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30fps on Max and Low settings!?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jamie R, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Sorry, yet another thread :giggle:

    I've been running Evo at 30fps, dipping to 20fps when in a big pack or just cetain parts of the track with max settings for a loooong time now and decided after playing LFS that 60 really is the way to go, so I stuck all the settings to lowest to see what that gives me and guess what, I was still getting 30fps with the dips!

    This really confuses me and I would really like to know:

    1) Why!?
    2) What can I do about it?

    Specs: 8600M GS, C2D T7300 (2.0ghz), 2gb DDR2
  2. Your video card and CPU do not meet the recommended specs for Evo. Your CPU does not even meet the minimum requirements for Evo.

    The specs for Evo are almost double from Race 07. Look at the CPU and Video card requirements for both games:

    Race 07:

    • Minimum:
      • Processor: 1.7 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or 100% compatible
      • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with 128 MB memory

    • Recommended:
      • Processor: 3 GHz Intel Pentium IV or 100% compatible
      • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with 512 MB memory, Nvidia 6800 or better
    GTR Evo:

    Minimum requirements
    - Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or 100% compatible
    - 3D Accelerator DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with 256MB memory

    Recommended requirements
    - Processor 3 GHz Intel Pentium IV or 100% compatible
    - 3D Accelerator DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with 512 MB memory

    Your video card only has 384mb RAM and your CPU is only 2.0Ghz.
  3. Mines dual core.. so that's 4ghz and I have turbo cache.

    Besides, I can run it on max with 30fps as I said. Just doesn't change no matter what settings I use.
  4. Have you got the performance monitor on in the display options? This locks all the setting to match a certain FPS range.
  5. LOL!

    (Sorry for laughing if you are serious.)

    Dual core @ 2.0Ghz does not equal 4.0Ghz.

    It's still 2.0Ghz. You do not add them together.

    I have a quad core @ 3.2Ghz....that does not mean I have 12.8Ghz CPU! :)

    And Turbo Cache means your video card is using system RAM. So you are going below the requirements for RAM as well.

    So you are below the system requirements in three categories. CPU, video card, and RAM.
  6. Really? Wow, that's new news to me XD. So why are quad and dual cores any better than single?

    But still, this hasn't answered the fact that I can play max settings with 30fps and it doesnt change when I put it on low
  7. I would of thought his CPU would reach the requirements. A C2D is faster than a p4 clock for clock so it should meet the min requirements in that category.

  8. Dual and quad cores are better for multitasking and for games that take advantage of multiple cores. GTR Evo does not take advantage of multiple cores. rFactor and many other games do.

    Check your PLR file under graphic options:

    You might have target frame rate set to 30. Make sure they are all at "0"
  9. Yeh, they are all at 0..
  10. Is vsync on? Are you using a big TV with only 30hz refresh rate?

    I can't think of anything else lol.
  11. Laptop, so using 59Hz (apparently, laptop screens aren't quite 60Hz) and I'll check vsync.

    EDIT: Turned vsync off and now get 27-40 FPS on max.. and you'll never guess what I get on low.. Yep, 27-40FPS. This doesn't make any sense XD
  12. Wow, I didn't realize the recommended requirements were so high for GTR evo. I'm building a new pc this week, I'll be getting a GTS250(512mb) and an Intel 2.5ghz E5200 dual core. Since GTR evo isn't multithreaded will that processor be suitable? It's supposed to be a good overclocker, I hear it gets to 3.ghz no problem on stock cooling so I may have to try that depending on how it runs. Any ideas on what I should expect performance wise? I'll also be running it with 4gb of DDR2 800 memory through a Gigabyte mobo with intel G41 northbridge.
  13. Wow Jamie, you've stumped me. You could try emailing SimBin support, but they will probably just say you don't meet the requirements instead of actually trying to help you....but it's worth a shot.


    That system sounds fine for Evo. With that video card, your CPU will be the bottleneck unless you overclock it like you suggested.

    I would recommend a 1GB video card though. I just upgraded from a 512 and it really made a difference. The Gmotor engine uses a lot of video RAM.
  14. That E5200 will be fine.

    The spec's refer to a Pentium 4 which is substantially slower than a core 2 duo.
  15. Thanks for the info guys, I may end up trying to overclock the E5200 to 3ghz, but I don't have much experience overclocking so I'll probably wait until I feel like I need it.

    I would go for the 1gb GTS250, but my budget was originally only going to let me get a 4830, but I managed to stretch it out a bit to manage the GTS250.
  16. That's exactly what I'm doing for my next build apart from the card, I'm getting a 9600gt.

    Check this thread out: http://forum.racedepartment.com/member-support-forum/16465-building-pc.html

    Page 4 is what I'm getting :D. Might be worth checking out the advice given there :).

    I'll mail Simbin, see what they say about the FPS thing. Thanks for the help :D
  17. Thanks for the link, I'll check that out!

    Oh, and mike, where did you notice a big jump going from 512 to 1gb on the graphics card? Is it only needed for higher resolutions? I'll be trying to run at 1680x1050 if I can get good settings at that resolution.

    Did you make a jump to another card that would have made more advancements other than just video memory that could have helped to show an improvement?
  18. I went from a 9600GT 512mb to a 9800GTX+ 1gb. My old monitor was 1680x1050 also and it helped even at that resolution. (I'm now running 1920x1080)

    I can now run everything on max and draw distance to "very far".
  19. That's probably more down to the card than anything :p. But yeh, 1gb is better to get still.
  20. You don't have to overclock at all./ C2D is per clock much faster than a P4. One core on a C2D @ 2GHz is faster than one core 3GHz P4. Also those new sys requirements are difficult now because speeds are measured in GHz, while the number oif GHz oftenly don't mean anythhing anymore.

    Back in 2004 an Athlon 3200+ does 2GHz, but is about as fast as a P4 3.2GHz. AMD gave the 3200+ name also to be able to measure their own cpu to a P4. So customers wouldn't be afraid to buy them because of their low clock speed.

    If only cpu speed meant anything why an En an e5200 would be much faster and more expensive than a Pentium D?? e5200 runs on lower clock speed, but is certainly faster.

    Lower clock speed means less heat. C2D has more efficiency.

    I think it's bad to call one clock speed as minimum or recommended. They shoiuld do that per cpu type.
    But Mike was right that you can't add clockspeed to each other on a dual-core or quad core

    Also the amount of megabytes on a graphics card don't matter that much. It's the core speed and memory speed that matter and well a certain amount of ram. but many cards simly have too much ram.

    But still we see cheap cards have enormous amounts of ram. Nvidia FX5200 with 256MB ram!! But it couldn't keep any ground with almost all other cards with 128MB. My old 6600GT 128MB would eat that FX5200 for breakfast.

    Amount of megabytes are oftenly something that is given too much importance or something to 'feel' cool about. But slow cards with huge amounts of ram don't need those amounts simply because they're too slow. But well, those 512MB on bad cards are for the 'big dick factor'.

    I run everything full with a HD4850 512MB and have 120+ fps.