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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, May 23, 2011.

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    TIME May, Thursday 26 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Autodrom Most STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race

  2. perfect poster again, my last scheduled visit to the grid for this season, you gotta love the track, like Donni plus a little something. Hoping for good connections this time !
  3. You are driving to, Eckhart? Lol, David has to find someone else to commentate again :p
  4. is the weather forcast correct? its been showing 30 degrees and clear everyday?
  5. haha, this will drive him to distraction :) we must find a way to convince Xose to be on the grid ... oh, and they think about doing a Spanish broadcast, lol.
  6. I don't know how the forecast is done for the events but if you were to take a forecast at 19UTC at Most, there is a pretty good chance that it will rain. It won't be that hot either.
  7. The forcast can be seen here. http://www.simracingteamchallenge.com/
  8. Yeah I know that :) It's just that I have a degree in Meteorology and am always interested in how people come up with the weather for events ;)

    edit: I really should have done my dissertation on something to do with racing and weather come to think of it :p
  9. quali: until the two final corners i was on my way to a pb but then threw it all away so finished 18th, last of the timed players.

    race: with two flatout guys behind me i knew i'd have to be very careful in t1-4 because they'd be trying to get past quickly. managed to actually pick up some places because one or two chaps went off a little, which in turn meant i was actually fighting for position for the first time this season in laps 1-5, enjoyed that a lot :) for most of the first stint i managed to keep contact to teammate krister, pitted a lap earlier because the warm track was melting my softs already after 20mins. in every stint i had a little off (which got larger from stint to stint, lol) apart from that it was a fun game with plenty of clean blue flag moments, really had a blast. due to some guys dropping out, i ended up 16th just as i was about to be lapped by krister, so we had a nice blue flag foto finish :)

    great night out, grats to podium and thx xose and david for giving me and andreas the night off, back behind the mike for good as of next session.
  10. Hannu Karesola

    Hannu Karesola
    Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    Qualified fifth and was happy with that. Race started and there was some cars flying past rear wings pointing forward in T1 so I lost some places there but managed to stay out of problems. My race went ok and I was fighting maybe for 6th place until second pitstop came. Before the race I made a pitstop strategy and left one of the rear tyre in "won't fix " mode so I got only three new tyres. Huge mistake and I had to decide between two choices: Stop again or not? I decided to continue and as some maybe noticed I couldn't get anywhere on track anymore. :) Anyway..managed to bring the car to the finish only 6% of tyre wear left at rear and got 10th place. That small mistake cost something but overall the race was very fun. :)

    Thanks and congrats to podium guys!
  11. firstly ofcourse very well done to Ben for that first win and Clarks for great stable running and important points aswell,
    great little fight Rami and no trouble with other participants aswell, all organization of the race went smoothly aswell,
    even the results and broadcast is already up which is wonderful :)

    rather shattered myself, out of silly intrest i touched a setting too many in my .plr file to gain some extra framerate and somehow messed the game up resulting in no hud and visible car models. not a new accident for me and as before i fixed it by deleting/renewing my .plr file. However besides the resulting huge framerate drop ( i have quite some tweaks in that .plr file lol ) somehow my pedals messed up bigtime. I restored all the settings to their usual level but both the brake and throttle had a very nasty new feature to it, they felt much more sensitive as pressed down but if anything less than 100% force was applied, the amount of brake/throttle applied to the game was different everytime. I can best describe it as driving a setup with a 40:60 brake bias on 120% brake pressure, 120% differencial lock, coast -20% and preload of 0. The steering was spared so some control remained but i was really just pressing the controls not driving the car, a very difficult and frustrating thing to do indeed.
    The quali lap consisted of many lockups and messups so irrelevant really, by going in and out i could set a few graphical options lower in my .plr which may have helped a bit but i did forget to modify some.
    I did have quite a fun time in the first laps, some overtakes that i just pressed in with anger resulted in awesome passes and as i turned my hud on for a second it was very pleasing to be well in the top10, although ofcourse the peformance was no where near of what it could have been, had the problem been fixed i might well have been fighting with Ben not Rami. It was a good one while it lasted, we both were on the edge and making mistakes, finally he made a bigger one and as he did i probably lost pressure for a second and then out of nowhere i was in the barriers with a great shunt myself (1988 monaco anyone) a voice said that the damage is not repairable, race is over and that he is sorry, but the car was running with some suspension damage. Got the car into pit for repairs but after 20 seconds it suddenly took me out of the game with 'engine damage', no idea how.
    However the time before was very pleasing, never had such thural preaparation for a race, Mike was always there with new ideas and assists nomatter how neccesary they were and even if i wasnt that comfortable with the track/car, i think we were well smelling the limit with near-.27 times in practice quali sessions and the race stint practices were not casual aswell so very happy about everything in the team and what we are capable of.
  12. What a race :)


    Missed out by a couple of thousands to Jesper,just lost the time in S3,was a bit gutted to have not had pole, but was still pleased with 2nd.


