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"Alonso has warned Vettel" really?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Dux, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Dux


    Usually i don't wanna talk with hatred towards something or someone but i just couldn't resist but to write this down, to have some little "chat" for it, what really gives him the right to speak of how Vettel was good, or did he was a legend, is not, or anything at all.

    I couldn't be any less confused, when i read, that he (Vettel) needed to win a slower car, to win from the back or something like that, so when he did that, then he could have been called a Legend.

    Now, i was wondering, why he bothers to say that to the media or even why to come up and say those things, is he afraid of the fact that he(Vettel) is now regarded, not only by titles, as the no.1 of this generation(even though he is 6-7y younger) through the opinions from almost, everyone in F1, so he is making it fast to say what he has to say? Guess what, me personally - i don't care. I wonder, who does at all.

    He is a 2 time world Champion, what he says is cheap talk. Vettel for now is silent and i know he will remain that way. As he did in 2012 but spoke on the track.

    I know there are many who are fans of Alonso, i myself regard him as one of the best of this generation, but being real he is not that good as many are considering him to be, but i am not going to argue about that.

    So from what I understand Fernando has to prove he's a legend too... What has he won since he left Renault and had the best car? He only took advantage of mechanical issues of others in 2010 and 2012...even the loss in 2010 was his own fault. And i can prove if i just find the article that was written just after final practice and before the race in Monaco!

    He speaks how others had slower cars or Vettel's was from different universe. If he wants to prove something with what he has said, then why he tried to move to Red Bull ? Or, he was trying to get himself in the best car too. Wasn't he afraid people might say what he has just said to Vettel?

    Another things, i watch F1 since 98, and i think i understood many from all these years watching F1. What i have noticed is that the credit given to the Champions is relative thing. What i am trying to say might not everyone understand me right now. Try this:
    - When Schumacher was winning from 2000-04, afterwards, i can speak for myself only, i met too much people saying "He won them because there was no real contenders"

    Is that true, or he was just that good that made them to look that way, i for sure won't know but i do know he was the best!
    Is for real that Vettel had that good car or he just made them look that way?

    Truth is there will be always people complaining about everything. Me myself i don't look that way. I know people who are doing that even disrespecting any of the 4 titles Vettel won and i have never said a word of how Hamilton won it or Alonso, or how Raikkonen's was a total 100% set-up from the moment the contract was made with the spy-gate, between Ferrari and Mclaren and i knew it and if i could i would have put my house on a bet for that!

    Truth is, you won't become a Champion if u r loud, but silent patient and hard working, in the moment i see he is loud, not patient and i doubt if he is hard working. Not like there is a rule or something, but you understood my point from all of this.
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  2. He is just trying some mind games on Vettel, with no luck to this point. It even backfired on his cool, when he got dunked in qualifying several times this year by Massa.
    Well he is just frustrated, Vettel is fast, consistent and hungry/focused (I look at you Lewis), RB is good on any track.
  3. What's the problem? He was asked such questions and gives his (probably) honest opinion. It's not that he said this out of nowhere, when no one was asking.

    Schumi has already proved himself way before that time.
    Schumi would have also been an all time great if he only won 3 titles for example.
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  4. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I've never been the biggest Alonso fan, but he's got a good point here.

    He was asked for his opinion and he gave it.

    Same as we're doing on here.
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  5. He has the right to do it, of course he does.

    The difference is, Vettel doesn't feel it necessary to criticise his fellow drivers in this way. It's called 'class'. ;)
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  6. Here are some quotes from guys who know what they talk about. Everybody in F1 knows that Vettel just has the better car, very good driver yes but let's see when he has some competition.

    "I think that in that Red Bull, Alonso would win even more easily than Vettel does," Lewis Hamilton.

    Nico Rosberg "I don't know if Alonso is the best, but he's one of the best, no doubt. Better than Seb? Maybe."

    Sergio Perez answered, "Although this year has been all about Vettel, it is clear to me that Alonso is the best."

    Esteban Gutierrez "Alonso, yes, Alonso. He is still the best."

    Pastor Maldonado "I think Vettel is very good, for sure, but if I was a team I would have Alonso, of course, without a doubt. Fernando is a genius."

    Heikki Kovalainen did not hesitate before naming his favorite. "Alonso."
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  7. Alonso is without doubt the best driver of today
    driving a donkey cart and still play in the championship with Vettel as he has done in recent years proves it
    Vettel is good yes! great pilot! but with a car that is light years ahead of the other
    if Alonso has a car to compete equally, the story would be different!
    Alonso about everything has its clever way from getting ahead, I am no Fan of Alonso
    actually I did not like a lot of wrong things and unprofessional he has done over the years in F1, but we have to acknowledge that he piloted a donkey cart in 2013
    and where he ended up in the world championship?
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  8. I don't know if you were being intentionally provocative or just plain blind when you say: "Everybody in F1 knows that Vettel just has the better car". Yes, he did have the better car, the margin of which, however, is unknown. Thus, we can't say who is supreme.

    For all the quotes saying Alonso is better, you will find just as many saying Vettel is better. Mark Webber (friend of Alonso) said that he believes Vettel is superior in qualifying while on par in race conditions.

    3 of the drivers listed are from Hispanic/Latino origins; they'll have an innate tendency to side with Alonso. Hamilton was pretty much equal with Alonso in their sole season together, he's not going to say Vettel is better; that'd be like admitting Vettel is superior to himself.
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  9. Totally wrong, its the other way round. They wont side with Spain because rivality between them.
  10. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Multi-21 fall out?

