23rd or 24th position. That's my real problem actually.

    You are right actually but Monaco is so different, I always crash somewhere on the track. I tried many times and learnt track very well but I can do 1.24 with setups. This time is really bad. I couldn't improve myself and I asked for help because of this situation. When I play the next season I think I will be in a stronger team and can do better.
  5. try 9-8 wings short gears cruise(engine) and medium brake (48-52) gg and gl :]
  6. I used to be a master on all previous versions of the virtual Monaco tracks! But this one will take a lot of practice!! Unlike other versions, this track will throw the car all over the place! You need to learn every single undulation and all the bumps to get it right. It's a huge learning curve. I tend be inpatient because I've always done so well in other versions of this track, but I'm trying to be patient. It will take a lot of hours!
  7. Thanks my setup looks like yours and my lap times are 0.2-0.3 seconds faster now.

    Like you said mate this one is of the hardest tracks. Even if you learn every single undulation and all the bumps, crashing is so easy. I try to make better laps but I don't think can do better.
  8. Haha its like buying a game for yourself and have ya mates come round and play it for ya?

    Whats the point of getting a game if ya not gonna stick at it....Practice, How do ya think they do it in real life?
    A pro driver dont get someone else to race for him and set best lap times and qualis and podiums......Whats the point in that?
  9. Very funny ha? :) You are right at all but I was playing Monaco for a week, I couldn't improve myself and I'm looking for help because I'm tired of playing Monaco GP :)
  10. you have to remember the track and focus on being consistent and you will see every lap will keep getting better and better it takes time be patient
  11. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    If you are really that tired of it and struggling too much, then skip the weekend! Treat it as a DNF, you still have a fair bit of the season left to pick up points
  12. try to view a video of Monaco.. maybe you can figure out where you are going wrong.. and maybe make up sometime..
  13. I'll try to get better after every lap. Thanks.

    Today I'll try for the last time, if I can't improve myself, I'll do exactly what you said. Thanks for your interest.
    I watched Kubica with onboard camera and I think I can go much closer to the walls. Thanks.
  14. Honestly, Monaco is an awkward one. To be quick around this place consistantly without making mistakes takes A LOT of practice. Theres no simple fix, just run long practice sessions to learn the track inside and out.

    Bit of guidance that i find helps.

    I always run maximum front wing and 1 down from maximum on the rear. Downforce is everything around Monaco and makes the car less twitchy. If running no assist set the throttle mapping to Cruise like already stated. Heading into Massenet (at the top of the hill, turn 3 on teh map) try using no brakes and just down change 2 gears, you also wont need to brake for Casino square corner (the next corner, turn 4 on the map) As a general rule i always short shift and use low revs around the technical parts ie from the hairpin through to the corner before the tunnel. Skip a gear when you exit the hairpin ie.. from 1st to 3rd, its helps with stability through the next right handers.

  15. yeah this track is really tricky i personally hate it i was so sick of it at one stage that i just wrote my car off and retired lol but practice makes perfect
  16. I tried but always crashed somewhere on track, I hit walls usually and at the end I gave up. Thanks for your suggestions.
    I hate it too and today I gave it up like DNF. Started to Istanbul Park, got to pole position, won the race. Monaco is not proper for me.

    Thanks to everyone for helping me. I like here.
  17. monaco was a pain for me too..
    onur i suggest you try playing this track on TT.. as you gotta learn it anyway..
  18. Close tight street courses are always tough and Monaco is probably the worst. i actually enjoy street courses. Like everyone has said it just takes a lot of practice on that track to see where you can pick up time. Try running the time trial or go to the Grand Prix section and set up Monaco for all the races. That way when one finishes you can run another one. My time have improved from a high 19's to where I am now in the mid 16's. Not the quickest but I am happy with the improvement.
  19. I managed to play monaco only during the Wet..
    during career it was wet, and even when the TT competition was on.. it was on Wet condition.. i think i had got a 1.18 or something.. pretty tough track to drive on ..
  20. I must say i done loads of laps around monaco when competing in the TT competition on this forum. It was done in the wet and i had endless amounts of laps right on the limit so learnt the track that way. Now because of that in races online i can tone it down a notch and lap at 95% of the cars limit and be consistant on long runs.