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Released 66th Rally Poland Shakedown

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by martinez, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Version 1.0 for RBR_RX.
    Location: Poland
    Track Length: 4.4 km
    Surface: 100% dry gravel

    Download here!

    Many thanks to Lakimakromedia for planting all the vegetation and other objects :)

    This track is based on kml, GE terrain and S.Loeb's onboard video.This is RX test version and I'm going to convert the stage for Czech plugin in the future - with some new/other objects vegetation and more terrain textures.
    Please don't critic the space between roadsides and the rest of terrain - I just didn't want to spend more time on this.
    GE terrain was adapted to the track and remaped in 3ds Max with textures found in Great Britain XPack.
    The vegeation and objects were taken from my "Polish" XPacks. You can find some new cars on the track, I just added them temporarily using free spaces on existing textures. (anyway, if you like them, I can upload the "update" of Objects_Poland XPack).
    Road and grass textures are mostly mixtures of Kormoran 203 Rally stage and original RBR textures.

    I hope you will enjoy the stage.

    Download here!
  2. Nice :) ... :thanks:...
  3. Your tracks are always splendid. This one looks really good, again.
  4. Great work! :)
  5. M8 there is no room for any critic,i think that you press out everything from BTB,amazing work :doublethumb:
  6. This is really nice! And if it would be in Czech plugin.... that would be just amazing. There are so much nice gravel satges out there, but so little new ones in plugin...

    Anyway - great job!
  7. Gundars

    Pedal to the metal Premium Member

    I agree ,fantastic track,it's a pleasure to drive tracks like this,and I hope maybe some day we will see it on Czech plugin :)
  8. Yes, there's a big plan for this. The conversion needs sligtly different methods of building and takes time. Some not very promising news can be that it will be possible in Autumn, when Lakimacromedia comes back to Poland - he knows how to do it. I just will prepare the track for conversion. Or, maybe I will manage to learn it myself...
  9. Wow!

    Incredible stage! One of the best BTB-made stages ever! :)

    I really love the roughness of the road. Best "rough road" experience in RBR to this day. It's definately been developed into much better compared to the previous Polish stage (Kormoran Rally), because it's now much more driveable. It's difficult to explain but the roughness is just perfect. You have to fight with the car but it's not too rough. Even the driving style makes a big difference, you need to remember to "drive" the car so that it's very clean all the time. Start throwing it aggressively and you'll just lose time. In real world in Poland even though it's rough, it's still sand and it gives away (it's not hard like concrete). RBR doesn't model this, but you have achieved just the right kind of result playing with the road surface shapes. Big thumbs up. :)

    And like that wouldn't be enough, the scenery, vegetation and the surroundings in general are really mind blowing stuff. Excellent!
  10. Thanks for your words :)
    Shake and Kormoran are two total diffrent tracks, because Kormoran was built with normal method, and shake with our eMeL m. :)
  11. :) Thank you. I'm really happy that you guys enjoy the track. Nypyli - are you from Poland too? You've made me to check once again what I did there. Besides that - it was my main task to make the surface enjoyable. I should ask some rally driver to check the realism level since I have never even sit in rally car (oh, I did! - in RBR :D ) I will write explanation how it's done in "eMeL" thread shortly.
  12. @Nypyli - comparing to what I wrote here, the panel length on Kormoran stage was mostly 3 meters and the road had 9 points. That makes a big difference, I guess and I agree the track was too bumpy.
  13. What a stage! :pray: Textures and objects are very nice. Shapes of the road is amazing. It looks very very realistic. Thanks to both of you for this jewel and I hope you'll continue cooperation for a full Rally of Poland!
    Can we expect a reversed version of the Shake?
  14. Sure! Good idea - I tried it once and it was quite fine and tricky too. I think I can make it in couple days :)
  15. Hahah, no, I'm not from Poland :) I'm from Finland.

    But I've followed Polish rallies and I know that the gravel is very sandy, different to the "smooth stoney" gravel what we have here in Finland and definately different to the "rocky" gravel in Mediterranean rallies. Kormoran stage wasn't bad at all, but the thing that made driving really difficult was the ruts (=two deeper parts in the road were the tyres are). Most of the time there was deep ruts and as soon you left them... Bad things were bound to happen. :D It wasn't bad in a track building way, it just felt like having a starting number 80-something or the beginning of the second pass.

    WRC Rally Poland had heavy ruts in the second loop which I can remember. In this Hirvonen onboard you can see/feel it very well in the forest sections, Mikko uses them just like snow banks, throwing the car to the corner a bit too fast but they keep the car on the road.
    But as far as I know, in RBR the wheels can't dig/penetrate into the ground, so it's nearly impossible to replicate (=because even though the material is gravel, it's still as solid as concrete for the wheels), but with your method it seems to work very well. :doublethumb:

    Looking forward to your future projects! ;)
  16. Since Hompe has found a great material in Material Editor (BTB's Support folder) - the snowwall_bottom - I'm going to experiment if some mixture of it and "normal" gravels can work as simulation of wheels penetration on sandy places - maybe!
    Hirvonen's onboards will be a great documentation on making new tracks, yes! :)
  17. Why you are such a genius in this track, I can't belive how good it is!
  18. most certainly thee best stage ive played for rbr, this track is so perfect in so many ways.
    words will never cover how good this is so ill just stop trying to.

    Superb work martinez
  19. I have already played it and you are a really talented creator. Superb.
  20. A++ quality!