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Assetto Corsa Logitech G25 / G27 Settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Travis, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. LOGITECH G25/G27

    In Logitech Panel
    Overall effects strength: 100%
    Spring effects strength: 0%
    Damper effects Strength: 0%
    Centering: 0%
    Degrees: 900

    Allow game to adjust settings CHECKED
    Combined Pedals MUST BE DISABLED

    In AC -> Controls -> Advanced

    Force Feedback Gain: 85% (the overall strength of all effects).
    Filter: 0% (helps to smooth out FFB effects).
    Damping: 0% (helps by deadening the feel of the wheel and FFB effects).
    Minimum Force: 5% (can assist with G27 deadzone issue & enhance FFB).

    Kerb effects: adjust to personal taste ('rumble' effect caused by driving across a kerb).
    Road effects: adjust to personal taste (additional wheel vibration to simulate the road/track surface).
    Slip effects: adjust to personal taste (additional FFB effects to simulate a loss of traction).
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  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Why is that exactly as that will adjust all the settings that you put into your profiler?

    I like the settings though as they are similar to what I always use for other sims.
  3. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    From what i understand this has something to do with the use of global and specific profiles for individual games,
    in my global profile i have the same setting but have the wheel rotation set to 900 with the box allow game to adjust settings unticked. But in my specific game settings (individual profiles for each sim) for my sims i may have the wheel set from 540 deg up to 900 deg depending on the sim i drive. Each sim has its own profile, and then the box is ticked allowing each sim to have full use of the logitech profiler and it settings. and the fact there is more than one profile

    I was lead to believe that then each sim can adjust or override all the setting in ffb from the game as the sim has its own settings but still uses the logitech profiler to portray the effects though the profiler.

    As to how accurate this is or how good it is at doing all the above i don't know, there are times when a swear there is no difference between setting the box ticked or unticked, But a few guys that have done the above say it has sorted out the odd weird effects in sims from there FFB,

    So if you only use one profile, the global profile for all your sims ticking or unticking the box should not make much difference but if you have multiple profiles all set
    differently you would tick the box in the specific profile and allow the sim to adjust the settings...
    (allow game to adjust settings box)
    global profile would be unticked
    specific profiles would be ticked

    Some of the guys in GTL that were having issues with there FFB and wheels, have tried this and say it was better than what they had. here is the link to a pictures
    walk through i made of how i set up my logitech profiler CLICK ME

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  4. im trying to put 900 degrees but when i finish the wizard i have only 190
  5. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford
    Premium Member

    just so you guys know...this is a facility offered by logitec but it only works if game programmers enable it. before AC, no other game made use of this facility or programmed anything in to enable it. I doubt AC does either. Basically, its pointless and like you say, if you did check the box, the other settings would be pointless :O_o:
  6. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    See the opening post for the setting advised for the sim :)
  7. If in LP you keep Damper effects Strength: 0% then the slide damping in the game wont do anything ... if you want to play with damping you must set to 100% in LP ... in game i have mine in 0.10-0.15 cause the forces feel too much direct in G27 and im still finding the perfect gain point (around 60%)
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  8. You need to enable damper in profile to work in game.
  9. That's correct, I've noticed it too.
  10. Luca (of Kunos) just updated his suggested G25/G27 settings with two options:

    Option one:

    Option 2:

    Quite different from the TP and the one I posted above! The AC change log (check your AC folder in Steam) states FFB has been changed with the last patch.
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  11. Option 1 profiler settings combined with Option 2 in-game settings is amazing.
    Currently using 65% gain but I might up that a bit, and I am not allowing game to change settings.

    I had them set as per OP and that felt good yesterday, but still a lot of snap and not the consistent control I hoped for.
    Now using these recommendations its really like a different world altogether. Unbelievable! S**t just got real!

    Dont forget to reduce the brake gamma to 1, braking is so much better now.
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  12. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Just a quick note for a noob if your NOT allowing the game to change settings why does changing any setting in the game make any difference?
  13. The game sends feedback to the drivers, which sends it to the wheel. At either point it can change the contents of the signal.

