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Featured Assetto Corsa Porsche Pack Volume 1 - 918 Spyder Video

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Assetto Corsa Porsche 918 Spyder.png
    Kunos Simulazioni have released a short 1 minute 40 second trailer of the upcoming Porsche 918 Spyder, due to form part of the Porsche Volume One DLC for Assetto Corsa.

    In just five short days Porsche will make its return to the world of sim racing in Assetto Corsa following a 12 year absence, as the Italian development team look to release their opening DLC offering containing the famous German manufacturer. With seven cars due to be released as part of the Volume One DLC, and a further 17 vehicles from Stuttgart to follow, those five days can't come soon enough for many.

    In order to ease the wait, Kunos have released a delightful trailer for the 918 Spyder, showing off the beautiful (in some people's eyes anyway) machine as it tears round Assetto Corsa's laserscanned Nordschleife, a circuit that the real life 918 lapped in under seven minutes, impressive by anyone's standards.

    The full release statement and video can be seen below. Porsche DLC Volume One will contain the following vehicles: 911 Carrera S, 935 Moby Dick, 918 Spyder, Cayman GT4 Clubsport, 718 Cayman S, 917/30 and the 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 from 1974.

    The Porsche Panamera G2 and a 1960's version of the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit will be added t to Assetto Corsa as free content in conjunction with the upcoming update to the game, expected to be release at a similar time as the Porsche Volume One DLC.

    "After more than 12 years away from the hardcore sim-racing world, the Porsche Brand is coming to Assetto Corsa, as part of three DLC packages. The first of these packs, the Porsche Pack Volume 1, introduces some of the most iconic Porsche cars ever created, coupled with some of the most recent models of the Porsche 2016 line-up, with the aim to offer a perfect mix between road cars, hypercars, as well as modern and historic GT and racing models.

    Let us introduce you to the 9...18 Spyder, which embodies the essence of the Porsche idea: it combines pedigree motor racing technology with excellent everyday utility, and maximum performance with minimum consumption.

    The main source of propulsion is the 4.6-litre, eight cylinder engine that produces 608 hp (447 kW) of power. The engine is derived directly from the power unit of the successful RS Spyder, which explains why it can deliver engine speeds of up to 9,150 rpm. Because of its parallel hybrid configuration, the 918 Spyder can be powered at the rear axle either individually by the combustion engine or electric motors or via both drives jointly, thus giving it a total power of 887 hp (652 kW). The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is performed within 2.6 seconds, and the top speed is reached at 345 km/h.

    The 918 Spyder has conquered the 20.6-kilometre lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife in less than seven minutes. Achieving a time of exactly six minutes and 57 seconds, the super sportscar shaved an incredible 14 seconds off the previous record."

    Porsche 918 Spyder

    Assetto Corsa is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC right now. The Porsche Pack Volume 1, containing 7 Porsche vehicles is scheduled for release on October 25th for PC, then in November on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

    Check out the Assetto Corsa sub forum here at RaceDepartment for the latest news and discussions regarding the sim. Check out our many downloads, pick from a range of custom setups and come join in the fun in one of our spectacular racing club and league events!

    Do you like the look of the Porsche 918 Spyder? Looking forward to Volume 1? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    The 918 looks great, but I really wanna get my hands on that Moby Dick (Thank you, I'm here all night) :D
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  3. Here is a post by Aris about the 918:
    Probably the most technologically packed car inside Assetto Corsa. The Porsche 918 spyder has it all. Active aero, brake steering, active differential at the rear, hybrid ERS system with different modes. 2 (two!) electric engines, completely independent front and rear, active antiroll bars (!), active rear wheel steering (!!), active All Wheel Drive with electric motor at the front and active torque vectoring...

    All of that stuff has to comunicate with each other and try to be as transparent to the driver as possible. Not an easy task. Does it succeed? Not sure, you'll be the final judge. But it does succeed on being an amazing driving experience, a totally different level from everything else.

    When you have 900hp, even on hypercar class sticky street tyres, traction is your main issue. While all the other hypercars struggle to find traction on anything less than slicks, the 918 simply digs into the asphalt and manages amazing exit speeds with the pedal to the metal. I wouldn't call it an easy car to push close to the limits. Very stable, amazing traction, especially with the street tyres. It might seem a bit heavy, not easy to stop or even a bit understeery on occasion. But trust it, be smooth but decisive, don't be aggressive mid corner, let it "take a set" and then push through the exit, and you'll be rewarded with some unbelievable laptimes and brand new sensation of traction and acceleration.
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  4. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Yeah yeah Kunos....we know you are about to release a Porsche DLC:rolleyes:
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  5. The clubsport looks about my size and taste. :D
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  6. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    Kunos, be a good boy and DELIVER THAT CLUBSPORT GT4 TO PUHPPA. ME NEEDS THIS CAR #toomuchloveforthegt4
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  7. The 918 is certainly the best looking of the 3 SooperDooperCars, IMO. Especially in that tasteful(boring :p ) Porsche Silver
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  8. Can't wait for this pack, just hope they'll let you buy the season pass ( promotion ) on the 25th.
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  9. It looks nice indeed, but nothing beats Moby! :D That iconic shape and power is hard to beat hehe. How fun does this not look? (1:56 race starts):
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  10. Think they have struck a good balance , some thing for every body good mix of old & new . some good race cars 4 out & out racers & two Road cars & one Hyper car. look forwards to the classic 911 RSR & 917/30 for some challenging driving has well has the 918 & GT4 Cayman Club sport , think there is lot of driving to be had from this DLC. I think the pass will be day one option , I already have the funds in my Steam Wallet .

    It as been a lot wait for Porsche to come to the Sim market, thanks to the mess they got into with EA.
    Still on the other hand It was worth waiting for a sim to give Porsche the quality the mark deserves for today's Simulation market.

    We know AC Can deliver when it come to in sim car detail these will look good for sure.
    I know some will say there are better simulators , but I think AC as proven that as an developer they have worked hard to get to this day over several years, & even managed to move into the Console market at the same time.

    I would imagine this is the last paid for DLC this side of the new-year . with the next update to version 1.9 coming I hope before the Christmas Holidays.
    This as been a big year for AC when you think about it.
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  11. Denis Betty

    Denis Betty
    Old cars rule! Staff Premium

    Well there has been a tiny bit of hype. I was wondering if anybody else had noticed. But hey, the big moment is almost here. I think we should let the AC crowd have their fun.
    Enjoy chaps.
    Peace. :D
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  12. hmm..that Clubsport, can't wait
    I guess will buy this , eventhough I didn't really wanted to :/
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  13. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

  14. I'm curious if they release a letter again at new year with a new vague road map.

    Also since the patch is 1.9 will they release 1.10 or 2.0 ? If 2.0 will there be any big fuss around it. :D
  15. Sunny Sky Speed

    Sunny Sky Speed
    You will never see me again, it's final now. Bye Premium

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  16. Even though it s the best hypercar atm
    never really liked the looks of this one
    it reminds me always of a ferrari, certainly the front
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  17. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium

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  18. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Looking forward to this but crikey these guys are getting as bad as Sector3 with the teasing us routine! :laugh:
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