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Apps actracker 0.6

Cars tracker

  1. Mathias André submitted a new resource:

    actracker - Cars tracker

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  2. Joel


    Picture please!
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  3. Added :)
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  4. Were do I need to put the files ?
  5. Sorry, it's an early release and I haven't put up any documentation yet :)
    Just move the "actracker" folder into:
    Your steam folder\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\

    That should do the trick.
  6. Thanks
  7. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    Thank you for this app. :)
  8. joecronk


    Thank you buddy nice..:)
  9. thanks
  10. Howdy, the times are 3 to 4 seconds different to Ferito live car tracker, Just wondering which one is correct .
  11. am i the only one here, who doesn't have colours and estimated delta's??? also some names don't stay inside the border... they are to long to display and just reach out the app...

    i downloaded the latest version just minutes ago so i don't understand what's wrong. but it is a very good app.
  12. Hi Sabine, the app takes your last lap to get an estimate for the delta, so it will only show the delta from the second lap. The colours should also work (assuming that not everyone is not on the same lap :), and the long names going outside the box is a bug, I'll have to check it out.
  13. I recall on my complains... the colours and delta's indeed show up after i drove a lap.
  14. I just found what I was looking for => This wonderful ACTracker app! Thanks a lot Mathias André!
    Do you intend to release a v1.0? We all really hope so! :thumbsup:
  15. Artur Czarnecki

    Artur Czarnecki

    Hi. I loved this app, but after 1.3 update, it doesn't work. Any chance of an update?? Please?
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  17. Strange, I just checked and it's working from here. Make sure you remove the old version before installing this one. Also it uses the default icon, but it should appear near the bottom of the list of apps ingame.
  18. error.JPG