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WIP Black Sand Quarry

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. a Wip Shot of a track im gonna try and work on and turn into something decent over time once i get some help with it and or learn what i need to do to get it working

    hosting images
  2. Has some good possibilities, keep at it.
  3. i could really use ALOT of help figureing it out im having issues getting it to texture and show up in zmod im kinda outta my depth
  4. There are some good tutorials for Z-Mod, use Google to find them and have at it.
  5. I know it sounds silly but what will really be valuable is creating an ideas board and sketch out some images of track layouts etc.
    Ie google image for the looks you like, find corners you like on roads/circuits.

    Working out ideas and the feel/look is 100x more intuitive and speedy than making decisions on design in actual 3D!

    That way we can also see your ideas and help you work out good ways to achieve those looks etc.

    Also think about heights, a good top down layout is important but the hills are too :)
    That's where building up a library of corners etc you like makes life easier too.

    Also worth making the track surface early on too to get it perfect before you start building your terrain up to the edges, as it's costly to adjust it all later :D

    I'm not really a zmodeller user but in theory it should make a good track fine, it might just take a bit longer than other tools.

    Blender might be worth learning too, I really need to get into it as its getting really very powerful these days!


  6. thanksa bunch for your input dave imlooking to not actually have a road it where but actually drive on the track surface its selfno roads / paths
  7. Is it gonna be kinda like that course Richard Hammond drives a Bowler Wildcat on in Top Gear?

    Whatever happens if you have good reference materials you will probably work faster, so just get loads of pics of what you have in your head and then we can probably help with ideas/textures/layouts, the best shaders to use maybe etc etc :D

    Good luck!

  8. Nice smoothing. Terragen did not have that feature.

    €dit: It does not support any common export formats (other than .obj).