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Cars Andretti Formula E London Skin 2015-10-28

New skin mod for the WCP Formula E mod

  1. Antonio Gregori submitted a new resource:

    Andretti Formula E London Skin - New sin mod for the WCP Formula E mod

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  2. SO where did you steal this? From the AST mod from Assetto Corsa?
  3. I made this before the assetto corsa mod was released and it was designed for the WCP Rfactor version. the assetto corsa version of formula E was released on 23rd of December 2015. If you look at the date on my mod you will find it was released 28th of october 2015.
    I find it somewhat a coinsidence that the two different mods for different games use the exact same texture map since the WCP mod was released before the assetto corsa version. Please read the dates in future.
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