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Featured Automobilista: V1.1 and Brit Pack Released

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Reiza Studios have (finally) released the latest update to Automobilista, bringing with it several enhancements to the simulation and the first ever paid DLC package in the form of the 'Brit Pack', featuring three new British circuits and eight new UK themed vehicles.

    Initially planned for release towards the end of September, after some delays with the Steam DLC launch the Brit Pack is finally available to purchase, and contains a selection of rather epic British cars and circuits created in "close collaboration with the manufacturers and input from several of their respective real world drivers". As with most content found in Automobilista, the new cars and circuits benefit from the exceptional attention to detail, and, for the first time in Automobilista's history, laserscan data has been used to aid in the creation of Brands Hatch and Oulton Park.

    Alongside the new DLC package, Reiza have also updated the base Automobilista simulation, bringing the title up to version 1.1 and adding several fixes and enhancements to the game.

    1.10 Changelog
    • Added DLC system for purchase & ownership verification
    • Added Radio Spotter feature
    • Improved vehicled shaders & applied to all older cars along with skin adjustments
    • Added left / right driver seat configuration option to Ultimas and Caterhams; Caterham 270 & 360R now also have option to remove roll cage
    • Adjusted rear wing efficiency on Montana, StockV8, Boxer Cup, Superkart, Ultima GTR
    • Adjusted tires on F-V12, Montana, StockV8, Boxer Cup, Ultima GTR
    • Adjusted AI Torque Stab in all cars to reduce their excessive stability when in contact with player car
    • Added Vehicle Configuration menu to Vehicle Showroom
    • DynHUD: Improved Delta widget functionality in Time Trial mode
    • Updated vehicle shaders
    • Added new batch of community drivers
    • F-Vee: Main LOD optimization for better performance / lower memory load
    • Metalmoro: Main LOD optimization for better performance / lower memory load
    • Boxer Cup: Adjusted mirror position
    • SuperV8: Added configuration option for cockpit type

    Brit Pack DLC Contents
    • Brands Hatch (2 layouts)
    • Cadwell Park
    • Oulton Park (4 layouts)
    • Ultima GTR (road & race version)
    • F-Trainer (Novice & Advanced versions)
    • MCR Sports 2000
    • Caterhams - 270 (Academy series), 360R (Superlight Series), and the mighty 620R.

    Automobilista is available for PC right now. The Brit Pack DLC is available to purchase on Steam for £14.99 or is free for beta backers and those with the Reiza Membership package. Steam are currently offering a 10% reduction in price until October 28th.

    Automobilista Brit Pack DLC.jpg Automobilista Brit Pack 2.jpg Automobilista Brit Pack 3.jpg Automobilista Brit Pack 6.jpg Automobilista Brit Pack DLC 2.jpg Automobilista Brit Pack 4.jpg Automobilista Brit Pack 1.jpg

    The Automobilista sub forum here at RaceDepartment is THE place to check out the latest news, engage in the hottest discussions, download the latest mods and join in the best Club and League racing events for the sim. Head over and join in the fun today!

    Looking forward to the Brit Pack DLC for Automobilista? Which piece of content are you most interested to try? How are you finding the sim since it hit version 1? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Downloading on Steam while posting.
  3. kamackeris


    Bloody awesome it is too
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  4. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    Where are the achievements?
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  5. William Wester

    William Wester

    Achievements? "Sim" racing game...what are achievements? ;)
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  6. I do not know why, but I love this simulator ...
    Perhaps the dynamic that provides a deep soaking and leaves me stuck to the car.
    Good job!
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  7. Sweet! are there templates available for the Brit pack cars?
  8. Maybe you feel (I sure You know ;)) - Developers with Love for Sim Racing, Realism, Efforts to be the best e.t.c. For me, in AMS Contains almost everything, that I love in SimRacing. is banal, but I can't waiting for release "REIZA 2017" my last hope in SimRacing.

    SRY for my bad English.
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  9. Good stuff. I didn't try the new stuff in the beta (didn't even install the beta tbh). Had a go in each car in each track, great fun. I don't think the audio is correct for the Caterhans, though.. Great stuff anyway...
  10. I play this using 3DVision. Absolutely love it. Caterhams are always great fun. Brands hatch and Oulton Park look and play great. I'll keep supporting this title as they kept giving so much back for free after my initial GSC purchase.
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  11. I've driven Cadwell before but, this is a blast with the F-trainer and passing can be challenging on the narrow track.:)
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  12. Yep I play in 3d vision 2 also on a 27 inch screen, can't go back to 2d nor 2d triples.
    The cat 360r at Bathurst at 6pm are great fun, and oulton classic.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2016
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  13. The problem now is to choose a car... Every single one feels fun but with a diferent challenge, honestly can't say witch one I prefer!! Last night did a online "track day" in Oulton Park, driving a 620r, but with all this different cars on the track, that was real fun, driving through
    traffic, managing the faster and slower cars, pricelles, can't wait to do that again! For me there is something in automobilista, that the only correct way to enjoy it, is like thinking you are in a real car.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2016
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  14. Rodent


    Mentioned to be delayed again, but on their way.
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  15. Slyfrequency


    Absolutely fantastic dlc, well worth the money, so much attention to detail, and the Caterham's are hella fun!
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  16. I also want to thank Reiza for having a great fun with new DLC. And aggre that every car is great. For me Ultima GTR Race on Oulton is great combination. Can't wait Imola. Thanks.
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  17. Question for dev. Now I can remove beta version or it will have always future content first?
  18. kamackeris


    Pretty sure they are pushing updates through the beta first still so keep
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  19. Hi all, does someone has noticed that for the new DLC tracks the AIW files are missing ? I've just wrote to Renato on Reiza Forum to ask why; it'll be a pity we can't modify some parameters on them (AI Range - RaceQualRatio) as for all the other tracks.........

  20. Thanks.

    All in all, i am so impressed of how AMS drives that my so far preferred sim (AC), feels dull , sterilized , boring.
    Guys, i think i am in love :inlove::inlove::inlove:
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