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4GB Patch still needed for Game Stock Car?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Spinelli, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Many, many people including myself use the 4GB patch for just about any pre-rFactor 2 ISI engine based sim. I use it for rFactor 1, GT Legends, Game Stock Car, Formula Truck, and i'm pretty sure the Race 07 series of games as well.

    I'm assuming this still is required in Game Stock Car in order to allocate more than 2 GB of system RAM to the game?...
  2. Do you have a soruce for this?
  3. open exe on ''cff explorer''
    ''app can handle > 2gb adress space'' already been marked
  4. It can handle over 2GB? or maximum 2GB?
  5. this is the same thing of 4gb patch
    4gb patch is automatic
    cff explorer is manual
  6. Pre-rFactor 2 ISI engine based games can only utilize up to 2GB of system RAM, however the 4GB patch allows the program to use up to 4GB of RAM, however I know that Reiza do some additional programming from their side; so I am wondering if Game Stock Car Extreme and Formula Truck can use up to 4GB of RAM without the patch, or do they still only use up to 2GB?

    It would be wrong to assume they use up to 4GB because, again, almost every other pre-rFactor 2 ISI engine based sim could only use up to 2GB of system RAM without the 4GB patch applied.
  7. So does this mean the 4Gb patch is still needed in the latest 1.21?
  8. hex


    This is confusing. I'd love @Reiza Studios guys to participate in this thread, because 4GB patch really does make a difference (at least in rFactor).
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  9. i dont remember where...but ive heard from day one that the 4GB patch isnt needed. Also never had a crash due to lack of ram and ive never used the patch. :thumbsup:
    phenom2 x1100T 8GB pc1600
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  10. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    It only changes your GSC.exe file so make a back up and patch it if doesn't do anything just erase the patched exe file and rename your renamed file back to the original GSC.exe. I tried it and I didn't see any difference in the performance. Ran it for about 3 days. So I changed it back just because.
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  11. I'd hazard a guess and say that Reiza would not release a game out of the box that needs to be patched by a 3rd party program anyway.

    The only reason rFactor needed it, was because custom mods needed it as it was way over the level of detail - especially polygon counts - that ISI had ever envisaged. Since you only run default content on GSC anyway, I seriously doubt the need for a patch. Reiza has most likely optimised it for out-of-the-box performance.
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  12. The program automatically makes a backup of the original EXE, no need to back it up yourself. And no, you won't just magically see more performance with the patch; it's used to allow the game to to use more than 2 GB of system RAM. For example, you might get a freeze if you try to run a really large track with lots of cars. The patch solves this as it allows the game to use more than 2GB of system RAM.
    GSC is based on the rFactor 1 engine, and like rF1 it, of course, doesn't need to be patched :) . But, like in rFactor 1, you can download mods for GSC. Plus, the stock GSC content has much higher polygon count and other system demands than the stock rF1 content. Also, there are tons of track and car mods for GSC as well; I'm not sure why you would assume that one would only run stock content with GSC.
    The problem happened, most often, with big tracks and lots of opponents.
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  13. Nah. There's no real quality mods exclusively for GSC, so there's no real point in downloading mods converted from rFactor 1 to GSC and screwing up the standard GSC.

    They work better in rfactor 1 in some cases anyway, and never work better in GSC.
  14. hex


    What if the mod was previously converted from pCARS or Simraceway? Does that still make it that bad and not on par with GSCE standards?
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  15. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Then you can be quite sure it is illigal.
  16. Then you can still play it in rFactor as well, since it would probably have been converted to there first. ;)

    And who said anything about GSC's standards? If you read properly, you'll actually understand that I mean that you don't need to screw with GSC if you can just as well play it in rFactor 1, since it will give you the same result, and rFactor 1 is made for modding, but GSC is more a stock game with set menus etc. for the default game.

    Let me know if I should draw you pictures and **** too.
  17. Easy man :), not everyone knows how mods work, especially regarding "official" content on other games, and all that legal crap. Some people are new to this stuff or just don't know as much as some others about it.
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  18. With Windows XP, we can circumvent the virtual Address space limit by doing two things:
    - patch the executable to "handle more than 2gb address space"
    - use the /3gb switch in the boot.ini

    On a 64 bit windows , if you mark a 32bit application as Large Address aware, you may enable it to get more 3GB.

    Moreover, through the use of AWE's, programs can handle more than 4GB of physical memory. Obviously, the AWE API must be used and the operating system must support AWE's (XP Home does not, iirc).

    And indeed you're correct, ISIMotor2-based sims (from rF to SIMBIN sims) have to be patched to circumvent that limit in 32bit or 64 bit windows. Can't recall if GSC is already marked as LAA app, though.
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