    In gain for example, the game would send a '100' which at 100% global force gets sent to the wheel as still a 100. If you change gain in game to 65%, it might send a '65' instead, which will get sent to the wheel at 65. Or if you have gain in game at 100%, and set 65% global force, then the game sends '100' which gets changed to 65 sent to the wheel.

    The point where this can affect the results is in clipping and resolution. Say the game is allowed to send a number between 0 and 10 - those are the only inputs the driver will accept. Then if the gain is set properly, it will send a 10 on the hardest bumps, and only a 1 or 2 on light bumps. Cornering maybe a 3 or 4 aligning moment. If you adjust the gain higher, then it starts sending a 10 in every corner, and it can't send anything stronger on harder bumps. This is clipping. If you adjust the gain lower, then it sends only a 4 or 5 on the hardest bumps, it sends a 2 in cornering, and it doesn't change from 0 for light bumps. This is the resolution problem - there aren't any differences in feedback because it's limited to a couple outputs.

    If the game is allowed to change settings, it might be the case that rFactor changes overall effects strength to 20%, and AC changes the damper effect strength to 20%, both looking for the same result but adjusting different values. Consequently if you play both games you can end up with wrong settings by mistake if you tune it for one game and leave it. To avoid this you don't let the game change device settings, you set those once and then configure each game to match.
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  14. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Thanks for the info on FFB and clipping Stereo. What about if you have individual profiles for each game as well as a global profile?
  15. Do these settings also feel good for the DFGT?
  16. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    I have a global profile set and use specific profiles for each sim,
    the above works great for me,
    global, allow game to adjust settings is unticked (Still testing to see what the difference is with it ticked or unticked, have not noticed a difference yet)
    specific, allow game to adjust settings is ticked.
    this is the first sim i've actually felt any benefit from using the centre spring and damping in the logitech profiler, without it feeling like its a false affect and just feeling numb.
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  17. Anyone else getting a problem with your g25 accelerator pedal? AC seems to only be using my pedal when its almost all the way pushed down. So the acceleration in game only uses the last bits of my pedal range. It's a little weird and it makes fine controlling of acceleration very hard. Anyone know a fix for this? Thanks.
  18. Looks like there is an issue with the game itself. http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/strange-throttle-response.1548/
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  19. Good explanation Stereo,

    I never understood this obsession with zero'ing all the effects strengths, because they are exactly what you need to have to get the effects you want that make FF feel half ok.

    And I don't get why you'd ever set them to anything other than 100%, unless a game had no support for a given effect so you had to adjust it in the profiler.

    The game should do everything and these *should* be set by the developers imo... they have all the wheels. They can set them all up side by side and match all of them to feel consistently the same.

    All a user really needs to be adjusting is overall effect strength to suit their strength or desired noise level or whatever. All the effects should scale to provide a consistent FF experience.

    So yeah, AC as the developer and knowing what is going on inside their app and interface to DirectPlay in DirectX, should control all this stuff.

    Simply tell us what windows settings to use (ideally all defaults/100%), then they can do all the settings per piece of hardware to get the result they want in their software.

    I guess the perfect example of this and how daft it all is, is volume controls. I have headphones with a volume control, plugged into a speaker with a volume control, plugged into a PC with a global volume control, with an app volume control (these days in Win7), and in the app there is a volume control :D

    In practice I only really need one volume control, but I have many.

    The important thing is for the developer to take control of the volume to assure their bit is working right, or advise if that can't be the case.

    In this case KS need to tell us what exact settings we need to use in game controller config. For a Logitech wheel I'd expect it'll be 100% and everything on, or let the game control the settings.


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  20. My impression of damping + centering spring effects is that they're applied on top of game effects, for use in games that are missing those forces entirely.

    I don't know what the DirectX force feedback interface works like for games though, maybe the game can adjust them dynamically.

    Mainly I think damping would help stop the wheel overshooting, eg. if you let go of the wheel in most cars I'd expect it to straighten out but if the FF effects are too strong it'll sometimes fishtail instead cause of a positive feedback loop. Also slows down the wheel in general though, with the recommended settings above it's hard for me to correct oversteer cause the wheels don't correct quickly enough to find the right balance.
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