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ASR Formula OWC 91-92

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Tomas Torasen, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Hello, rFactor people!

    I really want to like this mod, and I really do in part. But there is something about these cars that feels unsatisfying. It's loose in a way that feels disconnected. Maybe someone could speak to this and perhaps have some pointers on setting up FFB or car setup to make these babies feel fully immersive. It's like it's just too unprecise.
  2. preemptive edit -- i think i might know your issue, if you mean the ffb feels loose. asr said the physics are based around the dallara dw12 which had an issue where you needed to increase the caster to 8 or 9 to get complete feedback, so try that first thing (its in the garage/car setup section).

    thats strange, as ive always found them 'immersive' (great sound, fast, fun) but probably not very realistic due to being quite easy to handle relative to F1 cars in rf2 and other sims.

    i dont mean this in a condescending way at all, but are you new to rf2? ISI tires have a lot of slack, even racing slicks. its communicated very well thru the wheel & is correctable, especially so after the new CPM (not sure if these cars have it or not; dont believe so).

    NB i am only recently familiar with the individual models available here http://www.asrformula.com/#download, it seems i do have a '92 season mod but i think its quite old, my memory of it was that the cars handled similarly...
  3. I just tried them some more around dijon prenois. I didnt realise the different versions, mclaren, ferrari etc, was actually handling differently, thought they were only different car skins. Now I must say I like it very much. Perhaps a little weak in the FFB.
    The one I didnt like, cant remember which one it was, was giving me rattling center problems in straights. The ones I tried now is very smooth in FFB. I see now theres 1.6 and 1.8 litre versions.

    Lovely cars =) Realistic or not I'm not so sure. It feels a little slow and sluggish in steering reactions, perhaps. A tad too easy to drive.
    Probably that is a good thing though considering how bad many of the tracks are in geometry and the wierd bouncing that can occur in some places.

    I'll try your suggestion anyway and see what happens.

    Yes, sound is amazing!
  4. Matt88

    Team Manager and Driver - MK Simsport Premium

    I love these cars and find my g27 is actually strongest in these cars out of any other game or car that I have.

    I have min force at 14% and put multi strength up to 1.20. I find this makes the wheel very strong.1.86 is the latest update as far as I know. Frenky also did an add-on v1.865. This gives the cars their relative performance from the 92 season which is a .rfcmp file which you install after you install version 1.8.
  5. I'll try your settings, thanks.

    Where can I find that update file? I checked the official site but couldnt find it.
  6. Matt88

    Team Manager and Driver - MK Simsport Premium

    Link sent :)
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  7. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    We use these cars in PrestoGP so pop over and you'll find setups in the setup threads and also some info on them.

    FFB wise I find they are great and like said above increasing castor helps alot with feeling, I think with G25 I have 0.75 multi with 9 smoothing.

    EDIT: We use version 1.81 League Edition
  8. Matt88

    Team Manager and Driver - MK Simsport Premium

    Hi David,

    Where can I register for PrestoGP?

    Will have a play with the caster. Cheers for the tip.
  9. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    sign ups for season 16 will open soon, until then you can have a blast on our servers to get to know the guys, atm we have the new fisi and spark f2's up and running :) back to asr very soon.
  10. It's a combination of not having advanced contact patch applied and that the fronts are sensitive to heat, as in you are likely underdriving and losing temp. Contact patch work desperately needs to be applied to these cars imo.
  11. An update came out for the four available 1991 ASR F1 cars in mid-December and I found that changed those cars significantly.
  12. Well after some more testing I found there is quite a big difference between the different cars. One or two are not that good, I think perhaps they are still in early beta stage.
    The -91 1.8 litre gerhard berger version is the absolute best and most alive one to my liking, theres some challenge to it but still very easy and rewarding to recover the car.

    The problems I encountered does not seem any longer to me as they are due to the car, but from testing it on different tracks. rFactor 2 seems very sensitive to 3d geometry. I was able to try a couple laser scanned tracks and this car does not handle those well at all, theres alot of bumping and losing contact with the ground, which basically makes the ffb rattle and the grip level and wierd physics to become unbareable.
    There are degrees of this, but to me a perfectly smooth track makes rFactor 2 physics feel the best. What happens with uneven bumps feels like it is very unrealistic behaviour, exaggerated.

    This car I like is absolutely wonderful around for example dijon prenois, did some races against AI there and it's very nice.
  13. I run the 91s in an offline, solo championship and at random picked Berger's McLaren. At Road America and Sao Paulo, I was able to run fairly well and finished in second at both tracks. Then I went to Imola 2006 and it was horrible. The car bounced around all over the place and even after running hundreds of laps I couldn't get any closer to the AI than 8 seconds per lap. I ended up running the race despite the fact that I knew I was going to get thumped. I qualified 22 and finished 19th having been lapped twice in 23 laps. The AI manhandled me, knocking me off the track repeatedly and simply blowing by me at will. I never was able to get it running right at that track.
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  14. Thats interesting to hear. I think this is not a car specific problem. It is evident in all cars, the difference 3d geometry makes to the physics. Although this car highlights is really well.
    Nordschleife is really bad also.

    Maybe we could make a list of tracks that this car handles really well.

    So we are at Dijon, Road America and Sao Paulo.. Atlantic road (road atlanta) seemed quite well too I believe.
  15. I had a "moment" tonight. I am currently practicing Monaco for an offline, solo championship race Friday night (my race night) as it's the fourth race of the 1991 season. I'm using the RaceRFactor 2013 Monaco track and for the first time I've been getting the spotter telling me my engine is overheating and I've actually blown the thing. I never got this at Sao Paulo, Road America (my Phoenix replacement) or Imola. Much like Imola, I was really struggling to meet the times of the AI and to keep the car from bouncing off the walls. The overheating issue was so big that I finally decided to do a little research. I ran CarStats and found that the safe rev speed for the McLaren is 13,500. I had been constantly just flooring it between gears and every chance I got. This, of course, also led to hot brakes. So I ran a couple of laps keeping the revs to below 14000 and my overall lap time IMPROVED BY FOUR SECONDS! In other words, I went slower to go faster. I'm still trying to get my mind to comprehend this. And, of course, I didn't have the brakes bursting into flames. But I still can't get the tire temps up. Optimal tire temp is supposed to be around 194 and I am 50 degrees shy of that. I suspect it's my flaccid driving style that's keep the temps too low so that's something else to work on. I need to take my new found knwledge back to Imola and see if that changes my opinion of that track and the ASR 1991 McLaren.
  16. I really like how you schedule your offline races ;)

    It sounds interesting.. I wish I had the time for doing something like that too. I think, if we figure out what tracks works, what setup tweaks can be used and get some more info we could enjoy these cars much more easily.

    Btw, I think my bad impression of the bumpy tracks might in some cases also be linked to framerates, I noticed when that goes below 60 fps or even 50 fps, on my system I get very wierd and bad lag in both steering and visual representation. I feel as I'm going into walls while I'm going straight. There is something strange there that could be effecting.
  17. After realizing last night that I'm undoubtedly overreving the McLaren, I found something that really annoys me. The tach on the dashboard is way off compared to any HUD tachs. I like to turn the HUD off or hide it and just use the car's display, but last night I noticed that when the car tach says 13500, you're really only at 12500. This difference is in comparison to HUD tachs and the info screen tach and even jumping in the car with AI and watching them. Does anyone else see this or even care?
  18. It doesnt sound strange at all to me, theres a most effective limit to where to change gear. But I dont get why you are over heating your brakes because you have used higher revs before shifting.. if anything you would have increased engine temperature and wear and possible risking blowing the engine, but brakes no... (?)

    It's interesting information for sure. So about 13.500 rpm is the fastest according to your testing?
  19. Well, here's some more information. The brakes were not overheating as I reported. The temperatures listed in the spotter plugin for the car were too low. Once I adjusted those to the correct levels, I do not get the brake temp warning. Tires still stay below optimum temps, though. I can't get them hot enough. My point about the tach is that the one on the dashboard for the car is different from the one if you use a HUD or the other display that shows the different windows with car damage, tire temps, pit menu, etc. It's off by 1000 rpm. When it shows 12500, the other tachs show 11500. I'm not sure what the top rpm is for the McLaren...13500 is the optimal, according to the info gleaned from Carstats. Top RPM is probably around 14000.
  20. Something is very wrong with the AIW on Imola 2006, makes the AI unrealistically fast. So don't get discouraged by that, it's just a track issue. :)