    "We were racing, I was faster, I passed him, I won."

    "I heard the team's instruction, but I didn't feel Mark deserved it"

    Sure! Real classy guy!
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  11. That's just ridiculous. They're racing drivers they won't side with someone just because of their origins.
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  12. Even Ferrari admited there is a big gap between their cars and those from Red Bull. It is a known fact in F1. Does it hurt your feelings ? Yes. Does it make it less true ? No.


    Basically everyone admits Alonso is better, the only guys who say Vettel is the best are Torro Rosso/Red Bull drivers. Do you really think Webber, teammate of Vettel, would be let to admit Alonso is better ? Really ?
    The last part of your post is just plain stupid.
  13. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Ok, i am in in this discussion :p My opinion is basically in the Schumacher thread:

    About the "Legend" Status:

    About the comparison between drivers, in this case Vettel/Alonso:

    Anyway, if you say that Alonso had a Donkey Kart... Whats about Webber? Basically he had the same Red Bull as Vettel, but wasnt that good. Mark is known as a Top-Qualifyer... how often he lost the Qualifying against Vettel? Whoops.

    Sooo... Vettel is way faster than a Top-Qualifier... Alonso as fast in Quali as... Massa who is considered to be bad.
    So, now we dont know how good the cars are matching to the drivers. Maybe the Red Bull is contraproductive for Webber driving style? Same for Massa. Or the other way around.

    Btw... Is Massa as bad as we think?
    I mean... he was a really good driver until... Yes, the rule changes. In 2009 he was decent. He had the crash. in 2010 he was pretty good at the start of the season, then there was Hockenheim. His form dropped.
    So many people are claiming that either the crash or Hockenheim is the reason for Massas form drop.

    But... Maybe its the tyres in 2011. as i said in 2009 he already was slower than in 2008 (rule changes in 2009) and in 2010 he was the same. And in 2011 he was far far behind. -> Rule changes... So Massa isnt as bad as we think, Alonso Quali performance (nearly equal to massa in 2013) is better than we think. Or worse? Because massa would be normally better?

    Anyway, maybe Alonso was better then Vettel before the rule canges/tyre changes. And vettel after it. Or...?!

    Vettel had a nice start in his F1-career... BMW. Nice team, eh?
    then ToroRosso. in monza he was really good (2008). but his teammate Bourdais, who clearly is not a that good driver had a good result, too. So... Vettels performance was not legendary? We dont know exactly.
    Anyway, he got in RedBull in 2009. that car were the rulechanges.
    the rule changes were fantastic for RedBull, the car was really good, the best car of everyone (The Brawn just was that good because of the doubledif.) After that year, the Doubledif was disallowed. ->RedBull on top with a Evolution of the RedBull from 09.
    The next years were the same like that, evolutions to a good base.
    So.. vettel is not that good?
    Buw... he has beaten Webber... Who is a great qualifyer as i claimed before. and even if he iks not. If you say he is not good, then look at 2010.

    Webber was as good as Vettel.
    So if you say, webber is bad... You can say, vettel is bad, too. But in 2011... Pirelli...

    Ok, i just wrote freely out of my mind, without checking anything up or thinking or correcting it, i hope it doesnt sound that weird.
    Anyway, i come to the point again:



    I am not a fan of Alonso. And i am not a fan of vettel. i dont like them. Both have a character which i dont like. But they both can drive F1 cars very fast ;D
  14. Better/newer mechanical parts (faster, less mechanical failures). Optimal pit-stop timing. Multi-21 (hehe). And other benefits of being pilot number 1.

    There you have it. In general, not only qualifying.
  15. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Its impossible to compare drivers


    If you just pick a small part out of my post the whole thing doesnt make sense...
  16. Yes you can compare drivers. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when doing it but nonetheless..
  17. Go Nando! He is speaking what he feels, it is a good thing. He is also right. Also, he faces critics in his career too, some of whom are fellow race car drivers. If you can not take it that golden boy Seb gets some of that tough love as well, you are simply biased.

    And as i said, he is basically right. Vettel is a good driver, but his entire F1 career is a story of Red Bull and heavy influence. In a different team and car, not so much centered around him, he would struggle.

    Also you claim not to care, but you sure slander Alonso a lot there... Ending with doubting that he is working very hard at all...

    My opinion: Fernando Alsonso is clearly the better of the two and classy or not, sometimes you just got to let some personality through. :)
  18. Alonso his skilled but he never won his two titles legitely... between the team orders, the scandals of destroying in purpose a team car to make him win and particularly Kimi's Mercedes breaking down all the time....

    These two titles belong to Kimi (for sure one of them) and I hope that Kimi is going to put to shame Alonso this season !!!!

    Forza France, forza Kimi et au chiotte Alonso !!
  19. Webber said these things after he left Red Bull; here's exactly what he said:

  20. Or let us remeber the time in 2007 where Hamilton pulled an illegal stunt to get one more quali lap than Fernando, in Hungary, someting he countered cleverly, but thanks to some "contacts" FIA managed to get him moved to sixth instead. Or for that matter, all the injustices towards Fernando Alsonso that entire year, even if he still managed to end up only the point behind at the end of that year, despite the team not paying attention.