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anyone else with FPS drop after 1.4 update?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by SpeedFreakGT, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. wondering if anyone else saw a frame rate drop after the update? after the update I was having the over exposure issue so I just deleted AC and any related files.
    I did a new install and reinstalled a few cars and tracks. with everything set to ultra or as high as it could go I was getting 59-60 fps and the bottom usage bar(I don't know what it is) usually said about 7%. now I'm getting 49-50 fps and the usage bar says 12%
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  2. Same here as far as over exposure and frame drops. Was getting well over 100 before the patch and now down to the 70s most places. I really wish Kunos would stop "improving" their product.
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  3. good to know it wasn't just me. I'm still fairly new to pc gaming so I thought maybe I did something.
  4. I wonder if it's post processing filters. A few people on the official forum have noted the DOF and chromatic abboration effects are causing massive frame rate drops. Seems Kunos love to turn on all the eye candy to 11!

    I know the PP filters eat 40 fps (such is the way with Yebis) and using the natural filters and modded weather settings found here on RD will claw back quite a few fps.

    Despite being able to run AC with the default PP settings with most settings on high or maximum at well above 60fps with a full grid, I'm thinking of running AC without PP once modders or Kunos fix the bloom problem. The added effects don't look all that great and aren't worth the frame rate hit.
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  5. i reckon i may have taken a 15% or more fps hit since 1.4.

    i "fix" it by running with very few ai

    i've never used pp, still don't.
  6. Hmmm it might be cos I don't use Kunos filters but only my own, but personally I noticed actually a GAIN of FPS. Can't tell you how much, but the whole thing is smoother, and also reflections require less CPU on my side.:confused:
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  7. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    i never used filters, had still some framerate issues some time ago. since the latest update loading was incredible fast and everything was smooth as hell.

    Since 1.4 it's gone worse again, indeed
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  8. Spaldinio


    I noticed a pretty drastic drop after 1.4 with everything on max on brands hatch with my gtx970. Turning down reflection quality to medium and dropping frequency a notch got back to playable. Assuming the comparative hit of the new reflection shaders is fairly severe relative to pre-1.3.
  9. How is it in other tracks you played before, because brands hatch is new and seems to have more objects around the road and spectators area.

    You could try and disable DOF (depth of field) and Chromatic Aberration in the default.ini filter C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg, inside the ppfilters folder. Simply change the values of enabled=0 to 1, in those two sections.

    In that main folder, you have a file called graphics.ini, where you can change max frame latency from 0 to 1; experiment and see if your fps changes.
  10. Bazooka_Joe

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    @SpeedFreakGT I can also confirm the framerate drop - few days before the 1.4 update my GPU died and switched back to my backup old ASUS 1GB 6770 and after reducing the reflection rendering to very low I've had all other settings at high (some very high and post processing on) and it was running consistently at about 55-60fps in practice. After the update - on same settings it dropped to be roughly between 40-45fps in practice. All measured using original cars and tracks.
  11. funny thing on my side is I have frame rate limit off and no matter what I turn on or off or low or ultra I stay at 49-50 frames
  12. Maybe somehow you have vsync enabled, or adaptive vsync. This will limit the fps to how much your monitor refreshes. So if is 50hz, or 60hz, your fps will be limited to that.
    Double check your settings in nvidia/amd, or in the game video settings.
  13. OEM PP is awful for performance and look. Try Natural Weather mod.
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  14. i didnt know that would do it. i do have vsync enabled and always have even before the frame rate drop but ill give unchecking it a try when i get home from work. thanks for the info.
  15. I'm getting a lot more stuttering since 1.4 too. I'm wondering if I'll have to turn down some graphics settings to compensate.

    Anyone got an idea where I would get the most bang for my buck with fps savings?
  16. I wondered the same thing. I spent 2 hours last night turning stuff on and off and up and down but that's before I knew about the vsync so I'm gonna turn it off later and see what happens. I'm NOT willing to turn down number of opponents though.
  17. Have you utlised the benchmark tool within the graphical setup screen? With this tool you can fettle the settings to work out what's best for your PC.

    I've found turing off the PP filters will result in a 40+ fps gain with the 16 car grid at Spa. One can set them to none and see what happens to their frame rate 8)

    Reflections and their update rate remain a frame rate killer; setting reflections to low or static will see a boost in frame rate. I've found with the PP filters off, I can run very high reflection settings and maintain well above 60fps in the benchmark (EVGA GTX 680 SC).

    Lowering the anti-aliasing to 2X (you may wish to leave FXAA on) or just running FXAA will boost the frame rate. I don't like the blur FXAA causes however it may not bother you.

    I know its slightly outdated now but I found the SimHQ guide to AC's graphics a very good starting point.

    Reflections, smoke generation and PP filters are the worst in terms of frame rate cost.

  18. Thanks for your tips. I don't use pp ever. I've tried turning down reflections and it's helped quite a bit. I'll try smoke generation. But isn't smoke an fps killer only at the beginning of the race, or the few times smoke is generated during a race (which is often not much)?
  19. that's what the smoke does in my game. at the start with a full grid of 23 cars and me starting in the back my fps drops from 50 to around 35 for just a second at the start then after that I don't notice any drop
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  20. Shadows at Ultra are extremely expensive. I'd definitely add them to the list of the worst FPS offenders.