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AP load cell

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by William Nowell, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. I put my name on the pre-order list back in Nov:signup: it finally came today. It was worth the wait, straight away I could tell a difference in my braking. A lot smoother, and more controlable. I didn't set any PBs but it feels a lot better through the corners, and that's going to help as I get use to it. I brought the bodnar cable a few months back, with the load cell it worked out to be a reasonable set of mods, that I feel has already paid for itself. Did anyone else get on the list?
  2. I'm on the list for about a month now... haven't heard a peep.
  3. That was the case with me and then out of the blue he sent an email to confirm my order. Hopefully he will move through the list quickly. I'm really liking it so far.
  4. Nice one William.
  5. yep just waiting promised sometime this month
  6. i'm also thinking of getting on the pre order list
  7. I just put my name on the pre order list. Willie and Eric, have you received yours yet?
  8. Not a peep... :(
  9. lol, amateurs I waited for over 3 months with not even an acknowledgement of my pre-order being recieved, I had pretty much forgotten about it. I have been enjoying minenow for a month and can say for the price and the improvement that this upgrades brings, it was worth the wait. You guys missed out, not to long ago on the iracing board someone was selling a set of g27 pedals with the ap load cell and the bodnar cable for $125, I'm sure it is probably sold by now.
  10. nothing yet glenn, that's since december.
  11. just got an e-mail last night confirming that mine's ready. order placved at the becinning of Dec last year
  12. Got shipping confirmation from Andy yesterday. Good result as the faulty G25 that I sold covered the £58 that it costs. Add that to the 50% discount that I got from logitech on the G27 then I have a load cell G27 for about £120. Bargain!!!
  13. Indeed Willie, nice one dude!
  14. hi! i had a chat on email with the guy who provide the ap load cell. It was 3 weeks ago.. He said to me 5 weeks for the waiting list.. Its seems that he was a little too generous reading all your story!! 4 months!!? Really?? damn
  15. I was one of the early pre-orders and I guess that he's now clearing the backlog. I know that there were a huge number of people both here at RD and on iRacing who have been after one of these.

  16. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    I preordered in october 2010, hope i get a mail one of these day's
  17. how do you pre order one of these?
  18. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

  19. October Lars!! I did mine in November and have had it for over a month now. I hope your email system didn't file it as junk mail.
  20. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Good tip just checked but nothing there either :( But without putting blame on him i prolly messed up myself.
    Might have just made a bad typo in my email adres. Would not be the first time i hit enter without reading :)

    Just "re-pre-ordered" dont mind the wait might be a nice present for after the summer.