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Released Badlands Revisited MOD

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by luthobu, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Badlands Revisited MOD - FINAL



    Original now included in archive (both applied and archived)
    Also works for no-cg, but you miss out on all the good stuff..

    Screenshots: http://alge.anart.no/projects/racer/gallery/index.php?q=badlands/CG/1

    Download: http://www.alge.no/racer/releases//Badlands_Revisited.7z

    LINKS UPDATED: FINAL 090 VERSION (19.08.2012)
    Badlands Revisited MOD is (C) Luke Th. Bullock (2009-2010)
    The original Badlands is (C) Scott Rasmussen (2002(?))

    * BUGS:
    There appears to be a "graveltrap" on the first bridge.
    If you come in to fast you sink and get stuck in the
    wall/track. Is also in the original track, so I cannot
    change it without violating copyright issues. Sorry.
  2. Could we please get some screenshots of your changes(if visual) or a list of what you did to it?
  3. Neat. I will have to try it next time I have my G25 out. :)
    btw, Mashup City seriously needs to be released sometime. You simply must get perms for whatever needs it!

    Also, has that Pontiac 'Bird been released?
  4. Luthobu:
    That gravel trap is probably due to a surface in close proximity to the bridge surface. I noted that problem in my track tutorial but can't remember which section it's in as the tutorial has a bridge that will have that if not made right.
  5. No! It was converted by me and I've already sent an e-mail to the author, but he hasn't replyed yet... :(
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Whose is it? I have a few contacts and may be able to help with permission. (emphasis on "may" ;))
  7. I downloaded it from here, and sent an e-mail to the adress that's on contacts.


    EDIT: I found on read-me another e-mail, I'll try that one too! ;)

    Thanks Scott!
  8. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Hmm, I don't think I will be able to help. I've seen some GTA models that look practically exactly like those, by another author who I know quite well, but I was mistaken :/
  9. Sorry to break in on your off-topic thread guys ;) - but - 46 downloads and no comments? Is it really that bad? I admit that I am biased when it comes to my own work.. but there must be something to comment on? Anyone? This is an RC.. a Release Candidate.. it requires and demands comments ;)

    EDIT: There is a real problem with lighting. I did some tests and it seems as if the originals have vertex lighting, the additions do not. This causes the time settings to fail on the originals while not on the additions. Setting the time to f.ex. 2100 makes the track look terrible. I don't remember how to fix this, and I cannot manipulate the originals. Might try adding vertex lighting to the additions to see if that helps..
  10. Holy moly, I thought it was gonna look like the Small City remake (not that it wasn't amazing) judging from the early screens, but it looks pretty damn good.
  11. @Zhenshia: heh.. thanks. It's nothing like Small City.. but I guess my "style" is pretty obvious.. and recognizable. I'll upload some new images soon so they reflect the current version correctly.
  12. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Hehe sorry about that Luke. I promise I'll give you feedback when I have my PC build completed as this one is pure ****e!
  13. Mashup City will most likely never be released, it is, as the name states, a mashup (because it would have taken too long to make all the models myself). But, the good news is, I am making a similar track called Gizmo's Trail since alot of the stuff in Mashup is from Gizmo - and his models make it easy to "port" Mashup to a valid version. It is going slow.. it is huge, and the modelling takes time, even the layout planning, which is a bit stuck at the moment (that's why I decided to finnish Badlands first). I do however share Mashup with friends provided that they keep it private and not make it publically available.. so.. who knows what a PM can bring about.. ;)
  14. Progress hits the badlands, Low town building height limit deters hungry developers

    Well here's one for your brownie point then.

    I've been a bit busy with real world stuff but it's about time I added my 2 cents again.
    yes sure it's a little on the twilight side but I think it's ok as it is, might look even better with a full moon I guess what a nice upgrade this changes Badlands from bleek to entertaining and the subtle scenery additions are really in keeping with the tracks name "BADLANDS" and rustic ground texture, it's also nice to see some reed growth splashed around to drive through as we get it all wrong on the hazardous corners. the building are uniquely designed to fit with the track's outback design. 99/100. just what this track needed to make it more of a pleasure to drive :tongue:

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  15. Just checked it out. I think it is a nice update.
  16. @mdbobbo: Glad you are enjoying it! That is why we enjoy making them. A very pleasant and detailed review, and I am sure it will inspire others to download the track. Thanks a lot! :) - about lighting, there are, as you can see from the thread, still some issues with lighting that must be resolved.

    @Oelmuvun: Thank you too :)
  17. No need to fix this. It's cool.

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  18. Love it

    Great track. just been for a spin in the AM. This will become one of my favourites...not too hungry on the vid card either. Glad I didn't hit one of those massive oil drums though.

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  19. Strange.. I have no idea how to reproduce that.. how did you do it?


    @glyn: I have downsized them, they really were huge ;)

    Another thing, I was thinking of adding a setting sun, kind of reddish.. there really is no sun there at the moment, just light and dust. Other than that I won't anything new I think, it's nice with all the open space and you can always drive up in the hills.. some fine challenges there..

    And sort of off-topic, I was looking at some images the other day. If you like Badlands you might like these images: http://vanishingsouthgeorgia.wordpress.com/ - they are - imho - absolutely amazing..