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All Top Teams at career start

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by blejky, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Ferrari,Red Bull,Mclaren,Sauber,Lotus,Mercedes teams available at start.
    AI is slightly slower on LEGEND + 50 Flasback

    LINK patch 2

    Original AI no changes to AI speed patch 2

    LINK - Ai slightly slower on LEGEND patch 4

    LINK - Normal AI speed patch 4
    LINK - Patch 6 - AI slightly slower on LEGEND

    LINK - Patch 6 No change to AI speed on LEGEND

    LINK- Patch 7 NO change to AI spedd on LEGEND

    LINK -Patch 7 AI slightly slower on LEGEND
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  2. Can you make a Database where the AI 'LEGEND' stays on same difficulty.
    If LEGEND is to hard for some people they can use PROFESSIONAL
  3. Sure.Give me like 30 min.
  4. gracias
  5. No offence but, i tryed the new database.
    And Jean-eric Vergne is the fastes AI with a time of 1:29:900 on Melbourne.
    Lewis/button place 8th and 9th. Alonso place 6th.
    Your AI times are not right.

    PS: i always drive on difficulty: LEGEND
  6. can u understand that PROFESSIONAL difficulty is too easy for some people? and LEGEND is too hard? if bugmaster cant make a decent game is not our fault
  7. I'm not telling it's someones fault.
    Just saying that the normal in-game legend was good for me, and i want to start with sauber and keep the same normal in-game legend difficulty.

    Otherwise i got the same crap like F1 2010+2011 always winning.
    Only thing is use is medium traction control. (with my controller i can't put traction control off)
  8. Yes.
  9. for me is working normally. Q3 alonso 1, Lewis 2, Weber 3, Me 4,Sebastian 5, Rosberg 6
  10. Try deliting your game profile
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  11. i did, i made a new savegame
  12. Try deleting game save folder entirely. The one located in steam folder.
  13. Ok i did that, and im still in Prac/Q1/2/3 1 sec faster than everyone on PRIME tires.
    If i use Option tires im almost 2 seconds faster
  14. I could try to make AI more faster an send it to you.
  15. Unfortunately
    You need a new database for Patch #3
    Patch #2 database not stable
  16. That would be great.
    But MARSALA says: new patch?? i didn't got an update on steam
  17. I got a Patch#4 via Steam
    last Nite.
    I Live in North America
  18. How is the edited database working for you?
  19. Just got Home going to try it..
    Will let You know