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Anti-Roll bar settings

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by dazzadp, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I found they can make a difference primarily to how the tyres wear, and indeed balancing they tyre wear front to rear.

  2. Very good post dude, coudlnt have said it better myself, i been doing setups now for years on CAR sims, and i know my theory and what does what on a car and what to change if you make a change elsewjere, however on this game, all that KNOWLEDGE might as well be a beginers guide to farting.. the physics in this game are just stupd! i hope someone like Turn 10 can take on an F1 Licence, as CM are muppets, they did a good job on the looks n the sounds, but this is F1 not FORZA or GT5, every thousandth of a sec is importatn here, and it seems no matter how much of a purist you wanna be, when it comes to onlione league racing, 11/11's is still the way to go? what a load of shite... even running less agressive camber does no real effect to tyre ware, you want best tyre ware saving ability dial down fule load, nonly thing i noticed gives me LAPS more tyres, camber does jack! i can go 5 laps more on scrubed tyres is i run on LEAN. i can burn a set of primes on KOREA in 5laps! on RICH!

    but your post made me alugh and nod my ehad in total agreement. well done sir
  3. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Thanks buddy!
    Some of what I said in my post has been fixed by patch 2. Now I believe that softer springs actually do what they should and some of my rear spring settings are as low as 5 now.
    Re fuel and tyres i agree that mix 1 (lean) helps manage worn tyres more, my (admittedly limited) testing however indicates that mix does not impact actual wear. I did 5 laps on fresh tyres on mix 1 and mix 3 then returned to the pits. displayed wear on tyre menu was identical!
    Poss need to do a race stint and monitor wear (can only use colour though) as wear in practice may be scripted. In fact I will, we are at Spa this week.
    On th ewhole for me the game paost patch 2 has been good
  4. I just asked this question on another site (no offence) and got some interesting feedback http://www.race2play.com/homepage/show_posts/23763
    I've been doing various tests to try to find if the game has a "trigger" for tyre wear but not found one yet. Mind you, there's loads that doesn't make sense as far as the set ups in game are concerned.:confused:
  5. Interestingly I have followed Davids excellent Advanced Drivers Guide and have arrived at the same conclusions as he suggests above, that is front spring 8/9 rears 5/7 and ARB's between 3/9. But we must always remember there is no right or wrong, simply what suits our own driving style, there is after all very little time to be found (in real terms) with set-up adjustments, assuming you haven't got a totally ridiculous one of course. Looking at Alex set-up guide the perameters of the bars are typically as follows;
    front ARB 100 N/mm (1 in game) to 200N/mm (11) and rear ARB 50N/mm (1) to 130N/mm (11) so a set up 1-11 would be front 100N/mm and rear 130N/mm. As he states you would normally be looking for a stiffer front than rear ARB to achieve this you would have to increase the front to 5 in game or reduce the rear to 10. Now if anyone is any more the wiser PLEASE pm me and let me in on the secret! :confused: