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Apparel Alonso & Massa 2013 Helmets 1.0

2013 Helmets

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  1. Very nice,thank you.:thumbsup:
  2. amaizing thx
  3. Thanks guys. :)
  4. Nice,really really nice
    Thanks Gerald,Awesome job as always ;)
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  5. Very nice :)
  6. which program do helmets and presentations?
    or what plugin
  7. photoshop cs5 and keyshot 4
  8. Can you give me a helmet 3d model for photoshop???????
    I would be very grateful
  9. possibly a tutorial on this topic
  10. you need extended version of photoshop to do that.
  11. I HAVE
    Adobe BRIDGE
    Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS6
    Adobe ExtenSION MANAGER CS6
  12. Thanks. :)