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Budget Concept Car - Rauss Iota-B

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Harey, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. I guess technically a day late, but I had to work today, so really I had no time to do some final checks, but now its done. I give you the Rauss Iota - B. the car has a 1.6l turbo 4 cylinder, mated to a 5 speed manual transaxle driving the front wheels. You can have either a choice of hubcaps or wheels on the car. Some parts of the car were kind of rushed if I'm honest, like the fact that it doesn't actually have an interior, I had to goto work so much, I just didn't have time to get to the interior. The car also only has CG Shaders (sorry to those who don't run CG shaders) I understand CG shaders a lot better then I ever did the old shader system.



    http://www.filefront.com/16629271/Non_CG_shaders.rar (Download this only if you don't run CG Shaders)
    (and anyone that wants to include mirrors can if they would like)
  2. Looks very nice. Too bad about the CG.. I could de-cg'ify it.. but then again.. I don't have time, must.. finnish... track.. in.. tiiimme... :p
  3. I must say, I like the design. It is actually a pretty good looking car. Way too long wheelbase for good handling though.
  4. the rear bumper looks strange.. too high! btw, i dont use cg, i will wait for somebody works on it.,
  5. Yeah the rear wheels position is the only real mistake i made on the car (I had layed out most of the car when I realized it was too short for the competition). Anyways for those without CG Shaders I quickly whipped up a non_CG shader, it has some small bugs, so improvements could be made, check the first post for the link.
  6. Cool! Thnx! I'll test it soon, and I can mirror both on Alge, already made a section for Concept Cars :)


    Non-CG worked fine, and it looks good in hood view. Sounds are funny, but Ok. Nice job.

    Mirror in place here: http://alge.anart.no/projects/racer/ - look under "Concept".
    If anyone else wants their car (concept only) mirrored on Alge, please let me know.