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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Apr 26, 2011.

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    TIME April, Thursday 28 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Trois Rivieres STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race

  2. i hope the race will be clean and without big contacts... i remember last champ, my race has busted when i was lapping one.... i was "eating" 2 secs per lap from the guy in front of me... i was 4th... :D
    Hope to do a good job again!
  3. Good Luck Racers

    Wishing you all the best and problem free racing

  4. great song, guess the drivers scraping the leftovers of their Dorans from the many many walls wish that that image would more represent "trois narrow narrow riviere", lol.
  5. i will be running around the track after to collect some souvenirs lol like i did at brands hatch last year when watching the wtcc ;)


    i wonder how much i would get for a doran damper or wing ?

    ebay here i come lol
  6. haha wtf a damper was lying around on the track???

    I only have some Le Mans rubber and a small piece of carbon fibre
  7. all I got from DTM at Hockenheim was a nice oily rubbery smell in my nose and some great photos. Oh yes, and an old cardboard plate for chips ...
  8. loool Eckhart ;)

    @ Ben

    Lets just say i had to use some swifty talking to get the damper ;)
  9. LOL! If the series visit you more often you should be able to complete the car! XD
  10. I will be honest today:
    Qualification: My bad, i made a mistake on first two corners, only 11th position.
    Race: The worst race in my life. I saw people that for fighting for a position they brake 50mt before and they slow down during the corners, so it is a miracle that i have never hit anyone! probably some of you is a pornostar that likes to get in his back, because that is how you drive! It is not fun to race with people like this, and, in fact, i finished the race with a car really damaged.
    People that make a mistake on braking and then hit me in the corner, people that is being lapped but they stay there for 2 laps... i can't believe they didn't get Stop&Go...
    And people i was leaving lapping me? they hit me in the back! you are really crazy, last champ i had fun in troys, good races and good fights, but this champ, the level had a huge drop, really, im happy that this is my last race for this BlackCup, it's the second race i see this things, and the fun one is that my team mate recieved bad comments on how he was driving!!!!
    i am really disappointed. it's sad, and not fun.

    PS:My team mate saw the replay and said that during last lap, the car behind me (i think stankaz) tryed to hit me, he didn't get me because he made a mistake... i hope my teammate is wrong, because if it is true, this is crazy!
    that guy during last champ hitted me while i was lapping him... its a casuality or there is something more?

    Best regards, have a good champ with many crashes.
    A disappointed man
  11. I found out I had to race with only 5 minutes in qualifying left... Entered the server with 1:30 on the clock, just in time! No time to set a qualifying time, but I probably been last anyway... Luckily I practised some yesterday so I was at least a bit prepared for this. Still I had a hard time to find a rhythm at first, and when I finally found some rhythm it got interrupted by the faster guys LOL!

    This was a very tough race, I just tried to make it through the end in one piece. Unfortunately I failed at that. Just before my first pitstop I damaged the car but I forgot to change the pit strategy to also fix damage. So I had to come in right away again to fix damage. After that I bumped into walls some more and after my 2nd regular pitstop I had another big get together with one of the walls. Again damaging my suspension, but this time they couldn't fix it and the car ended up undriveable (well even more undriveable for me). At that time with 15 minutes to go, I was dead last at 21st position with +2 laps to #20... I figured I'd driven 70% so I quit...

    Grats to the podium and thanks to the organizers!
  12. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    Very frustrating race. Second one in a row. At Daytona I just messed up the setup, but for here everything was good in that regard. I just completely blew my quali time, and my race pace just never got to where I wanted it to be. Started 12th and finished 11th. Sorry to Goran for the roughness in the middle of the race though. Very sorry for it. The first time I bumped you a little bit, and the second time I got you loose and you went wide because of it. Don't really know what I was thinking out there.

    But a very frustrating championship thus far. Haven't done well at all, and it's killing me to go out there and not be able to really compete.

    Well, until next time. And great job on the win Mikko!
  13. Grats to Mikko for a fantastic win, also to the podium positions and all finishers.

    My Quali was pretty much my target, wanted a 58.xxx but 59.025 was close enough for 5th.
    The start was good getting clear air over the line and moving into 3rd until Mikko closed in and past on his way to the win.
    I held on to 4th place despite some extreme pressure from Tyler Scurlock until my intended 1st pit window, but once Tyler had pitted and looking at the times, realising I was still edging away from 5th I stayed out and swapped to a 1 stopper.
    I still don't know if this was the right choice as I may have been 30 seconds or so faster on a 2 stop strategy, although that would have had Rammi all over the back of me near the end, and I may well have found myself back in 5th regardless.
    The closing laps with Jakob De Boer behind me were exciting and I was pleased to hold onto my position until the end.

