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A Panel to check releases?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by 2o6, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. 2o6


    I think we need a panel to screen releases before they are posted either here or on tracciontresera.

    Some of the conversions (I actually like conversions) are atrocious, and there are a lot of them lately. Shame, too. The models are good.
  2. Sounds good as there really are a lot of crap cars/tracks being released. Especially those that don't have the Qlog errors fixed! I just had to put that out, LOL.
  3. umm that would be a definite no, that is why we have something called a "beta tester"

    the point of a beta tester is to test the release before releasing a final version, what your saying is, lets say for example

    i release a mod for racer, and i think it's a very good effort, on my behalf..and you can come along and say it's crap..and it shouldnt be released, i then get offended and tell you where to shove your panel and your game, and you lose a very hard workin modder, and i know your gonna disagree with me, and i'll probably get flamed for it, but trust me this idea was touted years ago for wr2, and was quickly trashed

    so before anyone gets the idea that this is a good idea..think twice, think about your community..and the people who will get trashed.

    i'm waitin for 0.9 before i migrate, and if this was to come to pass, i would definitely stay as far away from you and your community as i can get (this is not to offend anyone but i'm stating my opinions), and this is a very bad idea
  4. I would agree with some sort of checklist to make sure the cars are actually complete at release (otherwise release them as beta). Preferably with links to tutorials at each step, explaining how to set each thing up.

    But unless the panel is also actively working to fix things, rather than just criticizing releases, I don't think it's a helpful thing to have. Maybe they could start by updating the hundreds of released cars that are not up to spec, before criticizing new ones that aren't.
  5. @stereo your comments are basically what i'm trying to say, but i still dont see why we need a panel persay, more helpful would be to have maybe a panel of beta testers, their sole purpose will be to point things out that need to be fixed..and updated...not the regimal or communist, way that 2o6 is suggesting

    i'm all for quality releases but not his way, sorry guys but if your going to do something like this..then your gonna lose out on alot of modders who bust their guts to bring you the best that they can..i'm not a scratch maker, i know nothing of normals or smoothing, i know enough to convert and release, thats it, and i'm always open to feedback,
  6. 2o6


    No, have you SEEN the conversions that are posted on traciontresera? Most of them don't even have shaders! (Old style or cg!)

    Ammods, if you do a good job, there is nothing you have to worry about. I just get sad that people don't take the time or effort to make these conversions at least LOOK nice.

    Check out the Ford Ecosport or the numerous Brazillian Chevys. AMGfan and Raphael and Caio do a good job, as do you, ammods.

    I think these guys would benefit from just a little help (typically the .ini and dynamics are pretty good) but the rest is just horrible.
  7. The problem is, different people have different priorities.

    Some people are happy once it can drive nicely. Others are happy when it's in-game and looks shiny, but drives like crap.

    There are so many levels of 'ok' depending on who you ask.

    All we can do is hope that as better cars are released around/post v0.9, they act as inspiration for others to aim for that level of quality.

    Many cars on Traciontresera are actually old cars re-uploaded, hence the missing shaders or bad car.ini files etc...

    A car or track for Racer today isn't a trivial thing to make a good job of. I'd say, if you worked solid 7hrs a day, 5 days a week, a car would take a good month to make... thats without testing or messing about too. There is just so much to do!
    And that is assuming you don't have 'issues' during build, ie, spend weeks messing with a shader issue, or physics issues etc :D

    There is no point having a panel, just take each car as it comes, and if the author wants to improve it further, they will ask, and we can help... if they don't ask, chances are they don't want to make it better?!

    I have about 60 cars here that are crappy private conversions, but they have nice sounds and car.ini files, because that is what I made them for, for trying out car.ini setups with the appropriate looking car.
    I won't release them though, because they are there for me only.
    I assume others do the same but only for the looks, and have rather pants car.ini files or sounds. Each to their own. I won't release what I tinker around with because there is no point.

    A car worth downloading for me, is one that is finished in every way, or at least developed somewhat in every way, even if it needs more work.