    On the warmup lap, Jesper was rubber banding quite alot, so i was pleased to have passed him into T3.

    I then just concentrated on my pace, in testing i was the same as Kevin, so it was going to be a long battle.

    I managed to keep it around the 1 second mark for the first 10 laps? but as Kevin was pushing alot to catch me, his tyres were worn, so i could then pull away.

    Came out of the pits 10 seconds infront, After that, i could just conenctrate on my race, rather than seeing how close Kevin was.

    That's pretty much it :)

    My first ever STC victory, LOVE IT :D and only my 2nd ever podium, hopefully i can win again :) and the first Flatout Club victory i believe.

    Unlucky to the Glubk driver (Beck?) i let you passed on my last lap, so you could pass the FCR driver.

    And a big LOL to David Clark, as he got beached at T1 :D :LOL: :haha: :p

    Hard luck on your pedals Risto and for David for just missing out on the podium.

    Big Thanks to all of the Flatout Team :big thumbs up:,

    1 other thing

  13. Auts :) Mess my quali badly P 13 I knew that going to be hard race for a moment I wonder how wing 1/1 will work :D
    There was not an easy passes but before first pit I was 4 place and out for pit 6 place behind Risto when Risto crash 5 place for me and gap for 4 place Jesper was about 20sek then my problem start pitstop2 speeding pitlane stop and go I drop P10,lap 53 P6 I spun drop P 8 where I finish so it was hard race again for me but can't blame other the my self I did mistakes my self :)
    Grats Ben for win ;) grats to podium and all racers ,STC,RD nice event again.
    Thank you Hannu and team for support on ts :)
  14. A huge congrats to Ben, what a race mate :) Clubs 1st ever win & also yours 2.

    Well done to the other podiums.

    Quali - Start of hotlap i got a screen freeze on t1 by the time i got the picture back i was already well behind the times so i rolled back to the pits and started 1 from the back.

    Race - I thought i had learned from t1 in Bahrain but no....approaching t1 after the green lights, i had Risto at the side of me and as i turned in i thought i might hit him so turned in too early and got beached on the corner ( after nearly 600 laps of practice i never seen this coming) i tried for over 10 secs trying to get off but with no success...i was about to press escape when i felt an almighty thud!! i looked in my mirrors and there was Mr Garcia trying his hardest to take my rear wing off lol2 and release me from the bumps, eventually David managed to get me off with one more big hit up the ass, many many thanks David, without that my race would have been over. I took me all of 33 secs to get off and going again, so by this time the leaders were nearly 3 quarters round there 1st fast lap and i was more than 40 secs to the next car :( It took me a few laps to settle but once i did i just had to do my best and try to catch some cars up at least.

    I had a decent race but i still had a couple of hairy moments....i think it was the lap i was coming in for my second pit stop....my head was thinking about the pit and not the track...when i started to think about the track again, it was to late, i missed my braking zone and went straight into a wall :( luckily i never had much damage and managed to continue on. The only other hairy moments i had was when i was getting lapped by Kev & Ben, i just got out the way ( on the grass) lol

    Anyway happy to finish 13th after all the misfortune and who knows where i might have finished with a good quali and good T1.

    Good job all and again a huge thanks to David Garcia for his help Happy3
  15. What a great race it was!

    I do not see myself as a top driver but after the qualifying so I knew that it might go really well. Then I'm pretty bad at qualifying and made ​​two misstakes but still in 4place att qual.
    Come off of 4 and ended up behind Jesper and I felt I was faster but Jesper lagged very much so I dare not be too close, did not want to ruin my race or Jesper. So I back off about 1 sec and was saving tires and engine (I and Doran engines do not always agree),
    then on lap 12 (I think) so did Jesper a misstake and I could pass. Took up sharply at the K Clark, who had driven out of his tires. And when K Clark was forced to pit for his tire was like over cooked potatoes so I continued to run my race and made ​​pit stops under the plan that I had before and I just thought at the end this will pay off. And it did.
    I passed Kevin when it was about 15 minutes left of race and Kevin's tires was probably exhausted already. But I discovered I was a bit low on fuel when I fill up so I had to take it easy to finnish and had only 1.4 liters remain over the finnish line.
    Second place :) super performance by me and congratulations to Ben who scored his first win. And now we climbed to the 3 spot in the league that we dream about trying to get in again this year.

