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PC Assetto Corsa Car Suggestions

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by justasimfan, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Looks incredible! If Stefano read this,this time have a dozen normal cars alongside the open wheelers and a few more interesting courses like the hill climb.Netkar pro's achillee's heel was the absence of normal cars and scratch built tracks for netkar.I mean some of the best tracks were conversions from rfactor and they were released very very late during netkar pro's life.Really probably the best car in the game ,was the daytona gt car and the most awesome track was the hillclimb.More of those and this time a larger racing grid and a smoother online experience and this game will be a killer.
  2. It´s gonna be awesome this game, mean the graphics looks like they will be best in the game. Even better then CARS which looks abit pastell from time to time.
  3. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Yes, I think really is a step ahead in all senses (hope I'm not wrong).
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  4. As for car suggestions, M3 GT2 (which was in the trailer)
  5. *Porsche 997 GT3 Cup* please, it doesn't matter if it's licensed or not, the modders will do the rest if necessary. A proper PCC is necessery in simracing beside the one coming for RF2 wich may be accessable through a few leagues only, who knows..
  6. If Porsche don´t re-new their contract with EA then it´s a possibility.
  7. A Ferrari streetcar like the 430 would be sweet. And also maybe the new GP2 car, its is sooo nice. I also agree on the M3 GT2, one of my favourites.. Would also be cool with an LMP car (doesn't have to be LMP1) :D yehoo
  8. I want regular, slow cars, and historics (Abarth and Vintage style). Don't like fast open-wheelers, don't like modern grown up racing cars (GT1 and such). V8 Supercar would be awesome.
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  9. The 997 GT3 Cup is similar to a V8 Supercar just sitting on the "right" side :D

    A heel & toe car, not DTM like fixed input steering, leftfoot braking and paddle shifting, it's like historic racecars :D
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  10. Same here ... mini cooper just for me please:D
  11. V8 Supercars and 911 GT3 Cup are probably the last big series using proper transmissions... (Still not h-pattern but at least heel and toe)

    Not long ago the GT2 classes in Endurance Series were like that but since last year they switched to paddles...
  12. Dammit !

    Next thing you know the cars will all drive on their own !
  13. Don't know about others but the moment i hit the throttlepedal while braking it feels awkward shifting with paddles forcing me not to heel'n toe at all. I like open wheelers though, that's where this 2 pedal style doesn't disturb me and makes sence. Oldschoolers may see this different aswell though :eek:
  14. I hope Stefano listens and adds a dozen normal road cars along a few classic historic cars.Those are the cars everybody loves more and as nice as open wheelers and new sports cars are those are the classic we all want to driver(or had owned/driven once in real life)

    I really hope Stefano adds normal road cars like the honda NSX (the original 1991 model with retractable lights),the FD MAZDA RX7,the Toyota Supra turbo,the Nissan Silvia s13/14a/15 (one of those at least),the classic 964/993 911 porsche turbo,the old corvettes like the c4/c5,the old e30 m3,the old cosworth 190 evo mercedes,the older ferrari's like the testarossa,the 355,the 308/328 and if he could simulate 4wd cars realistically i would love cars like the r32/r33 nissan skyline gtr.

    Also i would love older historic cars like an old 1960 formula car,a old 1980 le mans car like the porsche 956/962 the old lancia 037/delta integralle hf,the old audi quattro,the old nissan 240rs,the old peugeot 205/405 t16,the old ford rs2000 etc...Those monsters of the past recreated with fantastic detail would be absolutely amazing...
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  15. In other word regarding street cars you pretty much want all the iconic 80's, early 90's sportscars :p
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  16. I say maybe we can make a little question list like we saw with the rFactor Q&A here on RD?
    I am sure they want to answer maybe some questions. It almost a month ago they announced it, so now its maybe a good time for a Q&A as we now a sucked the info in ;)
  17. M3 E30 - 190 Evo in DTM clothes. If he manages to get those two cars i might just die of excitement.
  18. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    I think a LMP1, LMP2 and GT2 are a must have, don't really mind which ones.
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  19. I'm already very veryX100 satisfying in 60's~70 old F1.
    And if I can put one more in, any spider? then Alfa Romeo 8C spider. haha

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