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Cameras Bonnet cams for 7 teams (removed G Force) 1.1

bonnet cams for 7 Teams

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  1. Reall interesting, good work, but, do you think you will be made cam for other teams?
  2. yes,i'll upload them in the next few days,and also make a little improvement on these 6 teams
  3. could you do a 2nd cam:
    the same cam but without pod? i mean without drs and kers?
    if not, can you tell me how i can see which file is which cam, so i can use your bonnet cam plus swapping another cam with a cam without pod.

    would be pretty cool!

    great job
  4. sry,i understand "the same cam but without pod", but what does “without drs and kers” mean?
  5. sry my english is very bad :(.i just wanted to explain in another sentence what i mean with "without pod".
    screenshot added!

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  6. no changes and no updates anymore?
  7. the mod is really great please get it done!
    and if you can dont cancel the G- force..
  8. Hi, This cam mod is already with no g-force
  9. Sorry i meant this cam, i forgot to add the link.......
    can you make it? THANKS
  10. it's very easy, you mean you want a head-cam mod without g-force right? and you want me to do that with CM original head-cams or based on the head-cams above? If your option is the second, could you add the link of that camera mod?
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  12. y
    Yes it is..........thanks please do it for all cars and remove the geforce in all camera modes
  13. done!

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  14. THANKS