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AI in DTM Experience 2013 and 2014

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Peter Kerényi, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Hello simracers :) I've been trying to get into DTM Experience 2013 but I have problems (?) with the AI. While in ADAC and WTCC I race AI usually at 102 for pickup offline races (no practice, no qualy, just a quick race for fun), in DTM 2013 I can barely keep up with the AI at 95, on Hockenheim they are even faster and according to the replays I've watched they have much more grip, sometimes they just bump me and go through me like a tank. Because of this I'm afraid to buy the 2014 season. So my question is: is the AI any different in 2014? :)
  2. I'm at the same AI level as you on WTCC.
    I have had awesome AI battles with the DTM 2014 season, but I do have to crank em down quite a bit.. .(around 90 I think) In my case though, I think it has to do with that I'm not that used to those cars yet. ;)
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  3. dont feel disheartened if you have to turn them down as far as you can i race touring classics at 105 but dtm at 93 i think the reason is the ai don't like oversteer around a corner so they are slower in cars with natural oversteer.
  4. Thanks for the replies :) I will turn them down a bit more then. I'm still not convinced about the 2014 DTME though... Does it give a better experience? :)
  5. Have you tried the adaptive AI? I've been finding it actually works well after 2 or 3 test races (per car/track combo) like they recommend. The most important tip I figured out is to run the test races in RRE rather than in an experience, since RRE races can be set to 8 minutes. This is especially important for ADAC2014 where the minimum length is 2x10 minutes (I don't think they adapt between the two races).
  6. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    Even with adaptive AI their strength can vary between series. I use adaptive AI, in DTM 2014 I'm lucky to get a podium but with WTCC I usually win by 20-30 seconds. ADAC 2014 I can usually win, but just barely.

    To answer the OP's question though, racing the AI in DTM a 2014 is easily the best experience I've had racing AI. Getting a podium is a genuine achievement and I'm happier getting a podium there than winning a race in any other class.
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  7. Just to make it clear... if I want to set up DTM 2013 adaptive AI, I do 3 short races at Zandvoort let's say. Is my adaptive AI affected on Slovakiaring as well to some degree? Or I have to run lots of test races everywhere with each car...?
  8. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    Actually, there's a bug right now where it gets your finishing order wrong so there's no point in starting a championship at the moment. So I've just been doing short races at all the tracks to get familiar with them and train the AI. I'm not positive how it works but I think it's best to do a couple short races at each track. It seemed like after four or five races total at combined tracks the AI was pretty dialed in and I've just been having great races since.
  9. You can turn down AI aggression in R3E? for DTM ai cars?

    In practice/get real mode - learning to drive in traffic with 23 cars - I am constantly rammed.

    Do they have ABS? Just seems they have shorter braking distances so either I'm ramming them because they slow down so fast or they're ramming me because i have to brake earlier.

    As an experiment, I tried slowing down on the driving line and driving a constant (2 gears lower) speed. Then just waited for AI to catch up. The next AI car just rammed me off the track. ANY RACER - I think - would try to avoid a slower car if they had more than enough visual cues/warning. Maybe include AVOIDANCE as part of the driving model for the adaptive ai. "rubbing" I can understand, but full on ram you off the track and send you spinning 4 revolutions type of hit?..... kinda takes the fun out of it.
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