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Featured Automobilista New Content Revealed

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Paul Jeffrey, Mar 23, 2016.

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Automobilista Membership Packages.jpg
    Brazilian development team Reiza Studios have announced a new membership scheme and details of upcoming DLC content for new PC racing title Automobilista.

    The natural successor to fan favourite Stock Car Extreme, Automobilista achieved Steam Early Access release to much community praise back in February and has already made a positive impression with many improvements over its earlier incarnations under the SCE title.

    Featuring improved graphics and enhanced force feedback effects with a whole host of new content and many under the hood enhancements courtesy of the fully licensed ISI developed gmotor engine, Automobilista Early Access is aimed to be the first step towards Reiza breaking through to the next level of sim racing for the studio.

    Following a successful indiegogo crowdfunding campaign Reiza released a detailed roadmap of content and game enhancements users of the title could expect throughout 2016. With a high majority of these items delivered already or are well on the way to hitting the game, Reiza have now announced that due to community demand they are opening up the opportunity to buy into a Reiza Membership package and gain access to both retail and beta version of AMS, access to backers only Reiza 51 development forum and access to all upcoming DLC packages with a potential of 40-50% saving on the full retail price of the DLC.

    Members of any level who backed the Indiegogo campaign will automatically get the Reiza Membership All Inclusive package at no additional cost (access to Reiza 51 & AMS Beta along with all upcoming AMS DLC releases).

    Ranging from US$ 2.99 to US$ 4.99 and aiming to contain either a completely new series or venue for the game, Reiza plan to bring between 10-12 DLC items released over the remainder of 2016 at the rate of approximately 1 DLC pack per month.

    Renato Simioni of Reiza Studios had the following to say following the official announcement on the Reiza Studios Forum:

    "We do have intention to do a couple more items beyond what´s listed as the announcement suggests, but obviously this list along with what had already been announced in the roadmap already gives us plenty of work for the whole year (and the goal is very much to wrap and deliver everything during 2016).

    To some extent it will depend on what people want and how much they want it - again as the announcement says, in this regard the more people buy into the membership packages, the more they can show us there is demand for extra content, the more they can participate into deciding which type of content it should be, and the faster we can deliver it."

    With an impressive line up of proposed new content, some items still to be implemented into the title from the original Indiegogo campaign and a strong base already making up AMS this new DLC and Membership announcement yet again pushes the very small Brazilian team closer still to producing a classic sim racing title for virtual racers across the world to enjoy.

    Details of the 2 new membership packages can be found below:

    Reiza Membership ALL INCLUSIVE Package.png
    Reiza Membership ALL INCLUSIVE Upgrade Package.png

    While not all deals have been fully closed, Reiza are in "advanced negotiations" to deliver the following DLC packs:
    • Imola/ITALY (historical & modern variants)
    • Oulton Park/UK
    • Cadwell Park/UK
    • Brands Hatch/UK
    • Hockenheim/GERMANY (historical & modern variants)
    • Hillclimb rally stage (Pikes Peak based) /US
    • Ultima GTR
    • Truck Racing - based on contents from Formula Truck 2013 (free for those who F-Truck 2013)
    • Aussie Racing Car
    • Divisão 3 (Historical Brazilian touring car series)
    • Group B Rally car
    As mentioned by Renato Simioni more DLC content could be included as we go through the year and the success of the Reiza Membership scheme could influence additional content and faster release of proposed items to all who have bought in to the title.

    Reiza Membership packs can be purchased here (all prices subject to change without notice).

    Don't forget to check out Reiza Studios forum right here on RaceDepartment for all the latest news / discussions / mods and of course our superb Racing Club with the largest online grids in the community.

    Will you be upgrading to one of the Reiza Membership packages when available? If you are eligible for the free DLC what are you looking forward to most? If you don't plan on becoming a member, will you be picking up some DLC along the way? What do you think of this new strategy by Reiza for AMS going forwards? So many questions! Discuss in the comments section below!
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  2. Dang, Motorsport Vision properties are making so much video game bank right now.

    I like the extras. I'm sure premium DLC will be a bug up a backside for some people as it usually is, but I like that there's still plenty of game in AMS even without it.
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  3. Sorry if I sound stupid but a few questions; Is this basically the equivalent of a "season pass" for the upcoming DLCs? And will it be offered through Steam or just on the website? And what is "Reiza 51 beta"?
  4. This is a hard one, as much as i want to give them money for the quality content i just cant, i enjoy their games but i enjoy something more, thats modding and until they get their act together in terms of modding ill have to stick to another platform.

    This does seem like an interesting thing though, i like what i see but sadly its a no from me.

    there is the side note that i hate season passes because i dont like taking risks, this is like kickstarting something, it may end well or badly, not risking it.
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  5. Waiting to see the price in Brazil but probably going to buy it
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  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Basically if you backed Reiza during the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign you were able to view a forum called Reiza 51. This was for backers only, and had all the latest news and previews as well as voting rights to new content etc. It was (and still is) a nice perk for those who contributed. With regards to DLC, again backers will get that free as part of their financial pledge and also get access to the beta, which usually contains features / content earlier than the "public" release.

    The membership is basically allowing you to buy into this program now, get all the DLC (for 40-50% cheaper than if you bought individually) etc.

    So I personal think its worth it :)
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  7. As many pieces of DLC as there are people currently playing the game online! Outstanding!

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  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Sorry, what do you mean? Modding is perfectly fine in AMS as far as I know?
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  9. i could very well be wrong but i read some things about mods not being supported as well as they were for GSCE. I didnt bother looking into it at the time because ive been rather sick for a while, check ill check it out myself instead of relying on people on the internet. could have sworn a reputable person said it, oh well
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  10. ouvert

    Premium Member

    Whats up with modding? ..mods are not gonna be officially supported but it is essentially the same as in rF, SCE.. What exactly do you expect them to do?
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  11. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    IMHO I don't think its really a season pass, its more an opportunity to get access to the beta phase if you missed out on the crowdfunding and it gives a substantial discount on the DLC against paying individually when they get released...

    Saying that I can understand your reluctance and obviously that's fair enough. Reiza's track record is good though and I'm sure it will be outstanding new content once it comes...;)
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  12. We all know if you want to race online at any time either go iRacing, AC or P Cars. These are the only choices, go there and save us from unecessary post alerts....

    Reiza can't give support to mods (means modding tools) because of their deal with ISI, that does not stop people from modding it tho. But I think this is more related to their next sim than AMS
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  13. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Ahh ok cool. Not heard that one myself but that doesn't mean much :D
  14. i think the biggest thing on my mind is just waiting for that reiza 2017 thing, they make it sound like its gonna be big and fancy. I think ill wait for that
  15. hummm not sure why you say that, if you know how to mod for rfactor or game stock car, ams is perfectly modable and totally open for it, only not officially supported anymore, some mods are already being updated from gsc to ams and looking and feeling amazingly better in ams too! ;-)
    dont know how this would hold you back.
    not getting ams youre loosing lots of great sim content not found anywhere else too.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2016
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  16. Gerbuho

    Premium Member

    I had to change my vote. I voted No, but then (one minute later) I found myself actually buying it.:whistling:
    Gosh, I'm so addicted to sim racing. :notworthy:
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  17. It's okay, I gotchu fam.

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  18. That only proves what I said :)
  19. What's the difference between AMS base game (w/c I have) and AMS beta?
  20. ionONE1

    Premium Member

    Can i join a server that uses a dlc without owning the content? (like pcar)
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