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Featured Assetto Corsa Founder Stefano Casillo's Sunday Chit Chat Video

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Stefano Casillo Live Stream - Assetto Corsa.png
    Kunos Simulazioni founder and Lead Programmer Stefano Casillo has produced another interesting fan livestream, taking time out to discuss Assetto Corsa, answer some questions and even play a little bit of guitar!

    Unscripted live discussion in a similar format to the recent 'Look What the Cat Hacked In' episodes, Casillo has taken the initiative into his own hands a released the first of a new series of Sunday evening streaming's, where he discusses points of interest in the world of Assetto Corsa and takes questions from the sim racing community. Already well know for his prolific guitar playing skills, Casillo even found a bit of time to blast out some tunes during the 1 hour 26 minute video.

    Check out the full video below -

    Sunday Chit Chat, Talk, Answer and Play Guitar Video - 28/08/2016

    Assetto Corsa is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Europe and will launch in North American Tuesday 30th August. Version 1.8 of Assetto Corsa for PC is available right now via the Steam store.

    Check out the Assetto Corsa sub forum here at RaceDepartment for the latest news and discussion regarding Assetto Corsa on PC and console. Have a browse through our high quality mods available to download, share your work in our modding discussion forum and best of all, take part in some of our regular high quality club racing events.

    Did you enjoy the latest chat video from Casillo? Learn anything new or exciting? Enjoying AC 1.8 on PC or the new console versions of the game? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. He plays guitar as awesome as he writes tire models.
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  3. Yeah, he plays really well. I liked the stream in general, great laid back chatter with the community.
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  4. Some say his guitar intro will be AC's next start-up music in-game...
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  5. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    I do appreciate that Casillo got out in front of the defects. It's refreshing and appreciated I'm sure. I know he's under tremendous stress and I have always hoped Assetto would change the console paradigm.

    However, extracting a sentence from a You Tube review -- "if you spin, you will lose." -- that almost all league races on console know to be silly and in fact *face* every week in pCARS, is not helping. Especially when most of the credible reviews (see: VVV) focused almost exclusively on the frame rate problems and resultant tearing or the lack of multi-player. I do appreciate also that he addressed the vertical sync and fps issues.

    I agree with his preference to drive with the physics and not with his eyes. Problem is, console has DiRT and now F1 2016. They have great/decent fps performance and solid graphics (and DiRT great physics to boot). It can be done, although I realize the Codies are a much larger outfit.

    Almost all reviews agree that the tire model/car physics are head and shoulders above the competition. But this will not carry the game. I can assure Casillo that there will be no market on the console if players can't form custom races with their friends. Case in point -- leagues have somewhat revived a basically D.O.A. Project Cars.

    To the extent that Casillo is trying to argue that Kunos' approach to the console market is PC-based, well, I admire them trying to drag the console arcade addicts kicking and screaming into the SIM world. But even die hard SIM seekers (and yes, pCARS does fill this need, although imperfectly) like myself will not come near this game until league racing is possible. No amount of DLC, no amount of graphics optimization, and no amount of driving realism will cure this. Even worse, the market-share they want to dominate is itself dominated by maulti-player fanatics and social beings. Even stellar A.I. will not cut it.

    Another real problem is the impossibility to assign your wheel buttons to a specific action. So, in addition to having limited buttons, we can't even use the ones we want. This was pointed out in the ISRTV review.

    Taking a "PC approach" to console game development may be great in principal, but many developers have died on that rock of principal. Race Pro comes to mind. One thing that does work -- the server based multi-player approach. That is what separates Forza from the rest, even with the abysmal physics (if you want to call them that). Maybe it is a money issue? Then I'd have to question the move in the first place. If the servers can simply be reformatted to accept custom lobbies, then I suggest they do it first. With no mention of multi-player, the silence is deafening.

    Best of luck Casillo!
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
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  6. ronniej

    The dude Premium Member

    Stefano will never run out of things to do......Programmer by day, rockstar by night.
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  7. Looks like he learnt something from his latest meltdowns and focused his energy on playing the guitar instead of insulting and degrading his own costumers on the forums after a questionable release on consoles, good job.
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  8. If you buy the game, and go act like <snip> on forums, you are not a customer, you are just <snip> who bought the game. Buying a game doesn't buy the right to act like a <snip> towards other people

    (Yes, devs are people)

    Mod Edit: Removed swearing from your post. Such language is not permitted. Warned.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 30, 2016
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  9. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm not fast, but I'm wide! Staff Member Premium Member

    Preach! :thumbsup:
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  10. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley
    Premium Member

    A true artist in many ways, creative, passionate,....emotional about what he creates.
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  11. jo_siffert

    Premium Member

    What a lovely reply - at least someone takes the job over to insult someone else. Great, really great. I think you - Nah - let it be...
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  12. RC45

    Premium Member

    Does this mean that only people who are positive about a product are customers?
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  13. Same thing applies to developers, just cause some one complains it is no excuse to be a douche or make light of serious health issues.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 30, 2016
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  14. Perhaps the context of your quoted comment is tough to understand since a mod edited it slightly... But you should still understand the sentiment unless you are just trying to make drama.

