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about extracting .rar files of mods and make them work?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Sleeker, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Sleeker

    Rudolph the Rednosed Racer Premium Member

    I have a question. I downloaded the mod porsche vs ferrari for gsce which was a rar file. I extracted it with 7-zip manager. Than I put the files in the gamedata map and the rfm map. but the cars are not to be found in the game. Is there anything I should do in another way to make it work? Thanks in advance.
  2. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    You seem to have done the right things. But Perhaps you can try with winrar to be sure
  3. D0K


    You say you put files in the gamedata and rfm folders? I believe once you extract the compressed mod file, you should have a gamedata and rfm folders. Each of those should be copy/pasted into the game directory that contains its own gamedata and rfm folders, thereby over writing them. You should not have to move files into the games gamedata, rfm folders.

    I apologize if I misunderstood.
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  4. I have Patrick's Porsche vs Ferrari mod.(It's one of the very best there is, BTW) This mod doesn't show in "All cars / all tracks", it shows on its own page. Maybe that'll help.
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  5. Which ones are these pls? I only have the one from Lou. Thanks.
    (Sorry @Jim283 for the OT).
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  7. Sleeker

    Rudolph the Rednosed Racer Premium Member

    It's the first time that I try to install a mod so I probably do something wrong, but I extracted the rar file and than took the files out of the gamedata folder of the mod and put them into the gamedata folder of gsce. I did the same with the files in the rfm folder. I guess I should have copied the complete folders into the root folder of gsce, and than let the folders merge/overwrite? I will try that.
    Thanks for the reply.
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  8. Sleeker

    Rudolph the Rednosed Racer Premium Member

    Hey Billy,
    That was exactly the reason I couldn't find it! Thanks for the tip! The mod was installed and works fine.
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  9. Thanks for this. May I ask what FFB setting in-game do you set for these cars (540 wheel, FFB strength=High and -100, steering lock)? I copied the realfeel settings already, using g27. Still not used to setting it up as feel is different as in AC. Thanks.
  10. I'm afraid I don't have much knowledge on good wheel settings
  11. D0K


    Thats exactly right, you got it Jim. ;)
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  12. Thanks.
    Anyone, please, care to share the values you use for these?