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2012 Formula One United States Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Hampus Andersson, Nov 7, 2012.

Who will win the first US Grand Prix?

Poll closed Nov 16, 2012.
  1. Hamilton

  2. Alonso

  3. Vettel

  4. Raikkonen

  5. Button

  6. Massa

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  7. Webber

  8. Schumacher

  9. Rosberg

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  10. Grosjean

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  11. Other.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I made the vote public and it will close on the Friday of the GP weekend :)
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  3. Vettel will win this, because the circuit suits RB well, like all the other Tilke tracks. The track is pretty good, except for the hairpins before the multi-apex corner. It's more reminiscent of Indianapolis than Hockenheim.
  4. Hmmmmm. So Lotus have already driven the track. I assume they collected data?

    This could play well into their hands.
  5. How many of you think That we can see a Crash at T1 of Lap 1??
  6. Going by what happens in the game F1 2012... I would say that the likelihood is pretty high! :D
  7. Ricciardo damages front wing. Massa rear puncture. ;)
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Really looking forward to this GP. The track is good, organization seems to be okay now as well.

    Lets hope the Americans embrace this race and finally start appreciating F1.
  9. Americans have never had that problem :) It´s the US Citizens that´s a hard nut to crack :)
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  10. I doubt that. They've only done some slower demo laps on a dirty track with an old car.
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  11. Very true.
  12. Formula One drivers, drove many hundreds of laps at this track using their simulators. I bet that new track it's no any problem for them
  13. This circuit is NOT designed by Tilke, he only did a minor job on making it up to FIA standards. Layout is made by Tavo Hellmund and Kevin Schwantz
  14. I wonder how many cities in the USA Fox won't broadcast the race so that their local football teams can be seen live.
  15. This is what Tavo and Kevin wanted. They did a rough sketch Tilke has removed or added his own flavor here and there.


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  16. I need to get me one of those shirts.
  17. Sadly, watching slow cars go in around circles for about 3 hours is ultimate adrenaline and enterntainment, all you have to do is eat vagisil and drink beer and drive, if not mistaken those are the requirements for NASCAR, no wonder there is a crash within seconds.

    This is why I hate nascar, never even watch it, wait il take that back, I forced my self to watch some in 2011 because of how boring F1 became last year.

    if your an alcoholic and a man slut, Austin will embrace you, Im flying out to Austin thursday and staying at a buddies place. Hopefully Kimi will go to the "ugly coyote bar" and get drunk there.

    Anyways, the long straights will not satisfy RB, most of the circuit is a hckenheim and Silverstone mix with a hint of Istanbul, it might prefer the Ferrari, since they do well in the tracks mentioned, but who knows, Il be there with a banner of red vs blue.

    Ferrari vs Redbull
    Red vs Blue
    Republicans vs Democrats
    Coke vs Pepsi
    Sprite vs 7 up

    get the pattern? :p
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  18. James Allen disagrees with you:

    Both Istanbul and Silverstone are RB circuits. Last year, Vettel obliterated everyone in Istanbul. They would have won in 2010 too if, well, you know...
    Same goes for Silverstone. Alonso won last year because the FIA had disallowed the blown diffuser for that one race (and Vettel still might have won if they hadn't screwed up his pit stop). This year, he almost won because it was wet in qualifying. However, it was Webber who ended up winning, and he also did in 2010.
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