    Many thanks to all the lapped drivers who go to the side when i arrive.
    And a big thank you to all who work with the STC this fantastic league that takes simracing to a very fun level.

    Is it just me who thinks that the formation lap is a bit too slowly? Doran is a pretty fast car and it might be a little less crowded in T1 if it was Green flag bit earlier.
  16. David it was the less I could do, and seriously now, my last push/hit was on your side as I realized you rear wing was on a high risk! LOL At the end it worked.

    I use to do one or two more laps every race because I know that things can happen.
  17. I had a fairly good qualy. Maybe not the place but I was happy with my time of 1:30.8xx so started in 15th.

    Got a decent start. Then up ahead there were alot of smoke and dust and all of a sudden I was in 10th. I didn't really have the speed off the guys around me and dropped to 13th before the first pitstops... and that is were all went terribly wrong, lol. When entering the pits I slipped on the pit limiter button so I switched it off just as fast as I turned it on. I was then heading into pitlane with about 75 kph, doh! I knew that was a penalty so after my pitstop I was going to come in right away. The next lap I enter the pits again and I realised that this was my first ever stop 'n go so when the pit window turned up I pressed (what I thought was) "confirm"... but no, it said "postpone"... dubble DOH!!! So I made a second regular pitstop in as many laps. So, out again and in the following lap where I managed the semingly very difficult task to make a correct stop 'n go... Came out dead last and 50 secs (!) behind the closest guy. Thought for a second to quit but then saw I was in 20th which means a point so pedal to the metal from there on, trying to save as many points as possible. I manged to get my self up to 15th where I started so not a total catastrophy :tongue: had a little scare when I was being lapped by I think it was my teammate&co. I first only saw one car but there were like six of them on a conga line and had to take to the grass not to interfear :redface:

    Grats Ben and FOC for the win and Chris for a fine 9th place! Thanks to all the others for a nice race!
  18. Wow, what a race for me last night.
    Q: Messed up in one corner but was fairly happy with my position 8th. 1.29.6xx

    R: It was a bit chaotic start with cars everywhere. Someone got spun in front of me and in the mess I unfortunally tapped a FCR car slight. Left the first chicane in P6 I think. Was following Mr.Fiorito(I think) closely towards the next brakingpoint. He braked very early and I was caught totally by surprise and hit him so we both went of track. I am very sorry for that and it was totally my fault :facepalm:

    After that I think I rejoined the track in P13 or P14. I started to chase down the field and pretty soon I caught up with Kappet, Kaukola, Karesola and De Boer I think it was. I was much faster but just couldn´t find a place to get by. Suddenly Kappet went into the pits and I thought well that´s early. Then the rest also pitted.

    Acouple of laps later it was my turn to pit. Somehow I thought that the speedlimit was 70kp/h so I recived a nice stop n go. Oh joy! Served my penalty the following lap and also noticed that my engine was damaged. I had 71% enginelife left:eek:

    Left the pits in P13 I think, and was pretty mad at my self by then.
    I decided to go into engine and tyresaving mode, and not think of who was in front or how far in front. Just to bring the car over the finishline.
    To my surprise I caught up with cars and could pass. And I could keep a good pace anyhow.

    My second pitstop went much better and I left the pit in P10. Once again I gained ground to the drivers in front of me. Then Ben Thusting wanted to lap me. I let him by and kept on his tail as he was gaining on the cars in front.
    When he started to pass them I could catch up and luckily pass them to.

    With two laps left we cought up with Kelvin van den Linde. Thankfully Ben let me pass so I could chase after Kelvin. After the downhill righthander he made a very little misstake and I was alongside him. Unfortunally I couldn´t get past him and had to settle for 6th place.

    The second part of the race was one of my best races ever. Couldn´t belive the pace I had.
    Big thank you to Göran and the rest of the team for the awesome setup work.

    Congrats to Ben on your first win. And congrats to my teamie Göran for a fantastic drive to second place. Well done guys:D

    PS: I had 61% enginelife left when I past the finishline :cool:
  19. Last night something happened I did not think was possible. For almost a full lap the car in front of me proceeded in spurts because of lags, his car seems freezed in the middle of the track and a second after was 100 meters ahead, I constantly monitor the separation in time. At one point I found his car stopped in middle of thetrack but I was not worried and I went knowing it was not real, as soon as I passed it I was hitted at 1000000 km/h and thrown into the sky !!!!! The car that in front of me of course did not noticed anything :)

    David, is it possible to send an incident report vs the Server? hahahahahaha :) :) :)
  20. oh Flavio, you poor poor guy, there must have been some trace of his virtual self still on the track and you hit it, happened to me some time back, too, it really feels like out of the blue sky.
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