    Of course you can speak negatively about a product and still be considered a valued customer, there is no doubt about that. However, what you cant do and still be considered a valued customer is harass the devs, fabricate nonsense about their product, or incessantly whine and complain about it nonstop.

    Ya know, if someone blatantly lies about problems, completely misrepresents their experience, says the game is broken when it isnt, claims everything was downgraded because there is another version of the game releasing on another platform (consoles)... Then a developer that doesnt take any BS and responds appropriately should not be shunned.

    Every response from Stefano, and even Renato from AMS when knuckleheads fabricated garbage about that game... is on point and exactly the kind of response anyone proud of their product would respond with.

    The only tirades I know of are from Ian Bell... and we all know how infamous and crazy that guy is :p
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  15. 23:54 ... is one of my favorite parts of this stream.
    I've always been a firm believer in exactly that concept.
    Develop it until it can go no further... then switch to the next thing.
    I've read post in various forums outright critical of Reiza (stating AMS uses an old Rfactor engine).
    If that's indeed the case, I'd say based on what they've done with it to date..a lot of potential development was left on the table.
    Sure!... KS could take the CM approach and release a 'new' game every year.
    We all know how well that goes right?....for Codemasters anyway.:p
    Throw the old one in a box somewhere...never to be seen or used again....then go pay $60 for a 'face-lift' of essentially the same game.
    Personally, I prefer KS's approach of sticking with the great base they now have, while making it better with each update.
    It's only one of a handful of reasons why I will always buy their DLC packs.
    Let's not kid ourselves, the workers at KS have to be paid... just like the rest of us.
    They have mortgages to pay and all the other expenses associated with life.
    The pricing has been more than fair so far.
    We get... in some cases, updates for less than the cost of a box lunch.
    I think his point about the higher level of difficulty for console players is valid as well.
    They're mostly accustomed to putting a disk in and driving...now they have to actually pay more attention and learn new techniques.
    There is always going to be a few console gamers who'll decide AC is not for them... based solely on the added level of complexity compared to what they're accustomed.
    I'm not a console guy and don't know how the packaging is currently labeled for AC's release.
    Maybe a recommended age range or level of difficulty statement should be included on the packaging (if not already there) for such purchasers.
    Any negativity based on that kind of disappointment has the potential to adversely affect sales and reviews.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2016
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  16. ronniej

    The dude Premium Member

    This is a true story^^
  17. I've made several bug reports and criticized for example some sounds, AI and the Black Cat Alley (still don't like the track) to name a few things. Never been attacked or addressed by devs in impolite way. I've seen Stefano to lash out to some people, but it's always because the guy acted like a muppet.

    Sorry for mods about language, couldn't find other fitting words.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2016
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  18. Terra21

    Premium Member

    Gotta give credit where credit is due. Stefano doesn't have to do these streams for us but he does and keeps all of us in the loop.Take's all the QnA and will try to answer them the best he can.He also adds the possible features requested from this feedback .he's the only dev out there who does this kind of thing and its excellent. And yes he voices his opinions and is passionate about his work good on him!. It's better than having someone who isn't
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  19. Vincent.C

    Another WEC driver ! Premium Member

    During the stream (27min), Stefano said something about update for the game like that:

    " Updates to the PC will have to be more conservative since whatever get changed has to also work on the consoles. " [quote from AC forum].

    It's right because update validation for console is a long (weeks) process. So when Stefano said previously:

    "This is CLEARLY not AC case, that has been delivered on the PC for years and now moving to console, so it's the opposite route. There is NO WAY PC can be affected by this other than us going totally mental."

    > NO WAY PC can be affected by this other: it starts with update strategy!

    And when he said new feature need work on console too, that probably means stopping of tools only present on PC version so definitively I'm not a Martian: game development is affected by console release.
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  20. xnorb

    Premium Member

    @Rob your expectations (and maybe this reflects expectations of quite a part of the console community) are really surprising me, seeing how REALLY successful games don't have those features.

    Freely bindable keys on consoles?
    What i always hear is "You can be happy if there are several gamepad layouts rather than being forced to get used to the single layout delivered".

    CoD doesn't have customizable servers, Battlefield doesn't have customizable servers.
    At least to my knowledge, which is a tad old, but i think "Play now" and pre-defined lobbies are still the norm?