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2013 Templates and Painting instructions

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. General rules to the DDS Files
    1- Save all your car texture files in .dds (car, helmets and driver suits)
    1.1- Save the cartextures and the helmet in DXT5 alpha format and suits in DXT1 no alpha format
    1.2- Save with Generate Mip maps
    1.3- Keep the original file resolution!

    Name of the vehicle file

    The vehicle file has to be placed inside the carfolder.



    WC for World Championship
    WS for World Series
    WT for World Trophy

    The Carnumber and Teamabbreviation will be given to you after your registration.

    Example: WC_01_PM.veh

    Vehicle folder

    The Vehicle Folder has to be placed in the folder for the respective category and be named like the Teamabbreviation. The textures for both cars of one team will go in it.

    Vehicle file

    Example for the default Livery line the basic dds file follows the same name scheme as the Vehicle file:
    DefaultLivery="World Championship/PM/WC_01_PM.DDS"

    The teamname in the line "Team="Teamname" has to contain the Categoryabbreviation at the end except for the World Championship division. This has to be followed to ensure the teams are listed correctly in the game.

    The Classes line has to be the following

    The Category has to be in the following format:
    Category="Formula Simracing 2013,World Championship (or World Series, or World Trophy)"

    All World Series and World Trophies cars must have PitGroup set as Group1!

    Here are the specific texture instructions.
    Cartexture: basic (the whole livery goes into 1 texture in this mod)
    Driversuit: DRIVER (no template available)
    Driverhelmet: EXTRA0 (no template available)

    So the texture files should be like this:


    Special cases:
    The Red Bull includes an EXTRA1 texture which includes the Steeringwheel buttons and the top of the steeringwheel (where the Nr. 1 is displayed). This texture is saved as DXT1 without alpha.

    Here is the download link for the templates: http://www.precision-motorsports.de/Download/FSR_2013_templates.zip

    Downloadlink for temporary 2013 FSR and Partnerlogos: http://www.precision-motorsports.de/Download/FSR_2013_Logo_Pack_v1.0.zip

    I hope the instructions are clear, feel free to ask if you need help
  2. I think they are coming from the cars .mas file.
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  3. Thanks ;)
  4. We still have to fix things for the final Mod version in the mas files, like making the specular textures blank and remove logos from them.
  5. its because of the alpha layer I was looking at it just. probably best to look at the .mas file too I guess
  6. It was on alpha too, i know, but i saw this.I didn't had the .mas file in mind.
  7. From which mod are those shapes ?
  8. F1RFT2012
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  9. Thanks.
  10. Btw ... same team/car numbers like last season?
  11. No should change with team/driver standings in championships
  12. I've done a template for myself, but when I go into the game it shows me like this: rFactor 2013-03-09 11-55-28-74.jpg
  13. Did I do something wrong in the .veh file Dwm 2013-03-09 12-12-10-99.jpg or .dds file?
  14. ups, sry guys my mistake. I putted the LOTUS template into WILLIAMS folder. I can't get mores stupid than that, can I? :p
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  15. On the mclaren ive noticed on the spinner all is fine but on track the front of the top plane of rear wing is still the setander logo and red. Please make sure to look into it.
  16. This was the first skin I have done for rfactor. I think I've done everything correct as you have stated. What am I doing wrong? I was modifying the HRT car. Should I be trying this out in the 2013 minimod or the 2012?

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  17. I think you have to change something in the .veh file. I had the same problem when I did the General Car template, it showed me the blur too. Then I changed something in .veh file (I don't know what it's says and I can't send a pic because I'm on my laptop not on my PC this weekend). If you can send the .veh picture
  18. tmi
  19. DefaultLivery="World Trophy/ARN/WC_221_ARN.DDS"
    I changed this and deleted .DDS
    It has to look like this: DefaultLivery="World Trophy/ARN/WC_221_ARN
    I hope this works for you. It did work for me hen I had the blur on my GC.