  8. I totally agree with Mr Whippy. I haven't released many cars on tracciontrasera because they are crap conversions, maybe releasing them as a beta people can contribute to make it really good.
  9. Yeah, some cars are totally worthless downloading. I don't even know why someone thinks they are any good to be released! The only thing that separates my private cars from the public ones are the QLOG fixing and 3d lights. The handling has to be correct, the needles have to work and the sounds must be good, so I don't even know who has fun with those cars!

    tormento, soon I'm going to start sending Forza conversions so you can post them on tracciontrasera, since comercial models aren't allowed to be released on this forum!
  10. I would have to agree with Mr Whippy on this one. If a person is able to find some time in order to put their effort and knowledge in making/converting cars for Racer, that effort should be appreciated whatever the outcome. If the car or a track is not up the quality standards of some of us from the community, there should be two options. Either we can improve it, or just not use it. Personally, as I have not much time/knowledge for improving things, I have a folder on my computer named "Cars/Tracks I don't like or don't need", so if the qulity is not up to my standard, a car or a track will just go in there!

    I would also have to strongly agree on this particular quote as well as everything else ammods said. This community should be open for everybody's input in creation/conversion of cars or tracks and if they ask for advice on what could be changed or improved, I am sure there is enough of us to provide that. Again, we should not forget that for any car or track that we have, the price is right - it's free...
  11. Thanks Splashonda! This is a great news..
  12. I have to say no. I don't release much due to the few people that make weeks or months of hard work unrewarding at best and in many cases infuriating. If someone releases a worthless car, so be it. Other than Ruud, I don't know of anyone that gets paid for working on Racer and a some of us have been here for over 10 years. We have lost many good people over the years due to nitpicking and general criticism from those few that feel their opinions are somehow worth more than others.

    I feel the same way about monthly polls, a contest that you choose to enter is one thing, but to have your work thrown into a vote without your knowledge or consent to be voted on by the great unwashed masses that will vote for a car for no other reason than it does 5000 mph or has 50" rims frankly smacks of despotism and is a great way to alienate people.

    I'm appalled at some of the atrocities that people will post as a release, but even more amazed at what rubbish the public will rave about.
    If you don't like a release, do as I do and fix it but don't release it. It's a great way for someone to gain experience. If someone ASKS for help be kind, don't bludgeon them to death because they don't know something that you do. If they DON'T ASK then don't bother with offering your opinion since it will not be received well anyway. This same person can become quite capable if allowed to make their mistakes, they WILL improve or they will get bored and move on. Either way the cost to you will be zero.

    Alex Forbin
  13. Fantastic!! Will test all of them and release properly! Thanks a lot.
  14. 2o6


    I don't think that's true. Hirefas Panda won car of the month, and it was up against some "fast" cars. The Panda was a quality car.
  15. That's one month, the point is that people don't always vote for the best car but the one they like the best. A pointless gesture at best, as I said if someone wants to run a contest and you enter of your own accord that's fine. But to sit in judgement of someones work that they have offered for free is counter-productive. If a person releases something of quality, give him his due. If it's a cobbled-up mess that looks like it was made by a 5 year old don't say anything at all, the silence will be deafening. Unless of course if it were made by a 5 year old, then be impressed ;)

    Alex Forbin
  16. i stand by what i've said @2o6 i'm sorry but your idea is crushed in the dirt under my feet, and should be immediately dropped, and this topic trashed along with it, if someone doesnt like the way a car looks or handles, as in my own community, they are welcome to change it, to suit their own tastes, as some have done, so i dont see the need for some stupid panel..no offense but what were you thinking lol
  17. Some nice hypocracy there ;)

    I think the point behind star ratings and this "panel" are somewhat the same. When something has enough votes the star rating should be a nice indication of the quality level.
    Perhaps something like what rFactor central has (and I think racer-xtreme did too) with a variety of criteria (i.e. modelling, physics, textures, etc) for reviewing the content would be a good addition to places such as racerdownloads.com or the other download sites. Another addition could be recommended downloads by prominent community members etc.
    This might be a good solution as then people are free to release whatever they want but end-users are recommended downloads based on experience.
  18. You can't stop people from releasing stuff, it's a free world, and as long as its legal, why should we? Someone's trash is another's treasure, it might be the inspiration for the author or someone else to do better.
    Who would make up this overseer panel? I've been modeling for 12 years now, and I don't feel I have the right to judge other's work as far as saying yes or no you can't release it. Racerdownloads.com is a little different, I can understand if Ruud vetted the content it has.
    I think a ratings system is a better idea, sure it can be jiimmied if someone wants to overrate their creation, but it'll soon be found out & corrected.
    where does it stop after we have a 'release panel', do we then have a 'modelling panel' to decide whether somethings worth modelling by such & such? I think I can hear the thought police thumping down the corridor...
  19. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Nice reference, haha :)
  20. If I download a car wich turns out to be rubbish, I either delete it, or modyfie it to my likes.
    Taste is what make people different.