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Bonnet cams for 7 teams (removed G Force) 1.1

bonnet cams for 7 Teams

  1. msc9456-f1
    i made some improvements on the bonnet cam,so that u can see the wheel and drives' hands
    besides i also removed the strange G Force

    if u don't like it, plz use the original folder


    1. f1_2013 2014-03-16 18-28-45-91.jpg
    2. f1_2013 2014-03-16 18-57-20-85.jpg
    3. f1_2013 2014-03-16 19-00-12-87.jpg
    4. f1_2013 2014-03-16 19-08-39-28.jpg
    5. f1_2013 2014-03-16 21-31-09-39.jpg
    6. f1_2013 2014-03-16 18-40-39-02.jpg
    7. f1_2013 2014-03-23 16-41-17-132.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. tirello
    Version: 1.1
    Works also in split screen mode? Nice work !