    All in all it was a great race, I had put in copious amounts of laps in practice back at Flatout HQ and I feel it paid off.
    Thanks to all at STC/RD/PSRTV for another great job.
  14. Here's some thoughts about my race.

    Qualifying went ok but once again I'm not very happy about my time. I just can't seem to handle the qualifying well enough to just put in the time I know I can. Anyways I was P2 which was good but I was hoping for pole. But being almost a second off pace you can hardly expect to be on pole...

    Onto the race then and again we had some trouble on the pace lap and then again on the actual start. I don't know why the pace car driver didn't use the pit entrance to go in but instead continued through the last corners. I'm sure this caught Jesper off guard and seeing it I put maximum pressure on him. Sure enough he out braked himself badly and hit the wall. Too bad for me I couldn't avoid his bounce from the tire barrier and I lost a couple of positions myself. My team mate though let me through immediately which was very nice and then it was all about catching Martijn and Rami. Curiously though Jesper was now back on track and being lapped...which he didn't seem to care about because he just continued to not let me through. Eventually I got past and had more catching up to do. Few laps later I caught Rami but I just could not find a way through. I was a on a semi-strategy so I was trying to decide what to do if I couldn't clear him. Eventually though he had to pass a backmarker and I got really close and dove inside coming into the 2nd to last corner. It was a rough and tough pass with some side by side contact but on this track it's impossible to pass without contact. I think it's ok though as I talked with Rami post race.

    Now on P2 my car had some damage but still ok. My tires were however starting to wear out so with only 5s to the leader I made the choice to change to a 2 stopper. I had a hunch that Martijn was on a 2 stopper so I pitted before him and sure enough I passed him when he made his stop. Not before long I was back in P2 with Rami leading and obviously on a 1 stopper. It had started to rain too and the new tires were working nicely. The problem now was that there was huuuge traffic jams so I lost zounds of time trying to pass safely. On many occasions it was really dangerous and some of the lapped guys really made it difficult. I hit some of them hard because one guy just lifted off on a straight with me right behind and then some of then not even bothering with the mirrors just drove like I wasn't there.

    Finally Rami pitted and I got the lead. I then saw him pit a few laps later again and I knew I had it in the bag....with no mistakes of course. Sure enough I made a lot of them with lapped guys or just on my own. I was so scared the car would brake down on the last stint and I had a few heart attacks on the last laps and one just a few corners before I finished.

    This was certainly the hardest race in STC for me makes me think why in the hell did I want to drive this race again. :D
    I guess 2 for 2 isn't too bad so I guess there's the answer to my question.

    Anyways, congrats to Martijn for a really solid race and P2, Tyler Scurlock for an invisible P3 (I don't think I saw you once in the race :D), Rami for a good P4 despite everything and of course to my trusty (old?) teamie Adam Shaw for a fantastic P5 (practise does pay off mate).

    See you all next time ( not next week ;) )
  15. Awesome race to watch. I liked the broadcast very much, very high standard, specially keith who gave a very good analysis of the race and strategies.
    I have litle comment towards Eckard, you said Players alot, since we try to be as realistic as possible, drivers sound abit better :) :) :)
  16. I do it on purpose since players we are and drivers we'll never (well most of us) ever be. None of the players moved by more than one inch in the whole session physically :) (well those sitting on office chairs maybe moved back and forth a little ...)
  17. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    If this is true... the whole entire STC paddock was mistaken.. we all thought you hit him?
  18. Congrats Mikko for a hard fought win and Adam also had a great result after lots of practice, the club picked points aswell and it was a very close race, shows very well how competitive this series is
  19. Yes Ross, he just went too deep. I mean WAY too deep. I saw he didn't warm his brakes on the pace laps so I knew I could brake better. I would have made the corner but Jesper certainly had no chance to make it. I didn't feel any touch there in the race and watching the replay after the race there is no contact between us.

    I don't know why you would reply with that attitude. I have nothing to gain by lying about that. Everybody that raced can check the replay to confirm what I said.
  20. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Yes, but you can "simulate" they are drivers, as this is all about simulation :D
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