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Skins Blue Renault (2016 sponsors + Mild Seven) 1.2

One of my first mods!

  1. nicorz_F1 submitted a new resource:

    Blue Renault (2016 sponsors + Mild Seven) - One of my first mods!

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  2. Im blind or is no Pictures here? :)
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  3. Someboday who use the can upload some pic pls
  4. airutonpurosuto8912


    Pictures please
  5. Yes, I'm going to update the mod with images today.
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  6. Can someone send me the backup of the Renault car please I forgot to make a backup
  7. realitychecked


    No, that's up to you. Uploading the game's original files is sort of illegal.
  8. I think it is bugged, so I am going to see if I can fix it and if not, I'm going to delete 1.1b update
  9. It
    Its not the 1.1 update though the same happens on both the versions of your mod :(
  10. Ok thanks anyways :D
  11. Delete the file you installed and verify the game cache on steam. It should reinstall the missing files. That should get rid of all other mods installed so make a backup of them so you don't have to redownload anything else.
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  12. Did you installed in the correct site?
  13. Thank You So Much!!!!!!
  14. It Works now fine?
  15. What do you mean by 'Did you installed in the correct site?'
  16. Author asked "Did you installed in the correct site?"

    Yes I double checked the placement of the files. Unless you have a special way this needs installing ?
  17. I figured out a way to re install the game files that im missing thanks to
    mysterion157 no luck on finding a waay to fix the mod yet..... Sorry :)